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Hamekubal HaRav Rebbi Refael Moshe Luria Niftar at Kosel During Monday Morning Tefillos

candle92.gif8:00AM IL: HaGaon HaRav Moshe Luria zt”l, a noted rosh yeshiva and Kabalist, was niftar earlier Monday morning. The rav collapsed during shachris at the Kosel. EMS personnel arrived in a timely fashion and resuscitation efforts were implemented, without success. Details of the levaya to be announced later in the day.

UPDATE: HaRav Refael Moshe Luria zt”l arrived at the Kosel as usual on Monday morning, where he regularly davened vasikin. He explained that he did not feel well and collapsed a short time later. Others gathered to daven immediately began reciting tehillim for the 73-year-old Kabalist as resuscitation efforts were implemented, but ultimately, it was not meant to be. He was pronounced dead at the Kosel.

The niftar was a prominent chossid in the Slonim community as well as a familiar site at the Shar Shamayim Kabala Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. Over the years, he maintained a chavrusa learning schedule with a number of Admorim, including Slonim, Toldos Aaron and Belz Shlita. He wrote dozens and dozens of seforim dealing with both the nigla and the nistar.

The levaya began on Tuesday morning at 10:30am from the Shar Shamayim Yeshiva, making its way past the Slonim Beis Medrash in Meah Shearim, to Har HaZeisim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Rav Luria was an amazing tzaddik. He lived his life on the level of a malach. He published over 70 sefarim. Never wanted to accept jobs as a rosh yeshiva or rebbe. All he wanted to do is learn and connect to Hashem. I am a first hand witness being a family member of his. My children called him Dod Toffee because despite always with his hadras panim talking torah on the highest level had candies in his pockets and the kids loved when he came. He was an unbelievably dedicated husband to his wife that was niftar this year who was sick for a very long time. Some of his talmidim in kabbalah; gedolei hador that he taught kabbala to include Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz and other rebbes. He walked to Yeshiva Sharei Shamayim with a little suitcase everyday because he never wanted to make a big deal out of his accomplishements, so that people can think he’s just another man. He was a boreiach min hakavod to the hightest extent like his father and grandfathers which account for 36 generations of rabbanim. Many of them have had every opportunity to have their names plastered on newspapers and propoganda but ran from it so fast. My grand father reb matis luria was voted to be the Slonimer Rebbe before the Nesivos Shalom and of course a day later he banged on the bima with some lame excuse; but with the desperate purpose of running away from kavod and continuing his vehigisa yomam valeila and said to all the chassidim that he can’t accept the position. Reb Moshe was literally a walking sefer torah and a zisser yid. And to clarify the “halonas hamais”; he was niftar at 5:30 in the morning today by tefillas shacharis at the kosel (which he started after the six day war , and ever since then went to the kosel every single morning for shacharis).His levaya began at 10:00. So really, it was within hourse that the levaya took off and he was buried by 12:30.
    What a loss? But what a gain.
    A loss because all who knew him always gained a sense of security when you saw him that hashem has granted us such an amazing tzaddik amongst us and because of torah the meis possessed. It really was comforting and inspiring just to see him. But what a gain!!! a man that touched so many lives, there are so many stories and so many seforim which were sold already by the millions.Really when I read back what I just wrote I contemplate that maybe I shouldn’t submit it because how can I, small person write about a man that wasn’t only thousands of times greater than me but thousands of times greater than the word great. There is no words that can describe the kedusha of nigla venistar and all that he knew. I will submit so that hopefully others can be inspired and learn. Baruch Dayan Haemes.
    Miriam Luria

  2. Klal Yisroel unfortunately has no idea what kind of Tzaddik it lost in the passing of Harav Hagaon Moshe Luria. I have been a Talmid of Rav Luria for 10 years, ever since I bought my first sefer from his work ‘Bais Genazia’. I quickly realized not only did Rav Luria know Kol Hatorah Kulo – but the incredible depth of his knowledge was incomprehensible. I never met Rav Luria in person because I live in America and the Rav lived in Eretz Isroel, yet through Rav Luria’s seforim, our connection was very profound and meaningful. His seforim touched me in a very real way. How anyone from this generation could understand Torah with such depth and profundity always amazed me. When you learn Rav Luria’s Torah, you literally feel like your standing at Har Sinai.
    His over 70 volumes of Chidushim covering all facets of Torah was a testimony to his greatness. His seforim weren’t Likutim like most of the seforim published today. Every line is filled with Chidushim opening up and revealing the inner depth of Chazal and the Torah.
    The Torah tells us Tefillos that come from the Pnimius Halev are always answered. I davened for 20 years to find a Tzaddik that could open up the true depth and profundity of the Torah and whose Middos and Avodas hashem could match his knowledge. I am truly humbled by the kindness Hashem has granted me by allowing me the privilege to learn from a Tzaddik of Rav Luria’s caliber. It was known that at Shaarie Shamyim – the Yeshiva of Mikubalim in Yerushalim, that the Talmidim would only stand for two people – Rav Fishel Eisenbach and Rav Moshe Luria . Fortunate were the people who were touched by this great Tzaddik of our generation.
    Chaim Zwick

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