A Father And His 14-Year Old Daughter, Survivors Of A Horrific Terror Attack In Jerusalem, Need Your Help


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Listen to the words of Rabbanit Miri Hoffman
We are all joining forces to help rebuild the lives of a father and his daughter, survivors of a horrific terror attack in Jerusalem!!

Chacham Eliyahu and his daughter Esti have continued to live for the last fourteen years, since that horrific night. Their life has not been easy. They have endured expensive treatment, costly medication and all this time, Chacham Eliyahu has made sure Esti had the best education. She missed many school days due to treatments, and her father has given his last savings to complete her education. There have been many days when they went without a warm nutritious meal.

Life has not been easy for Chacham Eliyahu. Many of his neighbors know him and see how he trudges righteously through the alley ways of Jerusalem. Many recognize the constant smile. But almost no one knows the difficulty with which he continues, facing the horrors life dealt him, all of which he faces alone.


And the truth is that there are many days when he does not have the energy to face the problems. Despite this he stands up, puts on his righteous face, smiles and tries to convey that everything is fine and he has recovered.
But, no!!

He has not recovered! It is time for his cry to be heard! We must all join forces to help this righteous man who lost his wife and infant son, who has not yet recovered from his injuries, and still continues to raise his daughter on his own.

On Motzei Shabbat, March 2, 2002 (18 Adar, 5762), Chacham Eliyahu and his wife Tzofia were peacefully walking in their home neighborhood. Tzofia held her seven-month old son, Yakov Avraham, in her arms, while their daughter, 2-year old Esti held her father’s hand. As they passed by the Machane Yisrael Yeshiva, a Muslim suicide bomber blew up the heavy explosive he was carrying.


“They found them dead, holding on to each other”
When the rescue teams arrived at the scene, they found Tzofia with her arms around her son Yakov Avraham. They were both dead. Chacham Eliyahu had been thrown to the other side of the road by the force of the explosion, but somehow was able to hold on to his daughter Esti’s hand. They were alive and moderately injured.

Since that night the lives of Chacham Eliyahu and his daughter Esti cannot be described as ‘life’.
We are all giving today, so they can rebuild their lives.


Donate now to rebuild the lives of the terror attack survivors.