Neturei Karta Embrace Holocaust-Denying Iranian Hitler


nk1.jpgJust one day after making anti-Semitic comments at the United Nations, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was warmly embraced by members of Neturei Karta.

“That we have the honor and privilege to meet with such a distinguished person who understands the difference between Zionism and Judaism is for us a tremendously happy occasion,” the group’s senior Rabbi, Moshe Ber Beck, told Ahmadinejad.

Reuters reports: “Zionism has greatly weakened and, God willing, it will be destroyed soon and then all Jews, Muslims and Christians can live peacefully with one another,” Ahmadinejad told nearly a dozen rabbis from Neturei Karta International on Wednesday.

The group is a small anti-Zionist organization that says it adheres strictly to the Torah, the Jewish holy book, which it says forbids the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the Messiah. It supports Palestinian sovereignty over the Holy Land and financial restitution for past losses.

Ahmadinejad railed against “Zionist murderers” in his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, dwelling on what he described as Zionist control of international finance, echoing the libel that blamed a world Jewish conspiracy for all the world’s troubles.

At Wednesday’s meeting with the group, which also goes by the English name “Jews United Against Zionism,” Ahmadinejad said Zionism was a political movement “that seeks wealth and power” and was “corrupting the earth.”

Nearly a dozen rabbis dressed in the black garb of ultra-Orthodox Jews sat around a table with Ahmadinejad and his delegation and posed for photographs after the meeting in a Manhattan hotel.

Ahmadinejad has said Israel should be wiped off the map. He has referred to the Holocaust as a myth and his government held a conference in 2006 questioning the fact that Nazis used gas chambers to kill 6 million Jews in World War Two.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman for the group, said Ahmadinejad was no enemy of the Jewish people, that many thousands of Jews lived in Iran without persecution and that the Iranian president was not a Holocaust denier.

Ahmadinejad spoke about World War Two in general terms as “one of the most abhorrent acts” in history. “Numerous crimes occurred against everyone,” he said, through an interpreter.

Ahmadinejad ended by praying with the rabbis, saying: “God, please nullify the propaganda waged by the Zionists, and let them lose hope, and make victorious your deserved people.”

(Source: Reuters / Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. i disagree 100% in sheeta wih the neturei karta however i fell that if ahmadinejad has a problem wih zionism but not with judaism then its important that a distinction is made for although the bulk of zionists are jews, in no way does it represent yiddishkeit as a whole and therefore i think that the neturei karta serves the unenviable role of making that difrentiation. im noit negating the fact that ahmadinejad is a rasha merusha and im saying lehedia that i dont agree with the heturei karta however it is good that the distinction is being made.

  2. I want to make this clear that i think its horrible what the Netuei Karta does, but remember not to bad mouth them to much they are fellow Jews and a part of Klal YIsroel if we want them to be or not

  3. All kidding aside,there is truth in the anti-Zionist hashkofo.It is being used as propaganda against the State of Israel and the world sees it as anti_jewish. We ,who follow the Torah,know that political Zionism is not a kosher hashkofo. We depend on the Torah and Hashem,not man-made philosophy of secular zionism. Our Zionism is the wish for Tzion and Yerusholayim,not the “kochi v’e otzem yodi”.In that sese the rosho has it right,as the neturai karta see it. However,now that a state exists,we must not rebel against it while not believing in its power either. This is the government that is ruling there and deena d’malchusa deena,while not a Torah is a secular government just like any other goyish government in golus time. As Jews we must be against Neturai Karta but also not for the zionist state.We yearn for Eretz Yisroel under Malcchus Bais Dovid. .

  4. Please say tehillim perek Pay Gimel:

    YWN: please consider posting the perek with this story.

    Shir mizmor l’asaf. Elo—m al dami lach al techerash v’al tishkot E-l. Ki hinay oyvecha yehemayun umisanecha nuss’u rosh. al amcha ya-arimu sod v’yisya’atzu al tzifunecha. amru l’chu v’nachechiydaym migoy v’lo yizacher shem yisroel od. ki no’atzu lev yachdav alecha bris yichrosu. oholei edom v’yishme’alim, mo’av v’hagrim. g’val v’amon v’amalek, p’leshes im yoshvei tzor. gam ashur nilva imam hayu z’ro’a l’vnay lot selah. A’say lahem k’midyan, k’sisrah,k’yavin bnachal kishon….

    please open a tehillim, give some tzedaka, and cry a little.

    Rabos machshavos b’lev ish…

  5. “I want to make this clear that i think its horrible what the Netuei Karta does, but remember not to bad mouth them to much they are fellow Jews and a part of Klal YIsroel if we want them to be or not ”

    There is a chiyuv to speak out against r’shaim. Yes, the concept of Zionism might be debatable. However, standing along side Palestinian animals who are killing Jews left and right is definitely not debatable. Embracing a leader who has openly denied the Holocaust’s crimes against the Jews is definitely not debatable. So there is nothing wrong with speaking against them. But the best mehalech is to just not be goires them. By addressing them, we are showing that they are chashuv enough to be acknowledged, and they are most certainly not.

