Hagon Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkle Says Going To Hafganos Is Forbidden


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4.jpgThe Rosh yeshiva of the Mir Yerushalayim, Hagon Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel Shlita, has written a letter forbidding any “Bnei Yeshiva” from attending any Hafganos in Yerushalayim.

The letter which was hung up in the Yeshiva today, is written in his own handwriting – a move which is very rare for the Rosh Yeshiva Shlita, who has not written a letter in many years due to an illness R”L.

The short 4-line letter is addressed to all Bnei Hayeshiva, and forbids anyone from participating in any demonstrations in any neighborhood – no exceptions.

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(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Reply to #1:

    Excuse me??!! Who decided that the Eida is in charge of all of Judaism??!! They are in charge of their followers, and that’s it. The rest of us listen to real Torah authorities, like the Rosh Hayeshiva Shlita.

  2. #1 The Eidah Hachareidis is not in charge of Klal Yisroel. They are great & very Choshuve Talmidei Chachomim but they are not Moshe Rabeinu.
    Those who want to be ehrliche Bnei Yeshiva must listen to the Daas Torah of their Rosh Hayeshivos.
    And re “Lo Sa’amod al dam Reiacho”: Chayecho Kodmin and the behaviour of some demonstrators is such that to assist or support them is causing a massive Chillul HaShem for which there is NO KAPOROH and they do not behave according to the guidelines of the Eidoh HaChareidis either!


  4. The Rosh Yeshiva of the Mirrer Yeshiva was addressing the Bnai Hayeshiva. Every true Ben Torah understands that the place where he belongs is in the Koslei Bais Hamedrosh. A Ben Torah will not beome a Gadol B’Torah by going to Hafganos. R’ Nosson Tzvi Finkel, as many of his current & former Talmidim can testify as like a father to his Talmidim & will literaly be Moser Nefesh to help his Talmidim in Ruchnius or Gashmius. May Hashem give him the Koach to continue being Marbitz Torah Ad Mai’ah V’Esrim & May he have a Refuah Shlaima.

  5. #1 calm down and think a minute before disgracing a talmid chacham! the letter is addressed to the bnei yeshivas mir, namely AMERICAN bochurim who have no place being at and exacerbating an already out of control situation! we are all aware that most of the hafganos are being perpetuated by bochurim and clearly this is yeshivas mir’s attempt to allay some of that chaos. this “letter” (more like a note) is an individual yeshiva enacting an individual policy, no different than a yeshiva making a rule forbidding its students to attend a certain venue for tznius or pritzustic reasons. an environment of macklokes is not the place for a bochur to be regardless!
    and keep in mind that the hafganos are in the geula area, very close to yeshivas mir. can you imagine trying to keep a seder and learn b’kavanah with loud and disruptive mobs surrounding the beis medrash? think about it…..

  6. When the Eida Hacreidas says to go to protest, do they also tell people to burn garbage and throw rocks?

    As for anyone being in charge of “all ericha yidan”, I don’t think anyone like that existed since Mordechai–and even HE was accepted only by ROV haYehudim.

    About time someone stops this chillul Hashem.

  7. Kol Hakavod!!I am so proud of my Rosh Yeshiva!!

    moshe1: He is addressing this to his Talmidim!
    Doesn’t want them involved in this Vildkeit.
    Best thing is to learn Torah!

    So “Drei nisht Kan kop!!!”
    you buy a ticket & go, Groise Tzaddik!

  8. I’m confused. The Eida chareides is in charge of all yidden? Really? and the other gedolim are nil? What about the psak from R Shternbuch that the violence is prohibited?

  9. well, they’re obviously not in charge of this Rosh Yeshiva.
    You sound foolish quoting this pasuk at the same time that jewish police are being injured at the hands of these protesters. why is their blood worth less than the blood of this mother?

  10. this article is not only misleading, it is FALSE. the letter is solely addressed to those learning in the Mir yeshiva. it forbids all the bnei “Ha”yeshiva from going to the hafaganos, not all bnei yeshiva. please don’t make statements in the name of gedolim that aren’t true.

