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Sheikh Rayed Salach Meets With Neturei Karta In UK

Sheikh Rayed Salach, a senior official in the Israel Islamic Association, one who is no stranger to the inside of an Israeli prison due to his efforts on behalf of Hamas, met in the UK with Rabbis affiliated with Neturei Karta. The meeting was held in the London home of a member of the local heimesh community.

Members of Neturei Karta recently took part in an al-Quds Day event in London alongside those seeking the destruction of the State of Israel. They carried Palestinian flags and joined in with chants calling for the “liberation” of Israel from Zionist hands.

They were interviewed by the local media, and they detailed how they are the true believers, those who follow the Commandments, pointing out that the ruling Zionist government in Israel in no way should be viewed as a legitimate representative of the Jewish People chas v’sholom.

They described the event from a slightly different perspective: “Once again the G-d fearing delegation was received with great honors by the participants in the protest, the non-Jews, and at the conclusion of the march, R’ Aaron HaCohen was called upon to address the crowd, permitting him to explain the chasm between Zionism and Yiddishkheit – explaining that which remains of this bitter exile if the four amos (cubits) of Halacha while the Zionists represent the occupation, which was accomplished by means of brutal terrorism R”L. They inaccurately portray the name of the Holy Jewish People by the deplorable actions, their wars, all which are prohibited according to the Holy Torah of Israel.

“The splendid sight, chareidi Yidden together with non-Jews, all expressing their sorrow and protest against the Zionists, an act that has a profound impact on the goyim, who appear to marvel the reality that there are Jews who are concerned for their well-being and who do not seek war and conflict, but only yearn to keep the Torah and its Commandments”.

Following participation in the al-Quds (Jerusalem) event the delegation met with Salach, and took advantage of the event to hold a major photo-op, resulting in the pictures of the Neturei Karta members and the sheikh being distributed around the world.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Haroun Cohen (NOT to be confused with Aharon haCohen as you have it here!!) is in cherem in Manchester. He is probably negotiating with Salah to arrange for a kever in an Arab village for himself as he has been denied burial in the Manchester beis hachayim.

  2. Fine. Great. Let the world know that Yiddishkeit isn’t Zionism, as if it isn’t known by giving one honest look at a true Torah’dike yid…

    But why, and what gives you the right to distort history, and to call your brothers murderers. In Torah we know that these wars wern’t nessesary, had we all kept the Torah and steyed where Hashem puts us. However in Goyishe terms it’s clearly self defence, so why distort the truth against your brothers and judge them to death??!! How can you stand with a crowd that preached brutal death to every yid??!!

    and with all NK activaties they still planted few bombs in Meah Sheorim about 5-6 years ago…

  3. True, Zionism is not Judaism.
    True, Zionists are Jews.
    True, there are more Torah Students in Israel than in the rest of the world combined.
    True. There is no mitzva to kill zionists.
    True. There is a mitzva, not to hate fellow Jews.
    True. Any Jew who is killed because he is a Jew is a kodosh.
    True. More Zionists have died Al Kiddush Hashem over the last 60 years than Anti-Zionists.
    The Kotzker said
    “If I am me because I am me and you are you because you are you then I am me and you are you.
    But if I am me because you are you and you are you because I am me then I am not me and you are not you. ”
    Those whose life is built on being anti anything, do not have an existence of their own.

  4. 600KB – Aron Cohen is not known as Haroun Cohen but Ahmed Cohen and he is truly evil. He was kicked out of London but the Manchester rabbonim obviously dont have the guts to do the same. They did put him in cherem so his nephew opened up a shtieble for him where he davens. When everyone faces mizrach for shmone esrei, I wonder if he faces to Mecca?

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