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Chabad Shaliach Attacked During Candle Lighting in Vienna

Chabad shaliach Rabbi Dov Gruzman was targeted by a lone Islamic assailant as he lit candles in Stefenfaltz Square in Vienna on motzei shabbos. He punched the rav and bit off a portion of his finger before he was taken into custody. The rabbi was transported to a hospital where doctors worked to reattach the portion of the avulsed digit.

The rabbi was hospitalized with doctors monitoring his situation and treating him to prevent infection.

Undeterred by the hate incident, Chabad officials are continuing with their Chanukah activities in the Austria city, adding they are actually working to increase the scope of what will take place this week in response.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Refuah Shelaima-But.. this whole public Chanuka lighting has to stop-Its ridiculous-We are still in Golus-Boruch Hashem we have been able in the last 60 years to practice Judaism in relative peace-But all these public candle lightings etc. are crazy-and the pressuring of politicians to be involved in it.

  2. #3, It’s called pirsumei nisa. Have you never heard of it? Try opening a gemoro one day, and you will find to your surprise that the ikar mitzvah is to have the lights seen not by the Jews who are indoors but by the Tarmudo’im who are in the street.

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