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REPUGNANT: Conservative Candace Owens Questions Holocaust, Defends Hitler And Mengele In Latest Rant

Prominent antisemitic conservative Candace Owens has ignited a storm of controversy with new remarks about World War II and the Holocaust, in which she essentially defended Adolf Hitler and infamous Auschwitz mangler Joseph Mengele.

In a YouTube episode titled, “Literally Hitler. Why Can’t We Talk About Him?”, Owens downplayed the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany while criticizing the Allies’ actions post-war. She questioned the taboo surrounding discussions about Hitler, saying, “We have been indoctrinated and we actually know nothing about the person other than the fact that we must fear him.”

Owens suggested that education about Nazi Germany is a form of indoctrination, comparing it to “Soviet tactics of introducing really heavy concepts to kids while their brains are developing because you want to traumatize them.” She claimed this was done to ensure compliance with a narrative portraying Hitler as “the greatest evil that’s ever happened on earth, even though factually and statistically it is not. Why is he the most evil?”

Owens made further controversial assertions regarding the Allies’ actions after World War II, alleging they “ethnically cleansed 12 million Germans… in the exact same [concentration] camps that we then transferred the Germans into so that we could mass kill them.” She described the Holocaust as “an ethnic cleansing [that] almost took place,” while asserting that the Allies “actually did [an ethnic cleansing].”

Owens also cast doubt on the well-documented medical experiments conducted by Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, describing them as sounding like “bizarre propaganda.” She said, “The idea that they just cut a human up and then sewed them back together. Why would you do that? Even if you’re the most evil person in the world, that’s a tremendous waste of time and supplies.”

Owens drew comparisons between Nazi scientists and US institutions, mentioning the CIA and Planned Parenthood. She said, “We took all of those top Nazi scientists and we brought them to America. I wonder why we did that. Maybe for a little more experimentation. Have you ever heard of the CIA? If you think experimentation is unique to the Nazis, you need to wake up. You heard of Planned Parenthood? They literally tell you to abort your children if they have special needs.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The same Candice Owens who has been frequently embraced by Trump and his far-right MAGA conservatives?? Say it isn’t so…..
    The Trump era has created a conundrum on the far right. While support for EY and and and a transactional embrace of Yidden remain enduring features of the MAGA brand of populist Conservativism in the U.S., some of the loudest voices in the Tucker Carlson/Gen. Michael Flynn social media crowd now openly question or oppose unconditional support for EY and are leaning into outright anti-Semitism. They argue that Jewish controlled media are hostile to Christianity and traditional American conservative values and twist it into a new iteration of classic Christian anti-Semitism—all while claiming to be among the victimized. As he has done with Kanye West, the Proud Boys etc., Trump flirts with Candice Owens and other right wing, xenophobic nutcases and then retreats by saying “I didn’t know” (like he just did with the Project 2025 plan drafted entirely by his former WH team for the Heritage Foundation).

  2. She used to be philosemite and then she turned into what she is now…I wonder which yid refused to do what for her

  3. How about performing some medical experiments on her & then placing her in a gas chamber with some gas coming in, and then reasking her if she still maintains her insane views?

  4. The scary part is that many of us seem to think that getting the democrats out of office will be the solution to Antisemitism.

    Yesterday she could say nothing wrong. I guess it’s a new day. Careful what you wish for.

  5. As usual akuperma oversimplifies a nuanced situation. Re anti semitism the left, omar, tlaib bowman et al are new age nazis in their hatred of jews. It’s baseless for the most part but it’ll never change. Re the heat from the Christian right like Tucker it’s rooted alot in America first ideology combined with the damage jews have inflicted on the fabric of this country. Schumer, Rat-skin, nadler, garland, mayorkas, blinken have done irreparable harm to this country thru their open borders, love of gay marriage, abortion on demand, DEI for all etc etc. Re the last point DEI was supported on college campuses at least tacitly by high profile jews which negatively affected white people only until the open hatred for jews on college campuses became too overbearing. This type of posturing causes anti semitism on the right. Unlike akupermas contention there’s no evidence in practice, thru policy or legislation that Trump is an anti semite. The same cannot be said for the leftards.

  6. Jew Yorker, you are like leftist Israelis screaming that Fakestinians have a “right” to “resist the occupation”, the Fakestinian terrorists are simply “freedom fighters”… the fact that there are thousands of liberal Jews and some liberal Jewish politician gives no gentile the right to be violent against Jews or lie about us. There are millions of liberal non-Jews over the tiny minority of liberal Jews and many, many more non-Jewish liberal politicians in the US than liberal Jewish politicians. Non-Jewish liberals promoting all kinds of garbage immensely outnumber the Jewish liberals, so stop blaming Jews. Even the few liberal Jewish politicians are mostly voted in through non-Jewish votes. People in the US who IDENTIFY as Jews -many of them are not even Jewish at all- are only 2.4% of the US population! From this tiny number many are not Jewish and many are conservative. So stop putting Jews in the equation of the country heading in this downward spiral! If you are truly a Jew, don’t you have enough seichel to understand that it’s bad enough that we are blamed by anti-Semites for all the bad that’s happing in the US (and the world) do we need our own people to add to the fires of anti-Semitism?! I’m not saying we can’t say anything critical about our communities when things need to be changed but to blame the relatively tiny numbers of liberal Jews when accordingly the massive numbers of liberal non-Jews who are vote in the sick politicians, who promote agendas that push immoral behavior and child abuse, is totally misleading. The liberal whites themselves are encouraging discrimination against the white people, the Muslims are spending a fortune influencing universities, the liberal blacks are influencing politics, we are talking about large and real forces who are undermining the US; its not the tiny minority of Jews doing that.

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