Driver of pickup in Corzine crash identified


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State police have found the driver of the red pickup that caused the crash on the Garden State Parkway that severely injured Governor Corzine on Thursday night. “It is totally clear to us that he was not aware of his involvement,” said a State Police spokesman. State Police tracked down the man Friday night after Little Egg Harbor Police told them they had two vehicles in town that matched the description of the red Ford pickup.

Police have declined to name the driver because he won’t be charged.

Sources, however, identified the man as Kenneth Potts Jr., 20, of Little Egg Harbor. He could not be reached immediately at his home telephone.

Representatives for Corzine, who is still in critical, but stable condition in Cooper University Hospital here, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Earlier, police said the driver of the red truck caused a car to swerve into the path of Corzine’s SUV, which then crashed into a guard rail.

Corzine, who apparently was not wearing a seat belt, suffered several injuries including breaks to his left leg, 12 ribs, breastbone and collarbone. He also cut his head and had a minor spine fracture.

The governor endured an hour-long surgery this morning, but remains heavily sedated and unaware of what’s going on, his doctors said. The surgery, dubbed routine, was to clean out a 15-centimeter cut in his leg to prevent infection. A similar procedure is planned for Monday, after which doctors will consider whether to remove the governor from breathing tubes.



  1. Did he get ticketed for “lack of seat belt”?
    Just a few seconds of time to buckle up for safety from driver to every passenger.

  2. “sayitlikeitis”: You are correct that seat belts are the smart move – no matter where one sits. However, in all likelihood the Governor was in the back seat, where buckling up is not prevalent.

  3. Thinkstraight – Sorry but u r not doing so. Those sitting in the backseat are propeller ed forward and come crashing down as a cannon ball on all passengers of the car when not belted.

  4. a cop once pulled over a co-worker of mine who was speeding. It was late at night and his wife and kids were in the car with him. the cop told him that we wasn’t going to give him a ticket, rather he had a question for him: When your kids start driving, what are you going to tell them about driving safely?

    corzine is lucky to be alive, my prediction: if/when he heals, he will be doing safety messages about buckling up.