  11. moshe1: you are a sinful rabble rouser! how dare you speak condencending of a godol. and it is not a case of lo saamod, quite the oposite

  12. #1, i’m sorry to say you are wrong. just spoke to my brothers who live there. the hafgonos are lead and carried out by only the NK’S in are empty headed and doing it to push time. it’s participated by ONLY leidigiers. And that’s exactly the reason it looks this way. Wat a sad chillul Hashem.

  13. #1, the Eidah is not in charge of all Erhliche Yiden and to prove my point , Rav Nosson Tzvi is a ehrliche yid and has more Torah authority than yourself and if he forbids his Yeshiva to get involved, he has every right to do so. And for you self righteous hacker to imply otherwise is an Azus.

  14. Please fix the caption:
    He only forbid his students, just like any parent would forbid their own child. This has nothing to do with the general public.

  15. Ask the rabbonim of the EIDA,individually-BAR NONE- (I know a Askan who spoke to all of them) and they CONDEMN this hooliganism even at the cost of refraining from Protesting, SO BE IT. It’s the POWER people of the Eida (SPELL the Kashrus people who need to show the companies THEY HAVE THE POWER.) who push for these protests.
    KUDOS for a Rosh Yeshiva, a TRUE FEARLESS leader whose ACHRAYOS is guiding buchirim in Tora, Avoide and Yiras Shomayim and has no ulterior financial motives other the KUVOD HATORA!

  16. are you kidding me?
    lo saamod al dam re’echa?
    if we really cared about the frei yidden we’d invite them into our homes and mekarev them.


  17. thats a false statement since there just in charge of kashrus unless your a netura karta no one follows them in anything else so thats first of all second this aint a case of lo sachmod so thats also false

  18. Hagon Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkle Says (TO HIS BNEI TORAH )Going To Hafganos Is Forbidden its missing some words from the header

  19. One of the other sites is quoting Harav Shternbuch of the Eid hachareidus as saying not to go. Those that are there are “meshugoyim”.

  20. moshe1, it is not a good idea to mix in when gedolim seem to be arguing. Just follow your leader besimcha and remain silent about (what you think is) the other side.

  21. You know what they say, if you have 2 Jews you’ll have 3 opinions.

    Personally, I have no idea who’s right, but I find the whole thing horrifying.


  23. My friends there is much more here that is going on. There are real problems that are not being addressed and we are waiting for a real Leader which will step up to the plate to help Am Yisrael.

  24. There is no contradiction. As I said elsewhere already, we are working on a boycott of Hadassah. We will not only stay away from hafgones but also stay away from the anti-semitic hadassah hospital. In Mishpacha they had a big write up about the rov there and he admitted that Hadassah services losts of araber. They prefer araber to a real shomer torah u’mitvos. Rabbosai, we are calling for a boycott of Hadassah!!!

  25. Wow I am amazed at the unilatiral support fot reb nosson tzvi shlit”a by this web site’s commentators. I don’t think there has been one talmid chochom that has ever received so much support. (Maybe all the commentators are just leidige mir bachurim)

  26. יחי מרן ראש הישיבה שליט”א מתוך בריאות עד ביאת גואל צדק ושנזכה לקבל משיח צדיקינו במהרה בימינו אמן

  27. this whole thing is ridiculous and is causing such a chilul hashem – people should thank the hospital for treating the boy – and also for the rest of this woman – clearly she is sick and the only responsible thing is to remove her from the situation. how are these charedim any different than arabs who also respond to everything in violence. does harming other people or ruining someone’s property justify what is happening here? BARUCH HASHEM we finally see a REAL GADOL HADOR – who has stepped up to the plate and spoken out. the rioting and chilul hashem must stop!

