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Simon Wiesenthal Center To eBay: Cancel Online Auction Of ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ Sign

hol.jpgThe Simon Wiesenthal Center is urging eBay to cancel the auction of an “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign, touted as “similar to the one in Auschwitz” being offered for sale by a Pennsylvania man using the name “SS panzergrenadier.”

The description on eBay reads:

“For sale is a sign in German meaning “Work for freedom” that dates back to the 1700’s and was used in many Nazi concentration camps. It was designed specifically from the sign over the main gate at Auschwitz. It measures about 7 feet long and is made from 1/4 round bar steel with 1/8 x 3/4 steel lettering…Note: Gate is not included.”

“The denigration of the victims of Nazi Holocaust continues unabated –from Iran’s Holocaust-denying president, to thieves who stole the actual sign from the Auschwitz death camp”, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in a statement from Jerusalem. “People of goodwill the world over expressed their shock and indignation after the real sign was stolen-including the son of an ex-American GI who fought the Nazis, who contacted the Wiesenthal Center to volunteer to make a new sign for the Auschwitz Museum.”

“eBay, one of the world’s most powerful marketing tools has a moral obligation to remove this callous ‘auction’ item by someone using the call letters of the (Nazi) SS seeking to cash in on last week’s criminal act at Auschwitz,” Cooper concluded.

YWN notes that more than 12 hours after the first complaint was submitted, the item is still under review by ebay, despite being in direct violation of Ebays policies.

The item can be viewed at the following eBay link:

(Meir Lewettes – YWN)

15 Responses

  1. So what everyone should do is go there and flag the items as offensive. With enough pressure they will have to take it down.
    On the right side of the item near the “print” button there is a flag button “report item”. click and give them a piece of your mind.

  2. Hmmm, I guess after looking at it that it’s made to actually go on someones fens (look at the 2nd picture) – that is indeed offensive.

  3. What is offensive about this sign is that what this person is offering as a collectible is a sign that welcomed hundreds of thousands of people to there death. Why not sell mini models of the gas chambers as well? That could also be “art.” As per ebay policy, you can report this item as offensive. Among the prohibited items it lists “offensive material – examples include ethnically or racially offensive material and Nazi memorabilia”

  4. The Arbeit Macht Frei sign is testimony that Am Yisroel and Torah are still alive. Every time I see a photo of it I thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu that on the ashes of the kedoshim more Torah has built than ever existed in pre-war Europe.

  5. This guy has this sign including the gate at his own home (see photos)!! He’s a Nazi piece of…Don’t just flag it. Send him a warm message- a few thousand messages might make him a bit nervous.

  6. MDshweks

    If you need someone to explain why a Jewish person would find this offensive, I suggest you keep off YWN. Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to post something, at least LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!!!!

  7. #7 – I have to give you credit for seeing The Glass Half Full. I never heard of anyone looking at the sign and thanking HaShem. The ways of HaShem are beyond our simple minds. More Torah and Yeshivas can be built without destroying what was.

  8. Success, B’H – Click on the item this morning and this is what one finds:

    “This listing (150398929727) has been removed, or this item is not available.”

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