Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Endorses David Weprin For Congress


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David Weprin, Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s Ninth Congressional District, today announced the endorsement of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The Attorney General said Weprin’s record of standing up for consumers, fighting for law enforcement, and protecting seniors make him best choice in the race.

“Democrat David Weprin is the right choice for families and seniors in Brooklyn and Queens,” Schneiderman said. “David will be a fierce advocate for taxpayers and working families, and he will fight to preserve Social Security and Medicare.”

Attorney General Schneiderman’s endorsement of Weprin is the latest in a growing list that includes Senators Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Joe Lieberman, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Comptroller John Liu, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and many other local, state, and federal officials.

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. He is an outstanding public official who we can trust to fight for seniors, middle class families, and consumers,” Weprin said. “I look forward to working together to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse so we can protect the services and safety nets families and seniors rely on.”

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  1. Deepthinker, is your name intentionally ironic?

    We’re making a huge mistake if we make this congressional election all about gay marriage. Congress hasn’t seriously voted on gay marriage since 1996, when it passed the Defense of Marriage Act. Marriage is a state issue.

    Congress does vote on issues that are relevant to our community. Let’s focus on Weprin and Turner’s positions on Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, school choice, taxes, supporting Israel, and other things that can
    actually impact our community.

  2. Why are we even speaking about Weprin on a “frum” site? He is one of the causes of the aweful gay marriage bill that passed along with the help of his buddy shelly silver. This is the biggest embarrasement and a huge chilul Ha-shem! Do you not see that the earthquake and now this hurricane has something to do with the passing of this bill? We need to wake up and do teshuva and show that what bothers Ha-shem immensly (gay marriage) bothers us too!! We need to speak up and one was is to NOT support our brothers who are misled such as Weprin and Silver.

  3. Thanks, ItsuptoHashm, for reminding us that:

    1. This site must never mention or speak about anyone who isn’t a frum Jew.

    2. David Weprin and Sheldon Silver singlehandedly passed the gay marriage bill. Absolutely no goyim, or assimilated Jews like Carl Kruger and Deborah Glick played any role in passing gay marriage.

    3. As a US Congressman, David Weprin will primarily focus on New York’s state marriage laws.

    4. Anonymous web commenters can can explain why hurricanes happen, and are generally qualified to interpret Hashem’s will.

  4. it doesn’t matter whether or not he will actually pass a gay marriage bill. We can’t support people that support toaivos. it’s a major chillul Hashem that a religious jew openly supports gay marriage. we should publicly show our disapproval of this candidate. Hashem can take care of our financial needs without social programs

  5. #5: Would you rather David Weprin was totally secular? In the past, the frum community has voted for secular Jews like Elliot Spitzer, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Weiner, and Carl Kruger who also support gay marriage. Was that a chillul Hashem? (Especially considering that Spitzer, Weiner, and Kruger have all had major ethical issues.)

    I’d much rather vote for a Jewish candidate like Weprin who at least acknowledges his Jewish heritage and observes some mitzvos (like kashrus and Shabbos) even if he takes a wrong and misguided position on gay marriage.

  6. AriInMD …you are totally off base. No one is concerned if someone is secular, half-frum, not frum etc. That isn’t the issue. What the issue really is that Weprin is TOO loyal a party man…a guaranteed vote for the Democratic leadership NO MATTER WHAT. Obama also says that he is a “friend” of Israel and then does just the opposite. If the administration wants to “punish” Israel for not bending over backwards and negotiating starting from pre-1967 lines, and wants to cut foreign aid etc (of course, not portraying it as punishment)and the party leadership asks Weprin to vote for the cutback. What do you think this super loyal Democrat will do?

  7. Mottel, I don’t think Weprin would ever vote to cut aid to Israel. Democratic Congressmen and Senators from New York have been completely steadfast in their commitment to Israel, even if that means openly criticizing Obama. Look at Chuck Schumer, Steve Israel, and Gary Ackerman, all of whom have all opposed Obama’s stance on the ’67 borders.

  8. AriInMD you are not getting the point.
    Weprin stood up in the Assembly and made a chilul hashem when he said I as an Orthodox Jew is voting for it. This is the problem not that he voted for it or will vote in Congress.
    Now you get it?

  9. I don’t support secular jewish leaders that are pro gay. However, a guy claimng to follow the ways of the torah and being pro gay is a much bigger chillul Hashem. No frum jew should be part of such a Chillul Hashem

  10. It’s not news when a left wing Democrat endoreses another left wing Democrat. Why bother publishing a press release? If one of them announces that the sun will rise in the east, would you publish the announcement?

  11. Are people aware of the fact that Shneiderman is currently suing the Federal Government for the DOMa act stating it causes a violation of the “Civil rights” of New Yorkers?
    This is the man who’s endorsement Weprin is proud of?
    And I would rather vote for a frie jew who distorts morality the an orthodox one.
    At least then it remains clear the opinions of the irreligous one is precisley because of his secularity while when a person ho professes to be “observent” sullies the name of all observent jews by his distortion of Jewish Values.