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RED WAVE? Election Model Shows Trump, Republicans Winning White House, House And Senate In 2024 Elections

A forecast model released by Decision Desk HQ and The Hill on Wednesday indicates that former President Trump and the GOP are favored to win the presidency, Senate, and House in the upcoming 2024 elections. The model gives Trump a 58% chance of winning the presidency, with slight leads in key swing states. Republicans are predicted to hold an 80% chance of winning the Senate majority and a 64% chance of maintaining their House majority.

The model is based on 200 data points, including voter registration, demographics, past election results, fundraising totals, and polling averages. However, Scott Tranter, director of data science for Decision Desk HQ, emphasized that the projections represent a snapshot in time and could change between now and Election Day.

The forecast may exacerbate anxiety within the Democratic Party, which is already concerned about President Biden’s trailing poll numbers. Compounding the problem for Democrats, Trump holds a lead in polls over Biden, both nationally and in swing states – despite his legal troubles.

In the Senate, Democrats face a difficult map, defending seats in Montana and Ohio, where Trump is favored. Without victories in both states, Democrats are likely to lose the Senate. The forecast also shows Democrats as underdogs in the battle for the House majority. Trump leads Biden in the polling average in six battleground states, though some states are razor-tight and within 2 points.

The model’s probabilities are based on an “ensemble approach” considering various algorithms and data factors.

Democratic strategists argue that Biden’s experience and campaign veterans will help him overcome current polling challenges. Meanwhile, Republicans are bullish on their chances, citing a trend in Trump’s favor. However, the election is still months away, and factors like ticket splitting and fundraising totals could impact the outcome.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. If he keeps his big mouth shut, it might be a shoe-in, but knowing him; he’s likely not going to and the loss will be his own fault: like in 2020. His mouth caused his loss.

  2. With about 150 days until election:- 1 פרק של תהילים thru election day, for thus most worthy cause, to vote in our beloved President Donald Trump שליט”א as 47th President of the United States of America 🇺🇸

  3. Yapchik,
    2020 had nothing to do with him. It had all to do with Democrats stealing the election. You have to be blind and stupid not to see it.

  4. If it’s the same red wave you (hoped) reported prior the ’20 elections, great, can hardly wait for the GOP of the orange king and MTG to sink even deeper.

    Maybe if he’ll pay her hush money, they may still have a chance, unless he only pays for stars . . .

  5. The classic principle for models is “garbage in, garbage out”. At this point no one knows which third party candidates will be on the ballot, both both parties are worried about them. Both parties will have platform fights (and the Republicans also have to pick a Vice-President). A major factor will be whether the Democrats pander to their WOKE “Progressives” (who are in general anti-war, though they support Hamas’s war against Jews), or will make a point of telling them off (the “Sister Solija” treatment that was critical in the Democrats win in 1992. While Trump will decide on the platform, will the Republicans be isolationist (“America First”) meaning no meaningful help for Israel, Europe or Taiwan, or will they decide that leading the forces of freedom is what will make America great again. Will Biden be able to united Progressives with Moderates, and will Trump be able to reunite the MAGA Republicans will the more traditional Tea Party and Reagan Republicans?

    And without this data, and model is meaningless.

  6. Following this kangaroo meaningless conviction, the red wave has just become even more saturated with landslide dosage of redness

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