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YWN Suffers 18-Hour Outage Amidst Widespread Server Host Failure

Yeshiva World News (YWN) apologizes to its nearly 400,000 daily readers after its website was offline for approximately 18 hours on Monday due to a devastating outage affecting its server host, LiquidWeb. The incident impacted around 50,000 websites, leaving users in the dark about the cause and resolution.

LiquidWeb’s lack of communication throughout the ordeal sparked frustration among its customers, including YWN, with many opting to switch services altogether. Speculation mounted about a potential ransomware attack, although this remains unconfirmed. After hours of downtime, LiquidWeb finally issued a statement, attributing the issue to “some areas of our NetApp-based products and services, including VMware, CloudSites, and SAN-based services.” However, this update did not immediately lead to restored services, and YWN’s website remained inaccessible until past 1 AM on Tuesday.

In response to this unprecedented incident, YWN is now collaborating with technical teams in the US and Israel to implement alternative solutions and backup procedures to prevent such outages in the future and ensure uninterrupted service for our readers.

During the outage, many readers signed up for YWN Groups and YWN Status, where they joined the already 100,000+ who continued receiving uninterrupted updates throughout the day despite our website being down.

We thank our readers for their patience and understanding as we grappled with this technical issue.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. Ridiculous statement from YWN. Maybe call a press conference? Maybe pat your backs even more!?! We don’t care!!

  2. Thank you YWN.
    You dont need to apologise. I benefit from you and do not pay for the service
    How people can pick apart this message above is sad.
    Chag semeach to all.

  3. @outoftownjew

    I never comment on article, but I just want to say that as a web developer, I was very curious about what happened and I’m actually shocked that YWN was so upfront about it all.

    To each their own lol

    Have a good yontif!

  4. Why all the YWN bashing? Do you want them to pay all the free subscribers for the terrible psychological damage you got from not having access to YWN for a day and a half? Maybe make a class action lawsuit.

  5. What this news story doesn’t explain is why hasn’t YWN made a decision to switch their server-hosting to another provider given Liquidweb’s total failure at communications during the outage. There will always be technology outages but by now, any provider that fails to provide timely updates and communicate with its customers shouldn’t be in business.

  6. Hope YWN shows hakaras hatov to the provider that I believe served us for many years. You would not divorce your 10-year wife just because the dinner was burned and she didn’t tell you that she was yapping on the phone.

    Having an imperfect response to a one-off accident is upsetting but should not mean more than it was. You should also consider that it is possible that the accident was a malicious event that the provider did not, or still does not, want to disclose. Maybe caused by an insider, for example. Developing backups is fine but hurting provider financially or reputationally is not.

  7. No problem Yeshiva World News. Things happen. Welcome back and thank you for the service you provide to us. When you lose something you then realize how much your missing with out it. So thanks again.

  8. LiquidWeb is not one of the better web hosting providers. Their quality of service, their customer service and their pricing are all below par.

    I would suggest looking into a high quality web hosting provider such as KnownHost. ( )

  9. These things happen. Thanks YWN staff for being on top of it and fixing the problem as soon as it could be fixed.

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