VIDEO & PHOTOS: In Wake Of Foiled Terror Plot Officials Meet Jewish Community Leaders


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58.jpg[PHOTO & VIDEO LINKS BELOW] As more details emerge about the four men behind the alleged bomb plot in the Bronx, the state’s Office of Homeland Security held an emergency meeting Sunday in Brooklyn to address safety and security concerns with community leaders.

NYS Senator Eric Adams, the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman, brought Thomas Donlon, Director of NYS Office of Homeland Security to Boro Park to assure Jewish community leaders the state is doing everything it can to ensure their safety.

“We are not going to localize our concern, we are going to protect the entire State of New York,” Adams said. “New York State is the target for those who want to hurt this country and we have the best team possible protecting the state at this time.”

Rabbi Bernard Freilich – who is the Special Assistant to the NY State Police Superintendent – praised the superb efforts of FBI, NYPD, and NY State Police officers in their joint effort that thwarted a plot to terrorize worshippers at two Bronx synagogues and instill fear among all New Yorkers and all Americans.

“We were definitely reassured that all government agencies, law enforcement agencies are focused on the threats that we face. They’re taking all the precautionary measures to assure the security of our community,” said Gan Yisroel Director Rabbi Aron Ginsberg.

The four were arrested after authorities say they planted what they thought were explosives outside Riverdale Temple and nearby Riverdale Jewish Center.

Also attending & addressing the meeting were community leaders including Abe Friedman – liaison to Senator Adams, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Glantz, Rabbi Yanky Meyer, Rabbi Simcha Bernard, Rabbi Kaufman from COJO, Rabbi Joel Eisdorfer – liaison to Senator Adams, and others.

YWN PHOTO & VIDEO LINK: Click HERE for photos taken by Hillel Engel, and click HERE for video.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. What’s even more frightening is that it was somewhat easily attainable. Hashgacha pratit that it was an FBI agent on the other side selling them the faux equipment. Another sign from H-Shem reminding us “iim b’chukotai telechu……” and, we, the chareidi community need to set a more stringent example of such. Since we are of an exemplary status because of our chitzoniut, our pnimi’ut must be super flawless or at least come close to that. No one said Avodat Hamidot is simple, but these are serious signals we are getting. In Cheider they teach the kinderlach that for every mitzvah they make, another brick falls down from shamaiim to help build the beit hamikdash. I adopted this concept in my daily routine, giving me more strength to do more mitzvot.

    My personal opinion is that we need to work more on “bein adam L’chavero” there is too much “dagesh” being put on differences. Can you really dive into the concept of loving a total stranger like you love yourself? For example, Gur loving a sephardic. Both chareidi. Here in EY – you clearly see and feel the distance and the lack of “loving.” The one time I see a wonderful display of “loving” is during simchat beit hasho’eva – I loved it – we all came together no matter what affiliation. Shtreimals dancing with migba’ot. Such ruchnius.

  2. the law enforcemnt agent said that its very important to have security by all our places. my question is y doesnt every yeshiva have an armed guard??