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Met Police Chief Under Fire for Telling Jew He’s “Too Openly Jewish” And Is “Agitating” Anti-Israel Demonstrators

The head of London’s Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, is facing calls to resign after a British campaigner against antisemitism was told he was “too openly Jewish” to approach an anti-Israel march last week.

Gideon Falter, head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, condemned the incident, saying: “The Met has dented the confidence of Jewish Londoners and for that reason we feel that Sir Mark Rowley has to go. He’s lost control of the streets and he needs to either resign or be removed. How else is this going to change?”

Falter was prevented from crossing a road in London by a police officer who feared his presence could prompt a “reaction” because he was “quite openly Jewish.” The incident was captured on video and released by the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Falter, who was walking through London after attending a synagogue, said he was not part of “any protest or counterprotest.” He was told by another officer that if he did not agree to be escorted from the area, he would be arrested.

The Metropolitan Police initially apologized, saying Falter’s presence could be seen as “provocative,” but later retracted the statement and issued a new apology.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

2 Responses

  1. The policeman is an idiot, not an anti-Semite, and Mark Rowley maybe is not competent, especially in face of his all to infamous, typical of British-passive attitude to violence before, during and after Oct 7.
    That said,
    1) What was this Gideon doing on shabbat in central London with a tallis…? Remember all that heckling and lomdus popping from people desperate in their search of Bedikas chametz on the NK people who go to protests on shabbat, and them wearing placards (not that I condone it, but look at this specific point), saying that that is carrying? Well, where are they now, when this man carried his Tallis?
    2) he could have said ok, acted Jewish, listened to the police and waited, and afterwards make a complaint, but decided to wind them up and davka try to get to the other side, once it became clear to him that that was the exact issue here. It is called attention seeking, or being a troublemaker.
    3), oh sure he was just going on a walkabout around London. So are you telling me that this big baal gaava, who holds himself a major activist regarding anti Semitism, didn’t know about the protest, and by mistake got stuck there, and innocently just wanted to get home? Seriously?
    4) When he was told that he will be helped once the crowd has gone, he arrogantly “informed” the police that his intentions were to go directly against the policeman’s command. Now, what the policeman said/did, might have been wrong, but imagine you are 1 against like thousands, trying to keep law and order, and this nuisance of an “activist” tries to do everything they can to openly and directly contradict what you tell them to do in order to carry out your specific job, irrelevant of the surrounding politics, feelings, religion etc (at the end of the day it is not the job of police to be politicians, it is to carry out their job as told, and it is the leftist mindset that time and again tries to politicise the police), than I can understand the police for getting fed up with this upstart and being very typically British blunt to him.
    That said and done, the one point that does have to be made, is that if it were a black or muslim man, the police would have never have said that, as the implications is obvious.

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