  28. He said Bnei HA Yeshivah
    All students may not go.

  29. #35 is a fool. All hospitals in Yerushalayim treat Arabs. That’s a fact!
    To #7- The RY forbids all Mir talmidim whether they are american, English, or Yerushalmi.
    The Ra’avd of the Eida, R’ M. Shternbuch has clearly forbidden this hafagana. In his humility he thinks that no one will listen to him.
    Does anyone know what this is about? Do you really think Hadasah hates charedim? If so why do they treat others? isn’t it possible she’s guilty? Does this justify wanton destruction? Does this justify calling a policeman, who’s trying to keep a semblence of order, a nazi?

  30. The Edah want to fight the Zionim like this? The founders of Edah would be turning in their graves. The true gedolim, both inside and outside the Edah realsie that Bnei Torah should be sitting and learning, not burning tyres and throwing stones. These hooligans can join the rest of the NKs in Tehran, where I am sure they would be most welcome and would feel right at home.

  31. I only hope that Voice of a Fool does not become ill and need the help from the staff at Hadassah ein Kerem. what is worse still is that people might believe this garbage and refuse treatment which could result in deaths Please stop printing his stupid and evil comments on YWN before real harm is done. Let`s all join together and daven for an end to this tradegy. It will take years for the harm done to the Charedi community to be repaired

  32. Rav Shimon Schwab ZT”L was once asked why he didn’t protest publicly about a certain matter. He answered: “There are two types of people. Those that protest in public, and those that get things done”

  33. Well maybe, and I do stress maybe, the letter from the Rosh Yeshiva will help. All I can say is that on Wednesday night there were dozens if not hundreds of Mir bochurim congregating at the junction of Eli Hacohen and Bar Ilan streets in Yerushalayim as some crazed hooligan was smashing the traffic signals. They were laughing and then cheering as yet another signall fell to the floor. The real core of Mir bochurim and avreichim will no doubt listen to the Rosh Yeshiva but there will be a large minority who will not. How can I tell you the bystanders were from the Mir and how can I be so sure many will not heed Rav Nosson Tzvi’s words? Simple, I coach two bochurim who learn in the Mir and I recognize the faces I saw in the street (while I was walking home) and I hear the talk in the Mir about ‘how we have to teach the Police a lesson they will not forget’.

  34. I would just like to be Moicheh on #38 for making a very irresponsibe & untrue statement about Mir Bochurim. There are thousands of Bnai Aliyah who shteiged Ois & became true Bnai Torah by way of learning in the Mirrer Yeshiva. (#38 should learn from them & then he won’t be submitting comments to websites at 1:50 a.m.)

  35. The letter does not forbid Bnei Yeshiva from demonstarting. It refers to Bnei Hayeshiva, which means the Mir. The Rosh Hayeshiva is not taking upon himself the mantle of leadership of the yeshiva world. It is others that are thrusting it upon him. Unfairly because if bnei yeshiva continue to demonstrate it will be said that the Rosh Hayeshiva has no influence.

  36. I would also like to say that many hours of bitul Torah have been caused by these protests. The traffic jams around frum areas have been really bad because of the protests.

  37. the true way to fight a war(whether in the battlefield or in the streets of meah sharim) is by sitting and learning. (just ask any bochur that wants to get out of the idf)

  38. I am curious, is this the first time the Rosh HaYeshiva issued such a command, there have been Hagannos in the past.
    It is obvious that his words were directed to “Bnei HaYeshiva”, what would his opinion be to those that aren’t present “Bnei HaYeshiva”? It is Emes V’Yatziv – Bnei HaYeshiva do not belong at such a hafganna. The critical thing is to not make a Chillul Hashem in whatever the reaction.

  39. I feel that it is of utmost importance to protest the posts of “sammygol”, who it is difficult to believe is still a currently practicing shomer shabbos. The comments s/he makes is aside from false, utterly disgusting.

    Its truly unbelieveable how some will side with those against our mesorah above their own brothers.

  40. #56: And remember the reason the Godol said as such — as it would be bitul Torah for his talmidim (even though he supports the goals and the rally itself.)