Tragedy in Baltimore: Young Father of Three Succumbs to Illness – Read his Powerful Message about Keeping Cell Phones out of Shul


candle914The Baltimore Jewish Community awoke this morning to the tragic news that a young father of 3 children, Daniel Lansky, A’H, husband of Elana (Zylberminc) Lansky, son of Rabbi & Mrs. Nachum Lansky, succumbed to the illness he had been fighting.

As a Zechus for his neshama, we are posting a very powerful message that Daniel A’H wrote on his blog about keeping cell phones out of shul. May his Neshama have an Aliyah.


The following was written on June 8th, 2016

Am I scared? I am petrified. I wake in middle of the night in a pool of fear. I check my heart in middle of the day to make sure it is beating – but not beating too fast. I see the color of my skin change slightly and I panic – is this a reaction from the chemo like the two of four treatments that have sent me to the ER and extended stays in the hospital? Yes – Chasdie Hashem – the first time I had a reaction and was in the hospital for five days – admitted to the ER in a state of shock – the doctor told my frightened wife on day three – “he has turned a corner” – but it was the corner that puts us back on the long block to fighting Bezras Hashem – on the road to true recovery.

Am I scared? I am petrified. I hate asking for favors. HATE IT. It is so torturous being in a position where I need something from someone. There are so very many emotions and personal characteristics of mine that make me cringe and run from the idea of asking another to do something for me – but now is not the time for me to think of me. I have a wife, I have three little kids and I have cancer. We need your tefilos.

In a few days I will be having my first scans since I started treatment. Those scans will show what Hashem wants to be seen. No more – no less. So here I go – I am going to ask you for what I need from you.


There is nothing – nothing – that can’t wait. Respect the Makom tefillah. Don’t put it on vibrate – don’t silence the ringer – simply turn it off. Please. I wish that this could be a rule in every shul – before entering make sure your phone is off. I am not a Rav – and I don’t claim to be a very learned man so I can’t quote you halachos etc. – but I can resort to the simplest and most obvious logic – you are talking to GOD.

I can’t lecture – and I can’t expound – but I can ask for a favor that I need – and I just have. Bezras Hashem – with your tefilos – I will be able to subject myself to the potential “art though looks” for years to come – for if you are looking at me – you are looking at a husband, a father – one – that has turned a corner that my family and I – so desperately need to turn.

Thank you.

Rephoel Daniel Mordechai Ben Chaya Shifra


The levayah will take place today at Levinson’s at 4:00 PM – Kevurah at Agudath Israel Cemetery 6300 Hamilton Ave Rosedale, MD 21237

Shiva will take place at 6529 Pebble Brooke Road Baltimore, MD 21209.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes….



  1. Such a special neshama.
    I am heart broken.
    I am part of your wats app family. Hundreds of us are thinking of you.
    May Hashem,give strength and nechama like only Hashem can.

  2. This is really sad such a special person and special family.Let us all heed the niftars message for a zechus for his neshama to have a aliyah.

  3. BDE

    so tragic. about 10 young people niftar just in the last 2 or 3 days alonw throughout klal yisroel R”L (WISH i had time to write each ones name & how niftar)

    anyone that knew him knows how old he was now when niftar R”L?

    May his neshama have an aliya