NYC Faces Record-Breaking Cold


ice.jpg(Click HERE to watch the WCBSTV weather forecast) Don’t forget to bundle up if you’re headed out in New York City today. After all, it is August 21. The city along with the rest of the tri-state region is feeling the chilly effect of a cold front sweeping through the region, accompanied by cool rain showers. As of 4:00PM the high temperature for the day in Central Park was just 59 degrees.

In fact, if it doesn’t warm up at all for the rest of the day, the 59-degree high would tie the record for the coldest high temperature ever for the month of August in New York City, when it reached just 59 degrees in 1911.

The unusually cold air mass has come down from Canada, colliding with the moisture from the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin.

Temperatures are expected to climb back into the 90s by Friday.


  1. Makes a mockery out of the pseudo-science known as ‘global warming.’

    It is interesting to note that not too long ago these same jokers now promoting global warming, used to try to scare people with ‘global cooling.’

  2. Yeah, sammygol, but don’t forget to add cold cash to your list. His lectures on global warming are likely his only source of income these days.

  3. I understand it is colder then usual for an ordinary August day, but to put up a picture of a house full of snow and to write that everyone should bundle up is going a little overboard. Stop going overboard with the “overflowing” crowd in Lakewood andthe winter weather-like weather when it is only a few degrees cooler then usual.


  5. al gore is the dumbest guy i ever saw and especialy when he planned a concert in antartica in june when its not able to go there al gore does not have any idea in science he just pays other ones to say it for him

  6. All the commenters saying how Al Gore is dumb, stupid and an idiot, are dumb, stupid and idiots themselves.
    Al Gore is running a campaign to try and lower global warming and the greenhouse efect, for the benefit of us all and our future generations.
    Having low temperatures as a short term phenomenon, does not mean global warming is a hoax. In fact, part of the effects of global warming are extreme climates and nature dissasters, such as hurricanes.
    The evidence supporting global warming is unquestionable by almost 100% of the world’s scientists.
    At least Al Gore studies the subject and consults scientists, which is more than I can say about the lot of you!

  7. Charlie, I believe the other side to your argument is that there are long-term periods of cooling, and the same of warming, and we are currently in a warming period. But it’s a cycle, not an unprecedented period of heat increase, as Mr. Gore claims.

    There is much out there about Al Gore’s Inconvenient Lies. Can’t blame the guy for making a few mega-bucks, though.

    Incidentally, when he spoke in New York a few years ago during the winter, the weather that day was record-breaking very cold.

    BTW, Hashem promised Noach that for as long as the Earth is around, there will be “kor” cold (fall), “chom” heat (spring), “kayitz” (summer) and “choref” (winter), so I don’t know what the big to-do is.

    The geulah, may it come speedily, will, therefore, occur, with all 4 seasons in existence, ergo, global warming will never actually happen even if, in theory, it could happen x years down the road, since we will be redeemed before it could actually happen.

  8. KaKatan,
    Global warming is happening, and that’s a fact. That doesn’t mean no seasons, just warmer seasons, especially in certain areas on the globe.

  9. daxy – MANY scientists denounced so-called Global Warming as a hoax.

    Like Joseph said above, until about 15 years ago these same clowns were warning about Global Cooling – until that was firmly disproven.

    BTW Al Gore flies a jet using a lot more gas causing so-called Global Warming in one trip, than any SUV – which he constantl rails about – uses in a year. Hypocrite.

  10. charlie, the world will not be destroyed by human activity. Only Hashem controls its destiny.

    And yes, there are many scientists who vehemently disagree with the global warming alarmists. Also keep in mind that scientists believe the world is 5 million years old. And science keeps changing. The science of 30 years ago has been disproven, and new theories accepted. This happens every scientific generation.