Chacham Ovadia: Say’s No To Uman Rosh Hashanah


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uman.jpgIn his weekly Motzei Shabbos Shiur, Hagoen Chacham Ovadia Yosef Shlita made his opinion very clear regarding the traveling to Rav Nachman M’Breslov’s Kever in Uman for Rosh Hashanah. Some quotes translated: “The Chassidim should be doing what they are doing. But the rest of the people going, are they Chassidim of Uman? On Rosh Hashanah everyone should be with their families, and not traveling to Kivrei Tzadikim…….Any person who is a Baar Daas, a Baar Sechel, should be Rosh Hashana night making Kiddush for his family. Families should be eating together, drinking together, and celebrate the Yom Tov together. This is what Yom Tov is all about. On Yom Tov what should we do? Go to a cemetery, or be with our families?”

Close to 22,000 people traveled to Uman last Rosh Hashanah.



  2. Finally…….It seems for some reason we need a Gadol B’torah to tell us what is obvious. It is sad that so many men leave their families on the most important days of their life. I know many go and many will disagree with my personal feelings but B”H Daas Torah has come out against this travisty.

  3. ‘About time it was said publicly. Uman has become nothing less than a good ‘ol boys club with G-d-knows what going on there. Hardly an appropriate way to spend the Yemei Hadin.

  4. ‘Families should be eating together, drinking together, and celebrate the Yom Tov together. This is what Yom Tov is all ……

    With all due respect to Chacham Ovadia Yosef, On Rosh Hashonoh we dont say ‘Visomachto Bichagecho’ The theme is not to indulge in Gashmiyus but to daven and hopefully be answered. Many feel that in the zechus of our Tzaddikim these Yomim Noraim will bring us all we need for a happy and healthy year. This is basically the reason Chassidim go to their Rebbes or to Kivrei Tzaddikim.

  5. *shrug* I have a friend who went to Uman – I think it’s safe to say his wife probably would have preferred to have him home – I’d rather daven in yeshiva on RH/YK, but recognize the imposition that would place on my family –

  6. Breslover Chassidus aside, I believe the requirement to be mishtateach at kivrei tzaddikim is for Elul and Erev R”H and Erev Y”K, not on the Yomim Tovim themselves.

    As for 4, WADR, there is a Mitzvah to have Se’udos on R”H bedavkah to show our Bitachon that Hashem will be motzi la’or mishpateinu.

  7. nameless – of course you are supposed to have Seudos of Bassar V’yayeen on Rosh Hashana (Ein Simcha Ela…..)Chacham Ovadia is not saying that we should indulge in any gashmiyus. He is explaining the seriousness of the day and the responsibilities of the day. BE HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY!. Why would anyone who truly loves his wife and children want to be away from them on this day? Why would you teach your children that leaving them – even to be mispallel by kirei tzadikkim is more important then Davening and being with them.

    Kivrei Tzaddikim is important and being Mispallel by them certainly is an important Inyan. But at what expense? And When? And on the Yom Hadi itself everyone is in a Shul in Uman and not even at the Kever!!!!!

    Don’t knock the sage advice of our Gadol. Don’t feel your opinion on the matter is important enough that you can disagree with him…..and if you do then certainly keep it to yourself. We are not interested.

    Personal Story: I was once going through a difficult Matziv with my family and went to talk to my Rebbi – Rav Pam ZT”L, and after his wise words of Chizuk and wonderful suggestions, I mentioned that I wanted to go to Eretz Yisroel to be Mispallel by Kivrei Tzadikkim. Rebbe looked at me with a very serious face and said” the RBS”O will hear your Teffilos and Bakoshos wherever you are. Take the money you would have spent on a trip to E”Y and give that to a family or Moisad that is in need. It will be a better way to spend your money, and stay home. Be Mispallel here – the RBS”O will hear you.”

  8. צריך לדעת שהרב עובדיה יוסף לא אמר את זה סתם, זה לא שיש לו משהו נגד ברסלב או שהוא דואג לנשים. יש גמ’ (סוכה כז.) “אמר רבי אליעזר, משבח אני את העצלנים שאינם יוצאים מבתיהם ברגל, שנאמר “ושמחת אתה וביתך”, ובשו”ע נפסק שבראש השנה יש גם את כל דיני שמחת יו”ט, לכן מי שאינו חסיד ברסלב ואין לו ציווי מהרבי שלו להגיע לציון יותר ראוי שישאר עם המשפחה שלו.
    א כתיבה וחתימה טובה

  9. Nameless,
    What a chutzpah, do you think that you know better than Chacham Ovadia? Just having Chahcam Ovadia tell us this and us following the chachamim’s directions gives us a tremendous zechus.
    Chag Kasher v’sameach

  10. i was just listing to that new project next – Lipa was doing an ad campaign for Uman. He used a tune of some goyishe ‘numa numa song’ and turned it into ‘uman uman Rosh Hashanah YAY, Rosh Hashanah YAY, Rosh Hashanah uman YAY…. WEIRD STUFF!! Its like track 8 or so on the CD.

  11. I have gone several times and find it an unbelivably insperational experience. Having said that, since I was married I have told my wife it is her call every year if I should go last year was yes this year (and she thinks the next bunch of years) are no. Davening at kivrai Tzwaikim is a big zchus but so is shalom bayis and your wife will know better than you if you are big enoug chasid who should spend every Rosh Hashana with R Nachman or not.


  13. nameless said
    “This is basically the reason Chassidim go to their Rebbes or to Kivrei Tzaddikim.”
    Chassidim go to their Rebbe’s for Rosh Hashana, but have a Rebbe who is alive and can give them hadracha and a bracha.
    Nobody goes to Kivrei Tzaddikim ON Rosh Hashana or for that matter on any Yom Tov.

