BREAKING NEWS: Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel Decides To Reopen On Tuesday


ywbn113.gifYeshiva Tiferes Yisroel (Chofetz Chaim) in Flatbush has decided to reopen for regular classes on Tuesday.

On Sunday, YWN had posted the news that the school was closed until after Shavuos du to possible cases of Swine Flue in the Yeshiva.

The following is the text of a recording on the Yeshivas phone system:

“Good afternoon. After consulting with medical authorities and infectious disease experts, and after much deliberation, we have concluded that we will reopen Yeshiva tomorrow (that’s Tuesday) at regular time.

This is for all divisions.

This decision is based upon the fact that this flu has spread throughout our community and its yeshivas, and our yeshivas closure will not result in a containment of this flu.

Boruch Hashem this flu has proven not to be dangerous to otherwise healthy people. However if you have a particular circumstance, such as an infant or an elderly person at home please consult your own medical health provider.

VERY IMPORTANT: If your child exhibits ANY flu like symptoms, please do not send him to Yeshiva until you get clearance from the Yeshiva Hanhalla (administration).

Thank you & enjoy your day off.”

(Moshe Altusky – YWN)


  1. I don’t understand the whole hysteria over swine flu. According to the CDC over 36,000 americans die every year from the regular flu that comes every winter and yet there’s no media coverage. Why are they scaring everyone this time?

  2. That’s the way to do it!! The boys are all playing together anyways! It’s not like they’re all staying @ home away from others! The flu is here and it already spread!! Let’s keep the SICK kids home and have our children be more careful with washing their hands and covering their sneezes & coughs!!

    Hopefully this will just FLY by & then we can really call it the FLU!!

  3. Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisroel-A good thing to do-
    Let us all cry out to Hashem for His rachamim. Let us remember Hashem runs the world, what we need to do is cry out to Him. We need to get closer to our Father. This world is just a hallway to the next. So much is happening around the world. A good thing to do- We should accept something on ourselves and ask Hashem that bzechus this may He send us the yeshua we are mispalel for, protect us, and bring us home.’’Please Hashem we want to go home’’.

  4. Kudos to Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel for making basing their decision on reason, not on panic.

    Did yeshivos close down when a couple of kids had the plain old flu? Then why is swine flu any different? Let’s hope the other yeshivos follow.

  5. To his credit, Rabbi Levy, of Bais Yaakov D’rav Meir had a virtually identical message on his school’s info-line YESTERDAY, for which reason he decided not to close his school in the first place. Another victory for calm-headed sanity.

    To be fair though, Tiferes Yisroel, as a boys yeshivah had kids in school yesterday, while Rabbi Levy did not. Thus they may have felt more pressure to make a quick decision. In addition they actually had confirmed swine cases.

    Let’s all be thankful to H’KBH, that the worst seems to be behind us.

  6. answer to #2 – One of the reasons medical experts are nervous about the swine flu outbreak is that many of the people who have died have been young and otherwise healthy.
    About 9 out of 10 deaths from regular flu are among people older than 65. Most of the others are babies and people with compromised resistance. People with HIV are a big part of that group.
    Refua Sheleima to the sick and be very careful those who are and those who aren’t.
    (That doesn’t mean to be paranoid)

  7. I agree with number 8 rabbi levy did the right thing. however my daughter went today and she came back with flu like symptoms.

    maybe all schools should have been closed this week, so everyone can get better as its a 2-3 ilness

    now im worried as i also have a baby with fever

  8. My son was sent home in the MIDDLE of the day today from Yeshiva Darchei Torah until after Shavuos. This only was asked of Brooklyn boys. Allegedly, an eleventh graders sister in Brooklyn has swine disease.
    To me this is an insanity. Either close the school or don’t. Futhermore, Brooklyn boys are more contaminated than the eleventh grade Far Rockaway students he sat next to this morning????
    This is complete bogus!

  9. Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael,
    What can we learn from this? Let us remember Hashem loves us and is always with us. Let’s us continue to call out to Him for everything. He is our Father. Let’s continue to daven for each other. This Shavuos let’s come together again kish echad b lev echad. See sefer Shmos perek 19:2 Rashi vayechan sham Yisroel. Bzechus this may Hashem protect us all,and take us out of this galus AMEN!!!

  10. Welcome back, woman 4 justice! It’s been a long time since we were fortunate to hear your wonderful words of wisdom.

  11. Lichvod #10,#11,and all cholim.
    Hashem should send everyone a complete refuah shleima. Let’s all be mispallel for each other. Let’s all cry out to Hashem. Hashem is the rofeh cholim. Let’s work on answering Amen yehe shmei raba with full concentration and focus on our asher yatzar. B’zecus this may Hashem protect us all. Amen!!!

  12. it is pekuach nefesh to send a child back to school that has confirmed cases of swine flu. you want something to chas veshalom happen to the child and then blame and sue the yeshivah?

  13. Unfortunately, sadnews101, by your defintion of ‘pekuach nefesh’, crossing the street is not permissable, going out in the rain is not permissible, driving in a car is not permissable. These are all more ‘dangerous’ that going to a school that has a case of, dare I say, swine flu.

    Even if chas v’sholom, your scenario were to occur, for what would anyone sue the yeshiva? Get hold of yourself, to sue a lawyer would need grounds, something that was done wrong. What was done wrong? NOTHING!!!!!!