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A Journey of Dedication and Connection: The Story of Srully Williger and Harold Ullman

For the past twelve and a half years, Srully Williger and his Partner in Torah, Harold Ullman, have embodied the true spirit of dedication and connection. Every Thursday evening, without fail, Srully in New York and Harold in New Jersey would come together over the phone to study a few lines of Gemara. This simple yet profound commitment to learning was the cornerstone of their relationship.

Through the years, their study sessions became a cherished seder. Despite the distance and the demands of their daily lives, Srully and Harold prioritized their time together, nurturing not only their understanding of Torah but also a deep and meaningful friendship. Their commitment to the seder was unwavering, even as life took them in different directions.

Eventually, Harold and his family made aliyah to Netanya, Israel. Despite the geographical shift, their dedication to their weekly learning session remained strong. The time difference did not deter them; rather, it became a testament to their resolve and love for limud haTorah.

Their consistent efforts and determination bore fruit in a remarkable way. After years of studying a few lines of Gemara each week, Srully and Harold have now proudly celebrated a siyum on Maseches Pesachim. This momentous achievement was not just a completion of a masechta, but a celebration of years of perseverance, dedication, and the unbreakable kesher formed through their shared commitment to Torah.

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3 Responses

  1. With all the tragic tzoros taking place not only in Israel, but in Lakewood too, somehow, this story does not inspire me. We are in a massive Hester panim
    that is reaching into all parts of the am yisroel.

    There was a time, not long ago, when this story would have been invigorating and exciting.

    Does anyone understand what I am saying?

  2. B”H despite his full time, busy, job as an entertainer in the very popular Jewish entertainment industry, Sruli made sure to set this time aside ever day in his hectic schedule, allowing him to finish the entire Mesechtes Pesachim. Mazal Tov!

  3. Well done! Kol hakavod!!
    Pesachim is not an easy masechta. It’s not impossible but it means hard work!
    it’s a fascinating masechta with a wide spectrum of subjects, but it’s a real challenge!
    Let us know about the next siyum too!!!
    Mazal Tov!

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