  14. To the comment left by “nameless”.

    With respect to “gashmiyuth” on Rosh Hashana, I encourage you to read Chapter 8 of Nehemiah the entire Chapter. It specifically says that there is to be no mourning and there are no selihot on Rosh Hashana because it is a festive day for hashem – solemn but festive. Notice the following quote from the Navi “‘Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet,”. I have cut and pasted the Chapter:

    1 all the people gathered themselves together as one man into the broad place that was before the water gate; and they spoke unto Ezra the scribe to bring the book of the Law of Moses, which the LORD had commanded to Israel. 2 And Ezra the priest brought the Law before the congregation, both men and women, and all that could hear with understanding, upon the first day of the seventh month. 3 And he read therein before the broad place that was before the water gate from early morning until midday, in the presence of the men and the women, and of those that could understand; and the ears of all the people were attentive unto the book of the Law. 4 And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood, which they had made for the purpose; and beside him stood Mattithiah, and Shema, and Anaiah, and Uriah, and Hilkiah, and Maaseiah, on his right hand; and on his left hand, Pedaiah, and Mishael, and Malchijah, and Hashum, and Hashbaddanah, Zechariah, and Meshullam. {P}

    5 And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people–for he was above all the people–and when he opened it, all the people stood up. 6 And Ezra blessed the LORD, the great God. And all the people answered: ‘Amen, Amen’, with the lifting up of their hands; and they bowed their heads, and fell down before the LORD with their faces to the ground. 7 Also Jeshua, and Bani, and Sherebiah, Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodiah, Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad, Hanan, Pelaiah, even the Levites, caused the people to understand the Law; and the people stood in their place. 8 And they read in the book, in the Law of God, distinctly; and they gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading. {S} 9 And Nehemiah, who was the Tirshatha, and Ezra the priest the scribe, and the Levites that taught the people, said unto all the people: ‘This day is holy unto the LORD your God; mourn not, nor weep.’ For all the people wept, when they heard the words of the Law. 10 Then he said unto them: ‘Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto him for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy unto our Lord; neither be ye grieved; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.’ 11 So the Levites stilled all the people, saying: ‘Hold your peace, for the day is holy; neither be ye grieved.’ 12 And all the people went their way to eat, and to drink, and to send portions, and to make great mirth, because they had understood the words that were declared unto them. {S)

    I have much reverence for Rav Nahman and I pray his Tikun regularly. However my emunat hahamim extends itself even to Haham Ovadia for he is one of the giants of this generation and he undoubtedly knows all of torah and probably has a source like this among a hundred others to justify his statement. Respectfully – ur brother in Israel.

  15. Chacham Ovadia stated that he is addressing those who are not chassidish but go anyway, saying they shouldn’t go. I personally think that once every few years it’s nice for anyone to go, chassidish or not – assuming the man’s family doesn’t mind. According to Breslov, davening by the kever in Uman on Rosh Hashana is a big segula to having your tefilos answered. I would be very happy if my husband would go to Uman for Rosh Hashana – not every year, but once in a while.

    Of course my husband davens with kavana every Rosh Hashana and Hashem can answer his tefilos here in America, but davening by the kever of a tzaddik is known to help speed those tefilos on their way. Just like Lag B’Omer is the special time for the kever in Meron, Rosh Hashana is the time for Uman

    I think that many families would be happy to have their husband/father away for one Rosh Hashana if it meant more bracha for the whole family. I know I would. But I also agree that to go too often could harm the family’s sholom and chinuch, and of course if the wife or kids don’t want the father to go, he shouldn’t.

  16. #4 – first go see the “Mishna Brurah” about Simchas Yom Tov on Rosh Ha’Shana before you comment. There is a Machlokes Reshonim if there is a Cheyuv of Simchah – Just like the other Shalosh Regolim.

  17. a few comments:
    1)Rebbe Nachman Z”L acts as the lawyer for those that come to him for Rosh HaShana. Think about it, “who would you rather have next to you at the big court case, your wife or your lawyer?”

    2)why doesn’t Rav Ovadia Shlit”a come out against all the other chasidim that run to their Rebbes. I know a guy that goes to the skullener rebbe for R”H, leaving his family behind, but when a different family member runs to Uman…..OY VEY!

    3)As for the comment from TAKEH??? about uman being “nothing less than a good ‘ol boys club”, firstly, were you ever there??? Secondly,Rebbe Nachman felt that even if you come and don’t daven properly, he said “whether you drink or not, sleep or not, daven or not, just come. (I
    i will try to get the exact quote soon.)

    4)I’m sad to see that it takes a comment from Rav Ovadia shlit”a about Uman for people to finally start calling him daas torah!!

  18. If any of you have a CLUE as to what goes on there, you would understand how assur it is to go there.

    Do some research…..

    Vehamayvin yavin.

  19. to appleguy.
    Don’t be upset about this backlash of people responding about breslov. While rav Nahman ZTL was nothing less than a kadosh and a pure zadik (undoubtedly) I find it nothing less of a hilul Hashem to see vandalism on the streets of israel with the rebbe’s name on the walls. What u see is not an attack on the rebbe but a response to people who mindlessly do things in the name of the rebbe and give a negative representation of breslov. if we would listen to the well balanced hahamim of our day, maybe peeople would not be taking actions into their hands by doing useless things.

  20. I don’t understand all of these comments. R’ Nachman specifically told his chasidim to come to his kever on Rosh Hashono. They have done so since that time. Which one of us living today can tell his chasidim to do differently? R. Ovadya Yosef with all his greatness, is the leader of Sefardim. Ashkenazim, and Chasidim, have to follow their own mesora.

  21. the $$ spent here could be spent better elsewhere. Kudos to the Rabbi for his words. Ask any godol byisoel in confidence and they would agree here – it lo yiUMAN kiyusupar what goes on there

  22. # 21 about your second question, the reason is very simple, because no one of the ‘sfaradim’ are going to other rebbi for rosh hashono, the only place where they are going to is uman.
    by the way, the rebbi r’ bunim from parshischa said, that if the chasidim would know how good it’s to be at the home rosh hashono, they would all stay at home for R”H, so it’s not the first time that such an idea is said.

  23. Yid613

    ‘Chag Kosher Visameach????’….By us we say a git gebensht yur at this time but whatever!
    Never said that there is no inyan of eating AND DRINKING, ofcourse its YT. .
    Who is talking about mourning CHv? THE FACT IS WE DO NOT SAY VISOMACHTO BICHAGECHO Like WE DO ON THE SHOLOSH RIGOLIM. The point is to be choiser betushevua and not to concentrate on special ‘menues’ and how fancy our clothes have to be .

    Dont you think those commentators who criticise those who DO go, have the same Chutzpah.? Everyone follows the Mesorah they are used to. All Shitos should be respected, thats all. But this is a sensless arguement because everyone thinks ‘their’ way is the ONLY way and everyone elses is silly!

