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HAS NO CLUE WHERE HE IS: Biden Becomes Disoriented, Led Off Stage By Obama

In an awkward moment at a star-studded campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday night, President Biden appeared to freeze up on stage and had to be led off by former President Barack Obama.

The incident occurred after a 45-minute interview with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel at the Peacock Theater. As the men stood for applause, Biden’s gaze seemed to become fixed on the crowd for a full 10 seconds, prompting Obama to take his wrist and lead him offstage.

The White House has pushed back against critics, claiming they are “once again pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong.”

However, this incident is not an isolated one. There have been numerous recent caught-on-camera moments where Biden appeared dazed or confused about his surroundings.

Just last week, at the G7 summit in Apulia, Italy, Biden appeared to wander off during a parachute exhibition. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to step in and gently take Biden’s hand, leading him back in time for a group photo with other world leaders.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Good morning America. Who do you think has been leading Biden for the last 4 years? Obama want going to be satisfied with just 2 terms. This has been his third and he is pushing for a fourth….

  2. Fake News!
    He didn’t freeze up; merely was taking in and enjoying the applause. Maybe he should have walked off a few seconds sooner, but he didn’t freeze up.
    In the other video, part of the scene is cut off. He had turned to talk to someone. Possibly it was not appropriate at that time, but he did not wander off.
    While he may be having too many “Senior Moments”, and showing signs of early onset dementia, we don’t need fake news clips to prove it.

  3. Given many of the policies he supports, who would object to him being disoriented. If he is trying to wreck the country, we want him to fail.

  4. I have had dealings with seniors who are “in and out”. They can be sharp as a tack one minute, on the ball, and then the next minute their eyes glaze over and they are out of it, not responsive.
    He is clearly in cognitive decline.

  5. Next week at debate, President Donald Trump שליט”א shall be leading crooked Joe of the stage to most infamy Delaware basement, hence entering oval office & restoring decency to 🇺🇸

  6. SilentMoishe, stop with the blatant lies and Democrat propaganda. He did freeze, and he did wander off. The unedited videos show this clearly. And he does this all the time. The videos the desperate Democrats have been spreading to pretend this is not so, are very obviously edited, so their pretending it’s the original videos that are edited is a real chutzpah, much like Hamas accusing Israel of genocide.

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