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20-Year-Old Antisemite Nabbed In Rock-Pelting Of Jewish Columbia Student

A 20-year-old Westchester County man, Zuhdi Ahmed, was arrested on Thursday for his alleged involvement in a hate crime against a Jewish Columbia University student, Jonathan Lederer, during a campus protest in April.

According to authorities, Ahmed was part of a group that confronted Lederer, 22, on April 20, ripping away his Israeli flag and throwing a rock at his face. The incident occurred at Amsterdam Avenue and West 116th Street, and Ahmed allegedly screamed at Lederer and flipped him the bird before a third person set the flag on fire.

Lederer, who was wearing a yarmulke, suffered minor injuries but refused medical attention. He wrote about the incident in an article for The Free Press, describing how he and his friends were singing songs calling for peace before the violence erupted.

Ahmed, a student at Hunter College, was charged with multiple counts, including assault and menacing as hate crimes, aggravated harassment, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment. He was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday and is due back in court on August 6.

One of the other accused attackers, James Carlson, 41, was arrested in May and charged with criminal mischief, arson, and criminal possession of stolen property. A third suspect remains at large.

The incident occurred during massive campus protests against Israel’s war in Gaza, and Lederer described how he and his friends were confronted by “masked keffiyeh-wearers” who tried to intimidate them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Of course he’s a yishmaeli YMSH.

    Thank you to the Democrat Party for messing everything up. All you had to do in the last 3 plus years was keep things even, but no, you had to mess it up on purpose.

  2. Best wishes to Jonathan Lederer. I am very familiar with Hunter College and am not confident they will do the right thing and expel Zuhdi Ahmed.

  3. One hundred years ago, the USA accepted very few immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries.

    Then the left-wing of the Democratic Party decided that the USA should accept many more immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries, because those people were “under-represented”.

    RESULT: USA, which was a safe place for Jews, is no longer safe for Jews.

    The problem becomes worse every year because Democratic Party decided that the USA should accept more than TEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS from Mexico, many of which are: convicted criminals, spies, members of violent gangs, Chinese soldiers, and terrorists.

    But don’t let that stop you from voting for the Democratic Party!

    Just continue to vote for the Democratic Party, until Jews are forced to flee from Florida the same way that Jews were forced to flee from Iraq, and Jews are forced to flee from NYC the same way that Jews were forced to flee from Iran.

    When Jews fled from those places, they mostly fled without their possessions and without their money, with little more than the clothes they were wearing at that time. They went from rich to poor, literally overnight. And the same thing can happen in: NYC, NYS, FL, LA, CA, NJ, CT, if only we continue to vote for the Democratic Party, that hates Israel and hates Jews and loves Arabs and loves Muslims.

  4. If the Ahmed creature is not a U.S. citizen, he should be deported. In any case, his name should be added to the terrorist watch list.

    Blessings to Jonathan Lederer.

  5. the headline is about a 20-year-old antisemite named zuhdi ahmed, which doesn’t seem to match the accompanying picture – a caption would be useful.

  6. Ari this incident dud not take place at hunter college it happened near columbia’s grands
    So hunter could not take action. The real question is will nyc prosecute him for his crime
    Of attacking and harming someone. Will feds move in and prosecute for a racist attack
    But read the article next time

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