    Read the second paragrah in comment 19.

  24. Jo Jo
    While any large gathering will include those who have less then pure intentions, Uman can have a very positive effect on many people.
    If you have your families permission to go and the frame of mind you have is straight you can come back refreshed and ready to begin the New Year with positive thoughts.
    Davening in a Bais Medrash with thousands of people can be an inspiration few occasions can match,
    Chacham Ovadia refers to those who comitt every dovor assur and then go to Uman in the hopes of having their sins washed away instantly…

  25. My opinion is that if a family man has a very strong feeling to go to uman should go at least once in his lifetime for the experience (or maybe once in 10 years).

    He should definitely not go each year. He is leaving his family and the cost is too prohibitive (especially if he brings a few kids with him, which he usually does).

    A couple of days ago, I mentioned to a close breslover friend of mine that it’s very interesting that the rosh hayeshivas (in the US and Israel) have not come out against litvisher bochurim and yungerleit going to uman for rosh hashanah. I told him that the rosh yeshivas don’t want to appear as anti-chassidic thereby turning off the young man completly from his roots which right now is in the litvisher world. They are also validating (which they rarely did in the past) that this person might have chassidic leanings and they don’t want to fight that.

    The big attraction of uman rosh hashana today (besides for rabbi nachman’s instruction to “be by him” for the yom tov) is that it became a JEWISH CHASSIDIC WOODSTOCK (i mean this in a good sense). Every single jew is represented over there. Jews who are not religious (or newly religious) are dancing with zebra striped chassidim of mea shearim and Kanoyim (zealots -anti-zionists) are dancing with Tzionim (zionists). For 2-5 days, everyone in uman leaves the judgemental world from where they come from and experiences a sense of unity a brotherly love among their fellow jews.

    No other group (chassidic, yeshivash, modern orthodox etc.) can make this claim.


  27. i missed a couple of words in my last comment.

    – a sense of unity AND a brotherly love

    – chassidic, yeshivash, modern othodox, sephardim (don’t want to forget about them) etc.

    Y. W. Thanks

  28. I am a travel agent and I stand to gain from selling tickets to Uman. However. I think many people are spending more money than they can afford. The same holds true for Meron on Lag B’Omer.

  29. Quote from Rav Shmuel Berenbaum last year:
    “rosh hashanah gait men tzu ah bais hakvaros???!!!! Mein geit tzu yeshiva far yomim noroyim!”
    “nebach, vee vait mir hubben gefalen”

    This was upon hearing for the first time that 20 thousand people made the trip to Uman!

    The man is so engrossed in a tosfos in yevomos – THAT HE NEVER KNEW BEFORE LAST YEAR THAT PEOPLE GO TO UMAN FOR ROSH HASHANAH.

    All you people running to uman should consider davening in the Mirrer Yeshiva next to a “LIVE, HUMAN, SEFER TORAH”

  30. The problem with going to Uman is that even the Chassidim don’t know where to draw the line. I personally know someone who left his wife 2 DAYS AFTER GIVING BIRTH home alone with 11 CHILDREN to go to Uman on Rosh Hashana. Its as if there is nothing else more important in the world! Chassidim must learn how to set their priorities straight.

  31. To those saying R’ Ovadia’s comments are against Chasidim or Breslov, read more carefully! He is not saying, C”V, that we Brelovers shouldn’t be with our Rebbe on Rosh Hashana, but rather that those who are not Chasidim of R’ Nachman ZTzL are making a mistake in abandoning their families.

    As much as it might please me to see so many yidn honoring my rebbe, I for one would much rather see them honor their families, their wives and their children, their own rebbeim, etc.

  32. KLER,
    this past year, my friend was asked on R”H how many children he has. His answer, “i’m not really sure”. HUH??????? you see, his wife was due on R”H, and he was in UMAN, so he didn’t know if she had given birth yet. As it turns out, she gave birth to a healty baby on R”H. At least he got to daven properly instead of running to the hospital.
    But don’t you realize that YOUR PRIORITIES, MIGHJT NOT BE SOMEONE ELSE’S!
    For this chassid, his emunas chachomim ic the most important priority! can you say the same about yourself?????

  33. I was in Uman last year had a fantastic time had a hug impact on my life and b’h changed my life in many ways.. I do think that spending time if married should be with your family on Yum Tov and you can daven in yeshivah or a shul of your choice…in regards to the question if your single can you go! its not a bad idea but to go every year prob. not the greatest idea

  34. YOEL is clearly NOT breslov, because the more people at the tzion, even non chasidim, the better.
    Sammygol, I dont get your drift. Rochel Imeinu, doesnt tell us that she will be an advocate for rosh hashana on our behalf, REBBE NACHMAN DOES!
    Of course, go to these mekomos hakedoshos, but realize that for Rosh Hashana, it’s UMAN

  35. why not go a little further to eretz yisroel i mean look whos buried there avroham yitzchok yackov rachel and much more im not trying to insult rav nachman zl but the avos were the avos

  36. I learned in the Mir and spent many Rosh Hashanas there. I recall that Rabbi Brog was an expert in Hilchos Loshen Horah and being Dan L’Chaf Zchus. Maybe now that this site receives so many ads – you could consider hiring somone like Rabbi Brog to proof what goes on here and cut out any Issurim.

    In this zchus may we all be Zoche to a Kasiva V’Chasima Tovah!

  37. It’s quite clear that everyone should follow their Rebbe, Posek, and/or Manhig. Rav Nachman ZY”A promised to be an advocate for those who come Rosh Hashana. If you are a Breslover you probably SHOULD go. All the others are creating demand and driving the prices to the sky (pun intended). It is quite common for chassidim to travel to their Rebbes for one Yom Tov or another. It is just as important for a chusid to be with his Rebbe as it is for a yeshiva man to be in Yeshiva with his Rosh Yeshiva. As the recognized Posek Acharon for Sefardishe yidden Chacham Ovadia’s p’sak should be respected by them.

  38. One person I knew who went to Uman every year compared it to businessmen who need to travel overseas for weeks at a time. “How come noone says anything to them?!”

    Ummm because they don’t go away on Rosh Hashana genius.

