Dear Klal Yisroel, Dear Chushiva Yiden Who Are Reading This Letter…


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The day of my son’s wedding is today. I am writing with a shattered heart. Me and my husband had a hard life. We struggled with the bare minimum expenses to get by our days. We didn’t have any money but hashem helped us. We had the zchia to marry off four kids Eight years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We ran around from one doctor to another and from one hospital to another. We were completely lost but hopeful. We went through real tough times . Impossible to describe on paper…My husband suffered a lot. There was even a time where a part of his tongue had to be removed in order for him to survive. In addition to all that pain and suffering we had our youngest son who was getting older and desparately needed a shidduch. Unfortunately the time came אבכ”ג תשע”ד and my husband was niftar. I became an olmuna .I found myself alone without a shidduch for my son.

But burech Hashem with hashems help he who doesn’t forget of his yesoimim I found a shidduch for my son. A girl who also lost her father the same date my son did but seventeen years earlier. She also went through tough times….This young Choson and Kalla are beazras Hashem gettingmarried in two weeks. But theres little and almost no money or support. Therefor I am reaching out to you rachmunisdiger yid who is reading this letter. listen to the broken hearts of two olmunois a yusoim and yesoima. Help us with what you can. And the father of yesoimois and the dayan hualmunois will pay you back with brucha vehatzlucha. It is with deep pain that I am reaching out to you for your help,

Rifka kohen

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  1. I would love to be a part of this wonderful occasion.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity and posting this letter.
    May we all continue to see Nachat , Brachah and continued Hatzlachah.