  6. very good i think they got the publicity that they sought so lets just remove this yw post and just monve on with it so they wont feel so good about themself

  7. … continuing

    it’s really better to say it in the original, if possible…

    gam ashur nilva imam ha’yu z’ro’a livnay lot selah. A’say lahem k’midyan, k’sisra, k’yavin, b’nachal kishon. nishmedu ve’ain do’ar hayu domen la’adama. shisaymo, nedivaymo k’orayv v’chiz’ayv, u’chezevach uchetzalmuna col nesichaymo. Asher amru nirsha lanu es n’os elo—m. E-lo-ai shisaymo chagalgal ke’kash lifnay ruach. ke’aish tiv’ar yuh’ar u’chelahava telahet horim. cayn tirdefaym b’sa’arecha u’vesoofascha tevahalaym. Ma’lay fenayhem kuhlohn v’yvakshu shimcha H-shem. Yayvoshu v’yibahahlu aday ad, v’yachp’ru v’yovedu. VYAYD’U KI ATAH SHIMCHA h-SHEM L’VADECHA ELYON AL COL HA’ARETZ.

    may h-shem hear our tefilos.

  8. In mein gants lebn hob ikh keinmolnisht getrofn azelkhe “self hating” kholeras vi di neturei children and einiklekh of holocaust survivors can belong to such a stomach turning group of sickos is beyond me.. they are an embarassment to ALL yidn ….when i daven this shabes and during yontif next week i will pray to Hashem that the entire group of those miserable bastards should have their dream come true and they all are sent to Iran to live under their “loving ” hero Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ,may he rot in hell! a gut ,gezunt yur !

  9. Rabbanim who I heard speak have said that the Neturei Karta are Chayav Misa and should be put to death because they are considered a mosser, one who embraces our enemies and the halacha is these people are chayav missa, but the Rabanim said that we should not do anything about it but rather Hashem will.

  10. Sometimes, if something looks just too strange, one needs to ask “maybe there is something more to this than I understand” – live, learn, & grow!

  11. BS”D

    These guys are the Ku Klux Karta, who follow in the ways of Reb Amram Bloy ZY”A the way I chas vesholom lehavdil follow in the ways of Malcolm X. I also highly doubt they themselves believe a word of what they are breching out.

    Not to chas vesholom make a mockery out of saying tehillim, but these guys probably should say perek pay followed by perek tzaddi(k) every day.

    Yoelyg, I am as much of a tzioini as you are, but the heiliger tzadik for whom I assume you are named (unless you are stam a troll who is using that name and faking poor English to embarrass Satmarer Chassidim) is turning in his grave at your defense of nuts who look like chassidishe Yidden but demonstrate with soinim, which Reb Yoilish ZYA so strongly opposed.

  12. I guess it’s part of NK’s routine, but it doesn’t sound like Iran is such a paradise for Jews. so I don’t know what “many thousands of Jews lived in Iran without persecution” is supposed to mean. Before the shah’s overthrow and the current government’s rise to power?

    As wrong as their methods may be, however, their public distinction between out holy faith of Judaism and the unholy movement of Zionism, is a very important one, since people often equate the two, R”L, especially when Zionism is so distant from Judaism.

    May we all be zoche to the bias goel tzedek bimheira viyameinu, Amein.

  13. I’m not supporting what the netura karta are doing. But let me tell for everybody that this isreali goverment are holding up “moschach” this govermant has all the blood on the “six millun yidden” its in there history that thay killed in YERiSCHULAYiM “R’ YAKOV YiSROEL DEHAN” thay killed ” R’ PINCHUS SEGELOV” thay killed ” HROV SAMET” & thay have because of there propogonda was the “CHEVRON POGROM” so that means all the TZORUS WHAT KLAL YISROEL HAS SINCE HERTZAL CAME UP WITH THAT IDEA TO HAVE A LAND BEFORE MOUSCHACH IS COMING IS ON THERE HANDS

  14. What is with the Neturei Karta? Don’t they realize that a so called “enemy of Zionists” is really an enemy of ALL JEWS? Please don’t be so naive!!!

  15. No need for that shtelraid. Any Yid that makes a mistake in life you should curse him to go to Gehinom??? They think what they are doing is right so even if they’re wrong lets hope they see what nonsense it is soon…

  16. 🙂 Comments are the best!
    Boy did I get a good laugh from all of this!
    NK are wrong, we are right …
    Wishing ALL of Klal Yisroel a “K’siva V’chasima Tova”

    May we be zoche to a year of PEACE amongst the nations but more importantly within OURSELVES, and mostly may we be zoche to see Moshiach, and make this whole debate irrelevant.

  17. If it wasn’t for Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel these so called “Jews” would not be around today to spread their venom. Yemach shemam beshem Imam.

  18. I still can’t believe you guys haven’t figured out the easy way to deal with these Losers. When I was a kid & someone did something for attention that was offensive to others, my parents taught me to ignore them! Can we as Adults please ignore these lunatics. I condemn YWN for even reporting this garbage about some people masquerading as ultra-orthodox jews getting some attn. from a Ruthless Dictator! Enough is enough!

  19. Try to ignore people who do stupid things and focus on what’s important and what will help bring Moshiach closer. We should all have a k’sivah v’chasima tova and may Hashem answer our tefillos l’tovah. Shana Tova!
    p.s. Future commenters: Please learn how to spell and speak properly before posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!