  39. As one who goes every year to Uman for Rosh Hashona I don’t know what bad activities anyone is referring to. If they have been told so, then they must keep bad company. There is barely a woman to be seen and if one comes into town dressed non-tzniusdik the police escort them away. Some major league tzadikim and talmidei chachomim come every year. One of these people is perhaps the biggest iluy in the Mir, Yerushalayim. Chacham Ovadia, one of our greatest gedolim, said that Breslovers (which means one who studies the teachings of Reb Nachman, and tries to follow them) should continue to go.

    Also, no one should comment until you learn the inyan in the seforim. Sefer Chaye Mohoran 403-406, speaks about the inyan of Uman Rosh Hashona. Reb Nachman said that if other tzadikim question why he is so incessant on people coming to him for Rosh Hashona, than that will just be another question they have on him. A tzadik doesn’t say something if he can’t back it up. Another thing Reb Nachman said was that “his fire will burn till Moshiach comes”. No one else made this claim – there are many great tzadikim whose dynasties never continued. To make this claim, one better be sure he can back it up. So too with Rosh Hashona, he said he had a special gift from Hashem of “knowing” what Rosh Hashona was and that Rosh Hashona was his whole essence. One could write on and on about this subject. Look in the seforim for more details.

    Further, I along with many others can attest to people from frum homes (some from very “choshive” mishpochos) who went off the derech (and I mean way off, some with tattoos, earrings and worse….) and were dragged to Uman by friends and that was a turning point in their life; they are once again fully Shomrei Torah U’Mitzvos.

    Just remember, be careful not to knock the words of any tzadik, be it Reb Nachman ZY”A or lh’bchl’ch Chacham Ovadia shlita.
    Ksiva V’Chasima Tovah to all of Klal Yisroel. This hedyot will try to have all of Klal Yisroel in mind.

  40. I don’t think that we have to agree with what Chachom HaRav Ovadia because if he says it that’s it. He said it only for Breslov. Halivi everyone should listen to everything he says. He says very strong things against the shaitels & not all the sefardim even listen to him.

  41. Why doesn’t YW post it’s sources? Quoting the source of an article is a praiseworthy practice and I would encourage you to do that. Having said that, the quotations provided in the English article you posted are inaccurate (though the main idea is still captured fairly well). One example: Rav Ovadiah shlit”a said that on rosh hashanah night one should be “makdish lamishpaha” which means “devote to the family” – not “make kiddush” for his family as YW posted.

  42. A Talmid – what are you saying? Did you ever hear the story of Shabsai Tzvi? A very charismatic person who had a huge following supporting his claim to be Moshiach. I am not arguing the line of the Rebbe saying his fire will burn till Moshiach comes but what are you talking about?

    20,000 people travel to Uman and still we cannot get one Posek or Gadol to say this is a good thing!!!!!That is enough for anyone to see that it is not a good thing.

    The fact that there are Yechidim who are inspired doesn’t justify people leaving their families. The fact that people leave their wives and miss the birth of a child or leave them 2 days after a birth….that only means that there are a few nuts in this world.

    The saddest part to me is that all these people who run away to Uman are doing exactly that….running away….how sad that they feel they need to go there to be inspired and they can’t get the inspiration at home and in their own Shul.

  43. “appleguy”, please see Sefer HaTzadik number 403. BRI’s translation is as follows: “I cannot understand how it is that if MY FOLLOWERS really believe in me, they are not all scrupulous about being with me for Rosh Hashana.” (emphasis added)

    Please note that the holy Rebbe does not say that all Jews should come to him for R”H, only his chasidim. It is true that any Jew can benefit saying tikkun haklali at his grave, but the R”H kibbutz is for his chasidim. Read up on the rebbe’s work and please try and avoid telling other yidn which rebbeim they are hasidim of. It veers dangerously close to lashon hara. I know you would not want to do anything like that, least of all in Elul. Be well.

  44. 26 Estates,

    Please make sure that all Breslover Chassidim know that inspite of what THEIR Rebbe wanted, (that they should go daven at his Kever on R’H,) YOU, MR 26 ESTATES, BICHVODCHO UVIATZMICHO , are saddened by them ‘running away’.

    Make sure you clearly explain to them how they can get the SAME inspiration between the 4 walls of their shul as they would by the Kever of their holy Tzaddik.

    Didnt you say not to ‘knock’ the advice of our Gadol? Cant you respect them for wanting to follow their Gadol? Did it ever occur to you that maybe the wives of these men WANT their husbands to go and daven by the Tzaddik’s kever on their behalf?

  45. A musician was once playing a most beautiful melody, with a wondrous rhythm and all the sweetness in the world. All those who heard him were captured by the sweetness and joy of his melody, and they danced until they almost touched the ceiling.
    The entire room was thus filled with great joy, rhythm and sweetness. The closer one came to the musician, the closer he would bring himself, having even more pleasure and dancing all the more.
    In the middle of all this, a deaf man came along who could not hear the beautiful music at all. All he saw were people wildly dancing, and he thought that they were mad. His only remark was, “what kind of joy is this?”
    If the deaf man were wise, he would have understood that something was motivating the people, and he would have known that a very beautiful melody was being played. If he had understood this, he too would have danced with them.
    The parallel is obvious.
    Degel Macheaneh Ephraim, Yishro

  46. #55
    As far as the Moshiach line, I should have elaborated more. This was not a claim that he was Moshiach; he never claimed that. It meant that his teachings would continue to inspire till Moshiach comes. During WW II many, perhaps most of the Breslover Chassidim were wiped out by the Nazis y’s, but 60 years later Reb Nachman’s seforim are being learnt more and more and every year more people are traveling to Uman.

    You also said that “20,000 people travel to Uman and still we cannot get one Posek or Gadol to say this is a good thing!!!!”
    First of all Reb Nachman said so and there is no one around today that will claim to be greater than him. Among the present day Gedolim who support going are: R’ Yaakov Meir Shechter (the only one on the list who doesn’t go himself, although he sends all his talmidim and gaboim), R’ Elazar Kenig of Tzfas, R’ Elchonon Tauber (Dayan in L.A.), R’ Batzri (the great mekubal in EY), R’ Yitzchok Meir Morgenstern, R’ Avrohom Tzvi Kluger (not a “Breslover” and well known by gedolim in EY). There are many others and many of these are world class gedolim, fluent in Kol HaTorah Kulah, Nigleh and Nistar

    As for wives: first of all that doesn’t affect all the singles going. Second, of the people I know, almost all the wives support the trip and will tell you that if there husband went on a business trip to make money they would let so why not this. They are happy with their husbands going for the ruchnius. Believe me, although accommodations have gotten better, if I wanted to enjoy myself I know a great place in Palm Springs that would do just well. Also, of the ones that go every year, during the rest of the year they constantly study the teachings of Reb Nachman, in addition to regular sedorim of Gemara, Halacha, etc. They live with his teachings of Emunah and Bitachon and serving Hashem, all year long.

