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Rupert Murdoch Attacked During Hearings

London – A protester rushed at Rupert Murdoch as he gave testimony to British lawmakers Tuesday, setting off a scuffle and spattering Murdoch with what appeared to be white foam in a foil pie dish in a shocking interruption of a hearing into the phone hacking scandal that’s rocked the media baron’s global empire.

After more than two hours of testimony, a man in a plaid shirt appeared to run toward Murdoch before being struck by his wife Wendi Deng.

Police in the back of the committee room were holding an apparently handcuffed man with white foam covering his face and shirt. The foam also appeared to have hit Murdoch’s suit.

The hearing resumed after a short break.

(Source: Sky)

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  1. After Rupert Murdoch called today the most humble day of his life, he was forced to eat ‘humble pie’ after being struck in the face by a bowl of shaving cream in what could be called a foam-hacking incident…

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