VIDEO: Baltimore Rebbi Learns With 1st Grade Class Over Telephones!


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[VIDEO LINK BELOW] Baltimore, MD – During the second phase of the blizzard of 2010, Rabbi Brecher’s 1st grade class from “TA” in Baltimore, MD got together via telephone conference call and continued their learning from their homes!

The daily “Snow-School” will be continuing until the boys are able to get back to Yeshiva.

Baltimore has approximately 4 feet of snow on the ground.

Click on the following link for the video:


  1. Thank you also to Rabbi Pollack, 2nd grade Rebbe and Rabbi Kulik, 4th grade Rebbe, for having learning conference calls. It was the highlight of my boy’s snowed in week. They are looking forward to their calls tomorrow.

  2. At Shearis HaPleitah (TI), Rabbi Eisgrau, the menahel, leaves clever rhymes and puzzles for the boys to listen to on the hotline. Rabbi Doniel Hexter (4th grade) leaves meshalim and puzzles on his extension at cheder on snow days and today, they had a conference call learning program as well. Very special!

  3. I agree with # 4 and would like to add that one Rebbe held a conference call for his talmidim today and learned and told an inspiring story to his talmidim.

  4. I found myself smiling through the entire video!! It definitely has that out of town breath of fresh air! You know what else I noticed?? Just how good an idea these kids have of what’s going on in the passuk they are learning. In my humble opinion, there are two reasons for that. Number one, the Rebbe sounds exceptional. Number two…because they are translating in ENGLISH!!! Which is a language that they actually understand! There is almost no way not to know what is going on. I was just thinking back to the kvetching I do with my boys doing this passuk in Yiddish. Let’s face it…they have no clue what they are saying. Not sure why I just opened this can of worms…

  5. At Bais Yaakov Baltimore, Rabbi Freedman left a message asking the girls to do homework. The assignment? look in last week’s parsha, and follow the instructions in the aseres hadibbros, #5. The next day, Rabbi Freedman gave the girls more homework: Hint, similar to yesterday’s homework, check parshas v’eschanan. Very clever. Got a good laugh here from my girls.

  6. 2, do you mean the rebbeim or the kids?
    And how long did it last, anyway?
    This wasn’t an isolated day off, this is days off, following winter break. Good to keep the momentum going.

  7. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me about Rabbi Brecher. He (and his family) does so much chesed in the Baltimore community. A finer, friendlier mensch of a guy is hard to find.

  8. reply to #2 there has been no school in Baltimore for virtually the past week due to the back to back snow storms and impassible roads(in fact no vehicles except emergency are allowed on the road) they have had a ton of snow days already and again today BH our kids are learning again.

  9. Maybe if these bochurim went to a real Yeshiva that required dorming there wouldnt be any snow days. Baltimore is just as modern as Teaneck. At least Teaneck knows where they stand.

  10. #16- The first graders dorm in Teaneck? I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a yeshiva where the 1st graders dorm except in teaneck apparently!! and what does any of this have to do with teaneck knowing that they are modern. btw- please do not bash other cities and show off your amartzus when its obvious you know zero about Baltimore.

  11. Why oh why didn’t we listen when the Gedolim tried to keep us off the Internet….

    The news-ing is mostly good here. The schmoozing is mostly not.
    Webmaster: Close up the commentaries. We don’t show our best side to the world here.

    But Kol Hakavod to the rabbayim who use technology for Torah. Call it Junior Partners in Torah!

  12. Yesterday, Rabbi Deutch, a 3rd grade Rebbi in Yeshiva Darchei Torah (Far Rockaway) also teleconfrenced with his class on their 1 snow day!

  13. #17-There is something I do know about Baltimore. If the community continues to rely on these commuter Yeshivas the Vaad will need to pay shadchanim to set up their bochurim too.

  14. THEREBBI: Please realize that you are venting whatever it is that’s bothering you in the wrong forum. This is a very nice article about a Kiddush Hashem. That’s it.

    Have a nice day and an enjoyable Shabbos.

    “Darcheho Darchei Noam, V’Kol Nesivaseho Shalom”