    As far as missing the birth of a child, a lot of these stories are exaggerated, and if it is true most people wouldn’t do that anyways. Parenthetically, one of the talmidim of the Chofetz Chaim told over that when his chavrusa, R’ Elchonon Wasserman, received a telegram that his wife had given birth to a boy, he informed the Chofetz Chaim that he needed to travel home for the Bris. To this the Chofetz Chaim asked him, “Are you a Mohl”? Make someone a shliach and you stay here.

    Just remember Chacham Ovadia stated, according to YW, “The Chassidim should be doing what they are doing.” That is the psak of the Gadol so there is nothing to really argue about.

  47. 1) READ CAREFULLY – Rav Yosef Shlit”a is not coming out against the minhag of Breslov to go to Uman, only those who are not Breslov. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Rav Moshe Ztz”l fielded a number of questions from Breslov about the preservation of the Rebbe’s Kever etc. In the conversations he mentioned the propriety of travelling to Uman, saying that for Breslov chassidim it was “kmo chiyuv,” but not so anyone else.

    2)#57 is 100% right. I am a dyed-in-the-wool old fashioned Breslover. My wife is from a Choshuv, meyichusdik mishpocha in Lakewood. I was very clear that i travel to Uman every year when we got married. After 10 months of marriage my wife was taken with the beauty of the chassidus and the Rebbe z’l teachings. She practically pushes me out of the front door. She is the one who coordinates the financial part of the trip. There are years that I didn’t think we could afford it, or I didn’t want to go because there was too much going on at home. In those years my wife was the driving force. My wife’s family was deeply critical of my trips and asked four seperate poskim in Lakewood and NY about my trips and three answers were: If he is Breslov, he has to go. One qualified his decision saying that as long as my wife was ok, I have to go.

    3) The rov of the Oilam in Uman are shtark, mesoiradike Breslover Chassidim. They do not wear a white “na nach” kippa or dance in the street or hand out little pamphlets. These actvities are part of newer streams in the Breslov world which are not necessarily extensions of the mesoiredikeh Breslov Velt (they are still breslov, though – I am not trying to de-legitimicize anyone). Are there problems in uman? Yes, there are a lot of NON-BRESLOV and chilloni youth that bring these things in with them. As far as pritzus: none. The Vaad Mishmeres ha-Kedusha there kicks out anyone peddling impropriety or who is not modestly dressed.

    4) Most of those that go are normal, down to earth people who take this duty very seriously. It is NOT a pleasure trip and is NOT an “escape.” #55 – your comments are insulting, ill informed, and painful statements that I take as personal insults. I could get inspiration at my “home Shul.” I could stay with my family, which I would love to do on R”H. Why do I go? Because the Rebbe said so. Period. I am not going for the inspiration, I am going because I am supposed to. What would you do for your Rosh ha-Yeshva?

    4) I am not a blind follower without understanding of the potential shailos involved- I am Yoreh Yoreh Yudin Yudin and have spent most of my life in learning. I go for very deep and sincere reasons as do the majority of Breslov Chassidim. True there are hangers on and those who have no clue what the whole thing is about. But more people have gone to uman for RH and returned with greater devotion to Yiddishkeit than have gone to Uman and returned frei.

  48. sammygol, is your english that bad you cannot understand Rav Nachmun’s words,as translated in perfect english? And what is it that causes you to think of conniptions?

  49. First of all there is the shita of our Rabbi, Elijah Kramer of Vilinus of Sainted Memory. He felt that being mispallel at the graves of saints was not a favorable practice, because of the intercessory nature of the prayer. This would obviously be compounded by the nature of Rabbi Nahmans intercession, which would seem by the standards of many to veer close to theurgy. According to this school of thought, coming close to Uman on RH would be obviously very forbidden.
    I think that Haham Ovadia is correct in noting that Breslovers should go to Uman on RH. Really, anyone who believes in the efficacy of intercessory prayer which contradicts Judaism should separate themselves from the community, shlep to Ukraine and enjoy their necrophilia.
    For the rest of us, we should have a normal YT where we pray to the Tetragrammaton, whom we crown on RH as the one true King of the world. And who needs no help in passing out blessings and curses onto his flock.
    Finally ROY is correct to emphasize the role of the familial unit on RH. For those who believe in the inorganic grafting of prayer onto the foreign branch of Zaddikim, perhaps it is best to abandon the natural family unit and the natural tendency towards the good which exemplifies RH. For those in tune with the natural order of the world– ki laYY HaMelucha– the quotidian will suffice to inspire, sans airfare.

  50. How right were the great Tzaddikim of previous generations in their fight to halt this LEADERLESS “chasidic” movement. Going on Yom Hadin to a kever ?!! Ridiculous !

    It is important to note that many of Orange movement settler youth are under the influence of this breslov philosophy. Those who risk their lives to go to kever Yosef on yesod shb’yesod are breslov.

    This is all the result of rejecting leadership of Rabbonim. The very notion of being a chosid of someone who is dead is antithetical to everything that Torah and Chassidus is about.

    Thank you Chacham Yosef for speaking out against this growth trend.

  51. I meant to say that I don’t think that we can’t agree with Chachom HaRav Ovadia because if he says it that’s it. He said it only for Breslov. Halivi everyone should listen to everything he says. He says very strong things against the shaitels & not all the sefardim even listen to him. Sorry.

  52. A common and fundamental misunderstanding about Breslov is that is “Leaderless.” An important tenet of the Chassidus is that every Breslover must have a Rav, a rebbe he can go to.

    Today the Chassidus is organized into about 7 chaburas, each with its own leader who is the rebbe/manihg of that Chabura. Their leadership and Da’as Toirah is based upon the Derech of the Rebbe with a capital “R.” This type of organization has its roots in “The Menora,” the group of seven rabbonim who established chaburas to disseminate the Rebbe’s teachings after his petira in 1810.

