Editorial: Republican ‘Coup’ in New York!


YW1.jpgAn unprecedented revolt sparked by two renegade Democrats Monday ousted Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and returned Republicans to power in the state Senate, rocking the Capitol and dealing a severe blow to Gov. Paterson.

With two Dems switching sides, the Republicans have effectively taken control of the New York State Senate. To be fair, the two legislators (Democrats Pedro Espada Jr. of The Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens) who announced their intention to caucus with the Republicans are in it for their own self-interest, with Espada voted President of the Senate immediately following the announcement, to serve beneath new Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-LI).

Ex-Majority Leader Malcom Smith (more on him later), who ran a bitterly partisan Senate, apparently was hell-bent on bringing the toeiva bill to a vote, which may have worried both Espada and Monserrate, as their black & Latino constituents are notoriously less tolerant of toeiva than the white liberal elites (remember California!). The switch will surely eliminate the possibility of the “marriage issue” arising in the statehouse, allowing many members to avoid an uncomfortable vote.

So is liberalism the undoing of the liberal party? This, from Monserrate, is ironic:

“After today’s proceedings, I am proud to form a bi-partisan coalition that has elected the first Latino President pro Tempore of the New York State Senate, my colleague, the Honorable Pedro Espada Jr. We look forward to conferencing with fellow Democrats to ensure that real reforms become a reality in the state of New York.”

Hmmm….So it takes a Republican majority to give Latinos a chance, and to be trusted to rule in good bi-partisan faith? It takes a Republican majority to assure the meaning of marriage is not warped by contemporary trends? Well, that’s interesting, and a lesson to many who may be watching…

All this, while the Left howls in furious, hypocritical indignation. Remember Jim Jeffords, who left the Republican party in 2001 in frustration with George Bush, and handed over control of the Senate to the Democrats? He was a hero, unlike today’s protagonists. Former Majority Leader Smith speaks:

“This was an illegal and unlawful attempt to gain control of the Senate and reverse the will of the people who voted for a Democratic majority.”

Later, Smith said, “I would hope that the public is outraged. The Senate majority is still in Democratic hands and will be in Democratic hands.”

Governor Paterson also said he still recognizes Smith as the Senate Majority Leader.

Maybe President Bush should not have recognized the Democratic Senate in 2001-02. Oh, but that would have been wrong, wrong, wrong….

Meanwhile, the leftist media is outraged, of course:

NY Daily News: “Coup plotters have always rationalized their devious plots as necessary to realize the will of the people.
The Republican-led junta that seized control of the state Senate yesterday was no exception.
The Republicans saw a chance to overturn last fall’s election results, which put Democrats in the majority for the first time since 1965. And the GOP pulled it off – with all the stealth and precision of an “Ocean’s Eleven” casino heist.”

Where were you in 2001? Cheering Jim Jeffords, of course.

(Pat Kaplan – YWN)


  1. This is the begining of a nationwide revolt. A revolt of the middle class, family-oriented people, patriotic-people, G-d gearing people; who have had enough of liberalism, atheism and socialism cramed down our throats. Obama’s fast-paced conversion of this country to socialism, his ties to islam and embracement of terrorists, despots and America bashers were all the catalysts for a revolt which was long due. We will see actions like the one in Albany taking place arount the country. Hopefully the momentum will lead to real America taking back the congress and white house.

  2. He said he will bring it to the floor, and allow everyone to vote his consious. That basicly gaurantess a NO vote, as noone will be pressured.

  3. The Republican majority will not allow the SSM issue to the floor, though we are not 100% sure that the GOP is in charge just yet. I would not put much stock in anything that Espada says at this point since he will basically say anything to keep the heat off of him but it appears that as long as D. Skelos is in the leader seat, B’ezras Hashem the bill will collect dust. Now that the regular public has been exposed to the inner workings of the Senate and how slim the majority is, our job is to bring out the vote.Our interests are not being represented and that is because we have been weak at the polls. We have all read this many times and the proof couldnt be more clear.The time is now to flex our political muscle and in NY State politics that means going to the polls in numbers.
    We will continue to be challenged on every one of our issues and it is imperative that the dedicated and knowledgeable posters on this site (who have proven to care deeply about issues)_urge their friends, family and associates to register and vote. If your reading this and understand the issues you are knowledgeable enough to effect real change. There is much creativity and ingenuity in our community. Let’s all come up with a plan to register 25,000-50,000 voters and really change the equation on the ground. I know that the Agudah had real success this past election registering about 10,000 voters but its not nearly enough. Want to get Bloombergs attention VOTE!!!!! We cant out spend him but we can surely make him take notice.
    We must improve on that locally and nationally and actually get to the polls on election day.
    For further info call the Agudah at 212-797-9000 and ask them to transfer you to the voter registration office.

  4. american people wake up and kick out the Obama socilist and liberal Democrats from every office
    the gays have rights just like every american has please do not shove the same sex so called marriage our throats it is and animal instict

  5. Lev m’elachhim v’sarim b’yad HaShem!
    Let’s continue to daven, as we should,for it is He who runs this world.
    Rav Huttner ztz”l used to say, “Ruba d’ruba feert der Oibershter der velt!”

  6. Was the switch conveniently made due to SSM, or ……….. is hussein too much for them, and they will not associate nor tolerate his type of idealism?

    “as their black & Latino constituents”
    WOW! it’s great enough to have a Latino switch to the right but a black when his president is black and when he voted for him……. that’s a milestone. THAT’S AN AZAZEL OF A STATEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

    can we say ishar koach to them? I hope this is contagious.