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London: Eruv Proposal For Mill Hill Brings ‘Great Expectations’ For Jewish Community

eruv.jpgThe following article is from the Times UK: Plans for a religious enclosure in Mill Hill moved a step closer after a public consultation last week.

Mill Hill United synagogue organised the meeting on Thursday to show different options for the boundary, known as an Eruv, and to answer questions about the project.

About 40 people attended, including members of the synagogue, residents and representatives from the Mill Hill Preservation Society and the conservation area advisory community. The chair of the Mill Hill Eruv committee, Gill Gallick, said the outcome was “very positive”.

She said: “Some people were initially apprehensive but we had a very good presentation and some question and answers which went well.

“They were quite happy and said they wanted us to be successful”.

Supporters say the Eruv would be a boost for Mill Hill’s Jewish residents, numbering about 2,000.

There are Eruv’s in Edgware, Golders Green and Hendon already. Supporters say the boundary would mostly be formed by existing structures such as fences and house fronts.

Mrs Gallick said the committee have had nothing adverse officially and are planning to discuss the proposals further with relevant groups and arrange visits to the proposed Eruv site.

She said: “The Orthodox community are very keen for the project to go ahead and can look forward with great expectations.

“It will make a huge difference.”

Planning officers from Barnet Council have been liaising with the potential applicant and understand a planning application will be submitted early in the New Year.

A statement added: “If an application is received consultation will be undertaken as part of the statutory planning process.”

(Source: Times UK)

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  1. newsreader, you are incorrect.

    There is an Eiruv encompassing GG, Hendon, Finchley etc. The Kedassia has not passelled the Eruv. The Union Beis Din (Kedassia) do not want an Eruv as they say it will encourage non Shabbosdik activities and too much socialising. They tried to passul the original Eruv, but after the LBD upgraded the Eruv, they couldn’t passul it.
    Instead, they decided to pasken like R’ Moshe Feinstein (despite the fact that the majority of the Union Dayonim and Rabbonim are Chassidish and, generally Chassidim do not pasken like R’ Moshe) that London is a Reshus HoRabbim D’Oraisoh and therefore ANY Eruv in London would be no good!

    However, despite this, the majority of Heimishe” Rabbonim in GG believe that the Eruv is kosher and have said so. This includes The Sadigur Rov, R’ YM Friedman, Rav Shmal of Goschalks, R’ Rabi of Eitz Chaim Yeshiva and others. It is only R’ Roberts, his nephew R’ Dovid Kohn, R’ Shimon Weingarten and the three R’ Halperns (R’ Chuna, R’ Dovid and R’ Chaim) who oppose the Eruv.

  2. Paskening like R Moshe doesn’t help; the NW London eruv is made of mechitzos (omed merubeh al haporutz), so it’s kosher even in a reshus horabim. R Moshe allowed the Seagate eruv in Brooklyn, because it’s made of mechitzos.

    #1, even if the eruv were possul, it would only be so midrabonon, so how can you say carrying in it is “chilul shabboa deoiraiso”? On what possible grounds could any eruv be possul mid’oraisa?

  3. Golders you really know your eiruv! It is funny that chassidisha rebbeim follow Rav Moshe ztl. There is one thing that bothers me about this, it is probably just my own imperfection so please take it as such but I do not understand the chashash of
    Too much socializing? RL! Lo aleinu, then what, instead of a shidduch crisis we might have boys and girls meeting al derech hateva! Chas vshalom that something should work the way the Ribono Shel Olam set it up! ther is a difference between pritzus and socializing and meeting a girl when you are in the parasha and being allowed to find out if she , ( or if you are a girl and meet a bochur- he) is roi for a chassunah.

  4. “Golders Green”: You really sound foolish, how can the “Heimishe Rabbonim” which you could only find three who maybe are mattir the eiruv (though you very well know that NONE of them carry in it themselves or even allow their families to)be a majority against the six who oppose it. I can furthermore include Rabbi Chaim Feldman(retired) of Munks and many others who oppose it too.

    Let’s try and be honest, NONE of the heimishe kehillos or their members carry in this eiruv on Shabbos in Golders Green. The more modern orthodox kehillos centered in Hendon (other side of the North Circular Road) have “Rabbis” who allow use of the eiruv though the chareidi ones (including Dayan Ehrentreu) do NOT use it themselves…..

    I was recently in Golders Green/Hendon for Shabbos and can witness myself the fact that the frum yidden of Golders Green do NOT use the eiruv. The only strollers seen being pushed are those with parents with less chareidi dress and even these are quite rare. Across the bridge in Hendon it is much more prevalent though only by the non-black-hat communities.

    Please dont try to twist things around as you did with the colorful booklet distributed free to all NW11 Jewish residents (והמבין יבין)

  5. #4 – That was the original secular position, and look where the secular world is now. Once boys and girls start getting together on their own, things happen that have nothing to do with chasunahs.

  6. #5: Please don’t bring a raya from rabbanim. Anyway, if the heimishe don’t carry that is their loss. There is no reason not to carry in the NW London eruv.

  7. “Truehonesty”- please change your online name as your comments are neither true nor honest! The vast majority of Chareidi Rabbonim in GG privately confirm the eruv is fine. The list above didn’t mention Rav Knopfler, one of the biggest poskim in town who also says privately the eruv is probably one of trhe most mehudar in the world. Rav Shimon Winegarten is certainly not against! There are several buggies in his shul and most of his members carry. The Rabbonim wont come out publicly because of the Kovod of Rav Chuna and to avoid more machlokes. Dayan Ehrentreu uses the eruv openly. The only serious “antis” are R’ Huna & sons and Rabbi Roberts & nephew.

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