    For example, the Rav of the Tzfas Breslov Chabura is Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig. In Yerushalayim the mainstream chabura is under ha-Rav ha-Goan Yaakov Meir Schechter. In Emmanuel, the chabura is under Rav Nosson Liebermensch. Other Manhigim include Rav Berland, Rav Arush, and Rav Shmuel Moshe Kramer.

    When it comes to matters that concern the Chassidus overall, the roshei chaburas come together to make decisions.

    All in all, a Breslover without a living Rav/Manhig is not a Breslover. Having a living manhig is sine qua non for a Breslover.

    Regarding traveling to the Kever of Yosef on Yesod shebi-Yesod – The Manhigei Breslov are divided on the issue and several have asured their kehilla from going.

    #66 – the Gaon, in the way you are applying his statements, equally invalidates the practices of many non-chassidim. As well, your attack on the concept of Tzaddik is ill informed and not consonant with sources in kabbolo. Re: Being with family, there are historical accounts that staying near one’s rebbe on the Yomim Tovim was practiced by groups in both chassidishe and misnagdishe camps. I don’t know what you are talking about in your comment.

    #68 – Where did Rav Ovadia Yosef speak out against the practice of Breslovers? Which Tzaddikim of the past 100 years have tried to “halt” Breslov? To rephrase: virtually every Jewish stream has had its opponents and detractors. Breslov is not in any way unique in that regard. I can guarantee that your derech has had it’s opponents as well. Against breslov, There have been machloksin from Savran, Shpole, and Skver. Yet, what about the comments of the Chofetz chaim and the Steipler Gaon in praise of Breslov? It was well known that many gadolim had warm and evern close ties to the Breslov community in Meah shearim (ie. Rav Moshe Halberstam ztz”l and Rav Y.Y. Weiss, ztz”l).

    It is obvious that a lot of the negative remarks being made are based upon very limited knowledge of Breslov, or History.

  53. how about the other gedolem what do they hold about going 2 uman ? I will wona be in lakewood 4 rosh hashna then uman bec. its a eir hatorah & its a bigger thing 2 daven in a place where there is torah learning 24/7 then in uman where there is nothing all year around …….

  54. 2 points – Aryeh Deri went after he was released. It is possible that as a result some sefardim have picked up on this and this is the issue being discussed.

    I was once at the Kosel and there was a group singing Leshana haba b’uman

  55. Most of us endeavor to do that.

    Again – I think that you (pl., “ya’ll”) have seen a few meshulachim collecting for their debts and assumed that such is all of the chassidus.

    There are over 20,000 breslov chassidim – the actions of the minority who are visable (and sometimes loud) cannot be taken as representative of the majority.

    If you want to know more, go speak the Breslov manhigim and ask them. Talk to the fellows sitting and learning yom ve-laila in Yeshivas Breslov in Meah Shearim. You will be surprised at how off base most of your (pl.) assumptions about Breslov are.

  56. to those quoting Rav Pam ZaTZaL and Rav Birenbaum SHLITA LHBCHLCH,I undestand where they’r coming from because they don’t have it in their Mesoira. But as it happens the Inyon of being Mishtateiach on kivrei Tzadikim is brought repetedly in the Zohar Hakadosh, in the writings of the ARIZAL and in almost all the sifrei Chassidus. (By the way it’s also brought down numorous times in CHaZaL)Since time imemoral Yidden have been going to daven by Kevarim when they need Yeshuos to be meoirer rachamim.
    And for all you Litvaks, I read once that the NeTZiV one recounted how when reaching a certain difficult Rashbam in Maseches Baba Basra, he only graspt the pshat after going to the Kever of Reb Chaim Voloziner and crying his heart out that Hashem should iluminate his eyes.
    And for all those who have a problem with people leaving their families for Yom Tov, you seem to be ignorant of the fact that thousands of Chassidim worldwide travel to their Rebbes for Rosh Hashana. Ask around and you’l find out.
    concerning Breslover Chassidim leaving their wives after giving birth, I can imgin all the “normal” people in the time of the Chofetz Chaim exclaiming “what, is he in his right mind telling Reb Elchonon not to go home for the bris of his own son? its not enough that his wife had to cope by herself during the pregnancy, and giving birth without her husband around, she still has to nebech take care of the bris by herself? And what about him, dosen’t he want to share thease spechial moments together with his wife? How can you tell him to make a shliach and not take part in his own childs bris?
    But it seems that Daas Torah prevails even if we cannot comprehend it.
    By the way the members of the Chofetz Chaims Kolel used to leave home for

  57. The members of the Chofetz Chaims Kolel used to leave home for SIX MONTHS at a time to learn Torah, returning only for Yom Tov Sukos an Peisach. and their wives let them go with simcha because they knew that this is their tafkid to sacrifice for Rotzon Hashem.

  58. sammygol you should know that a minhag is more important than Torah.
    ‘chazal’ learn this from the fact that paying back loans is a mitzvah but the minhag haolam is not to!

  59. 74 Deri went before we was jailed as well. Funny story when he was in jail his daughter was on Israeri radio crying about how her father was not going to be home for Rosh Hashana and the media picked up on the fact that he in fact never was since he was in Uman.

  60. Bresolver said “There are over 20,000 breslov chassidim – the actions of the minority who are visable (and sometimes loud) cannot be taken as representative of the majority.

    If you want to know more, go speak the Breslov manhigim and ask them. Talk to the fellows sitting and learning yom ve-laila in Yeshivas Breslov in Meah Shearim. You will be surprised at how off base most of your (pl.) assumptions about Breslov are.”

    I be interested in confirming that number 20,000. Are there 20,000 people who attend Breslov Mosdos or who send their children to Breslov mosdos.

    What defines a chosid? I think that the number is probably based on those claiming a connection to Breslov and to the Rebbe.

    If so I’m afraid that those sitting and learning yomam velaila are a minorty.

    The NaNa’s claim to be Breslovers
    The settler youth with peyos claim to be Breslov
    The people who are risked their lives to go to kever Yosef claim to be Breslov
    The Moshav where women carry Sefrie Torah claims to be Breslov
    The people who advise people NOT to take medicine or listen to doctors claim to be Breslov.

