Bloomberg Finds Out About Obama Visit From ‘The Blogs’


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New York City – Asked about President Obama’s upcoming Thursday visit, Mayor Bloomberg seemed a bit annoyed at not having gotten advance word about it from the White House this morning, the DN’s Frank Lombardi reports.

“Well, I just saw on the blogs that he was coming, so I haven’t talked to anybody in the White House,” he said at an availability after an event in the Bronx.

The whole thing suggests that City Hall wasn’t given a heads-up about the visit, which could be topical. Bloomberg has been less than warm and fuzzy about the proposed Wall Street crackdown by the administration, suggesting it could hurt the city disproportionately.

But generally speaking, the Bloomberg administration and the Obama administration have had a cordial relationship.

(NY Daily News Blog By Celeste Katz / NY Post)


  1. It reminds me of the stunt (or Prank) that BO administration did with flying Air Fore One really low next to the statue of liberty.

    Keep it up Mr.Obama, your making a lot of friends in NYC.