NY Senate Votes To Outlaw Texting While Driving


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ywtext2.jpgThe New York Senate has agreed to outlaw use of portable electronic devices to text, play games or surf the Web while driving.

Drivers could face fines up to $150 for using handheld devices or laptops to send text messages or read, view or transmit images or data. Fines could be imposed only as a secondary offense after a driver is pulled over for breaking another law. It’s already illegal in the state to talk on a cell phone while driving.

The Assembly already approved the bill.

Meanwhile Republican senators late Thursday afternoon say Democratic leaders are still putting off a floor vote on a measure to reinstate mayoral control of New York City schools. Democrats say talks about revisions continue.

Just last week, Suffolk County Executive William Steinhaus said he wouldn’t veto a law against sending text messages while driving in the county. His decision means the law will take effect in the county once filed with the state.

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. oy vey, thats means now they can pull you over
    if they think they saw you holding a cell.

    As if we aren’t harassed enough by bogus tickets
    here in nyc!

  2. Last week, driving to NYC on Rte 17 and the Thruway, I wish I had a dollar for everyone (including many of our own) paying more attention to their phones then their driving. If you can afford a cellphone, then you can afford another $35 dollars or so for a bluetooth (plus many of your GPS devices are already bluetooth capable), and keep your hands off your phone when you’re driving. We all got by without cellphones as recently as 10 years ago – we can put them down while we’re driving.