    The answer is that they are not Breslover Chassidim because nobody is a Breslover Chasid

    The Bal Shem Tov Hakadosh himself,was replaced with a manihg after he died. His heliga talmidim knew that Chassidus means have a connection to a Tzaddik who is alive.
    Any derivation from this formula is a disqualification of Chassidus. There is no shita within Chassidus that says you to don’t need a Rebbe to be alive.
    If people have a Rav or Manhig then they should become chasidim of that Rav. They are not “Chassidim” of someone who has been dead for almost 200 years.They might like his Torah’s but to say that they are “Chasidim ” of his, is not understanding what the term “Chosid” means.

  61. In last week’s parsha we lained, v’el hashofet asher yihye bayomim hahem. Rashi tells us, ein lo la’adam laleches ela l’shofet b’yamav. Yiftach b’doro k’shmuel b’doro.

  62. I think that the Rav Ovadiyah was very clear in his opinion. He started off by saying that he did not understand why people are going to Uman when we have the graves of holy Tannaim, which the least of them could raise the dead. He(Rabbi Nachman) could at the most be considered the student of their students, and they ignore the graves of these holy men and go to Uman. I think that finally the Gedolim are realizing that the breslov movement is just another sect that has drifted off from Torah True judaism. All of these sects are exactly what the Gaon of Vilna foresaw when he opposed the early chassidm. Breslovers think R”H is decided by the merit of their Rebbi which completely incorrect, if it is in the merit of anyone it is in the merit of Avraham and Yitzhaq(Akeidat Yitzhaq). Rabbi Nachman cannot save anyone, all of his promises are false; may the mashiach come soon so all will be revealed. Their is a rabbi in Tsfat (HaRav Yermiyah Cohen) who wrote a study on Breslov and ask some very strong myself this group. I myself have read it and highly recommend those who have not fallen for the lies to read this revelation.

  63. I don’t know about that quote from the Chazon Ish, but regardless, Chabad has changed loads since the Chazon Ish was nifter in 1953, and I’d bet he wouldn’t say that anymore.

  64. Satements about Rebbe Nachman:

    Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky, the Steipler Gaon: “This book (Likutey Moharan) stirs me to fear of Heaven. And, I see that if there is a day that I don’t learn this book, I feel lacking in Heavenly fear.”

    Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz, Rosh Yeshiva of Mir: “Through (learning) Likutey Moharan, the mind is opened.” He also said “We work on trying to solve problems (in scripture) and they (Breslover Chassidim) work constantly on ‘fear Hashem and love Him all your days.'”

    Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz of Dzikov sent his students to listen how Breslover Chassidim recite “Laminatzeach mizmor”, “Min hameitzar”, and other prayers before Shofar blowing.

    Rabbi Chaim of Sanz, author of “Divrei Chaim” on Likutey Moharan: “My book is for Shabbat.” He also said “today there is no (real) Chassidism, and if (knowing this) you are still searching for Chassidism, go to Breslov.”

    Rabbi Moshe Mordechai of Lelov: “One page of Likutey Moharan contains the essence of many pages of books of Chabad.” About Reb Nosson, he said: “He embodied the most brains from anyone in Chassidic history.”

    Rabbi Yisrael Alter of Ger, the ‘Beis Yisrael’: Everywhere a Breslover Chassid comes, their Rebbe is with them. They are alive and liven up others.”

    Rabbi Yitzchak Meir of Ger, author of “Chidushei HaRim”, took ‘Sippurey Ma’asiot’ and studied it until he got to the story of ‘The Seven Beggars’, when he said “until this point, I understood something. From here on – I don’t know anything anymore.”

    The ‘Baba Sali’ also said that his son, Rabbi Meir Abuchatzera, appeared to him in a dream and said to his father: “all the Tzaddikim, here in Heaven, go to hear lessons from Rebbe Nachman.”

    Rabbi Avraham Mordechai Alter, the Admor from Ger, after finishing up the Seder on Pesach eve would learn from Likutey Moharan. Rabbi Aharon of Belz: “The level of this book (Likutey Moharan) is indeed very great…Breslover Chassidim are sincere Jews.”

    Rabbi Baruch Sorotzkin, Rosh Yeshiva of Telz: “Breslover Chassidim are the true Chassidim.”

    Reb Baruch of Mezibuz: “The heels of his feet and his shoes are higher than the heads of those who speak of him.”

    Rabbi Elazar Shapiro of Munkatch, author of “Minchat Elazar”: “When the whole world begins to be concerned with and learn ‘Sipurey Ma’asiot’ (Rebbe Nachman’s Stories) – Mashiach will come.” He requested that “Hishtapchut HaNefesh (Outpouring of the soul)” be constantly printed.

    Rabbi Chanoch Henoch of Radzin, the “Tchelet”: “Rebbe Nachman – why wouldn’t they oppose you? Behold, to the ones on a low level, you show them they are close to Hashem and to the great ones, you show that they are still far…of course they will oppose you.”

    Rabbi Yehuda Leib, the Sfas Emes, on his death bed requested that ‘Sippurey Ma’asiot’ be read to him. He then said that the last story hints at the Geulah.

    Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar: “Rebbe Nachman saw in a vision all the problems this generation would encounter with faith…these days, one cannot be strenghted if not by these books because in them you find real faith.” He also said: “You cannot be sincerely Jewish without learning the books of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.” & “The author of Likutey Moharan was completely pure and therefore existed by him the concept of ‘and Yosef’s brothers were jealous of him’.” & “We can see that Rebbe Nachman has more holy presence (resting on him) than other Tzaddikim.” Once on Shabbat, he said: ” Who can strenghten us?! Rebbe Nachman can strenghten us in such a situation!”

    Rabbi Yechiel Yehoshua from Biali: “Rebbe Nachman is the Rebbe for this generation.”

    Rabbi Yisroel Meir HaCohen, author of “Chofetz Chaim”: “If you wish to draw close to Chassidism, draw close to Breslov. They keep and follow the Shulchan Aruch.”

    Rabbi Nachum of Chernobyl, student of the Ba’al Shem Tov, author of “Meor Eynayim”: “He has beautiful eyes”. Once he saw Rebbe Nachman while the latter was still a youth and was frightened from the G-dly fear which rested on his face and said “the passuk: ‘that fear shall be on your faces’ is seen by him indefinitely.”

    Rabbi David Moshe of Tschertikov’s personal Likutey Tefillot was thick from tears.

    The son of the Chofetz Chaim acustomed himself to praying with Breslover Chassidim in Warsaw.

    Rabbi Yaakov Yitchak, the Chozeh of Lublin: “Rebbe Nachman is the great light…a holy man…miracle worker of the generation.” About Likutey Moharan: “Likutey Moharan speaks for itself…the words are true and straight. They don’t need approval from anyone else.”

    Rabbi Yissochar Dov of Vadislav: “One can clearly see that from all the different factions of Chassidism, Breslov Chassidim stayed original, just like in the days when Chassidism was founded.” One time he sang a Breslov tune for an extended amount of time in great awe, after which he said “due to the baselessness of the generation, everyone should be a Breslover Chassid.”

    Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, the Rabbi of Israel, said to his students: “Believe me, if I knew that the world would listen, I would scream from one end of the world to the other (saying): ‘whoever wants to be a valid, righteous, truly G-d serving Jew, should carefully and quickly become close to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.” He also said: “Any truly good and real person was also grabbed up by Rebbe Nachman.”

    Rabbi Yehuda Horowitz of Dzikov sent his students to listen how Breslover Chassidim recite “Laminatzeach mizmor”, “Min hameitzar”, and other prayers before Shofar blowing.

  65. In all fairness, Chabad today is very little like what it was in the times of the Chazon Ish. The 7th Rebbe ztz’l conciously reinvented the chassidus and retooled it for its survival in the US. Breslov is also not exactly what it was at the time of the Chazon Ish, so I don’t really know how relevant this statement is.

  66. Just for the record, the Chazon Ish statement doesn’t seem acurate, because he himself had great respect for Reb Avrohom Sterhartz, author of Kochav Lev, a great-grandson of Reb Noson of Breslov. Rabonim saw correspondence from the Chazon Ish to him. He was a Rov in the Ukraine at a very young age and then moved to EY. He was the leader of Breslov in his day.

  67. Rosh HaShanah 29b). The custom of traveling to spend Rosh HaShanah with the tzaddikim goes back thousands of years.

    Unless you’ve been there and truly poured out your heart the HKB”H, then you should seriously think twice about commenting on Uman, Rosh Hashanah and especially the holy Rabi Nachman of Breslov, may his merit protect us and all Yisrael!

    Proverbs 18:4 says, “Mayim amukim divrie mipi ish, Nachal Novea Mekor CHochmah” this refers to RaBY (Rosh Benei Yisrael) NaCHMaN of Breslov.

    Being the Rosh of the Year, it’s only proper to be with the Rosh Benei Yisrael.

    Rabbi Nachman said:

    1)”My Rosh HaShanah is completely new. God gave me the gift of knowing what Rosh HaShanah is” (Chayei Moharan #406).
    2) “My very essence is Rosh HaShanah!”;”Rosh HaShanah is my whole mission” (Chayei Moharan #403).
    3) “Nothing is greater than to be with me for Rosh HaShanah!”
    4) “The whole world depends on my Rosh HaShanah!”
    5) “Whoever believes in G-d should come to Rebbe Nachman for Rosh HaShanah!”
    6) “I have already made it my business to take care of the expenses of those who come to me for Rosh HaShanah” (Siach Sarfei Kodesh 1-27).
    7) “Whether you eat or don’t eat; whether you sleep or don’t sleep; whether you concentrate on your prayers or you don’t concentrate properly… just make sure you are with me for Rosh HaShanah.” (Chayei Moharan #404)

    Reb Noson (Rabi Nachman’s student) once said, “Even if the road to Uman were paved with knives, I would crawl there just so I could be at Rebbe Nachman’s grave.”

    Reb Noson wrote: “We learned how determined we have to be to break the obstacles that stand in the way of any holy action, especially the barriers against being with the Rebbe for Rosh HaShanah” (Chayei Moharan #406)

    Anyone who knows the holiness of Reb Noson, would tremble at the thought of how literally Reb Noson meant this!!

    Please educate yourself first, by reading Rabi Nachman’s teachings (via books, interenet, etc.), then come to an honest conclusion. But don’t comment if you have no idea what you’re talking about. Read Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita’s comments again as he did not mean “IT’S WRONG TO GO TO UMAN!”

    And no, we don’t go to cemeteries for Rosh HaShanah, as Tzadikkim are alive. see (Taanit 5b)

    reb noson


    I sense some hate in this tone!

    What would you say about Moshe Rabeinu or other tzadikim who are “dead”?

    Chassidut is all about intellect over emotion. I think you lost that battle when you posted your comments. However, the good thing is that we’re still in the times of t’shuva. As Rabi Nachman said, “Lo lehityaesh / Never Give Up!”

    Change that heart of stone for a heart of flesh, maybe you’ll become a “BReSLoV” chassid as “LeV BaSaR has similar letters to BReSLoV.

    L’Shanah Tovah!

  69. I can’t remember who it was, but someone said that why go to cemeteries on R”H. We are not depressed at all on R”H. Actually, it’s quite the oposite as Rabeinu said in Chayei Moharan #403-“Anyone who has the privilege of being with him for Rosh HaShanah is entitled to be very, very happy. “Fo your way, eat the fat an drink the sweet, for the joy of the L-rd is your strength”(Nehemia 8:10)

    #406- “What shall I tell you. There is nothing greater! Even if other great Tzaddikim do not say so…”

    I read somewhere(I think “Crossing the Narrow Bridge”) that I could try to explain the taste of a delicious fish(or some other thing) describing it in great detail, but unless you try it for yourself, you wil never understand!

    So I say, unless you’ve honestly tasted Rabbi Nachman’s R”H, with the sincere purposed of solely coming closer to HKB”H, then don’t talk negatively about those who do.

    Mi Anachnu?

  70. I honestly have to say that in the beginning when my husband went to uman i only used to see it as a way for him to come every year with a new soul, better, happy and with hopes but when i started reading rabbi nachman books i have come to understand on my own how good is to go to uman. If a rabbi nachman`s simple story can help ur life to better just so imagine being with him for rosh shanana. Its gonna be four years now and i can`t wait for my son to go with him and pray and study with all those little kids in uman who take so serious such even. It would brake my heart take away uman from my husband knowing the importance that it means to him and us as a family for the new year. I hope that for all those wifes who`s husband wants to go to Uman consider this great opportunity, its only once a year, for the better and not for fun.