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Israeli Arabs In Custody – Terror Attacks Averted

Five Israeli Arabs were arrested on suspicion of planning terror attacks, including targeting policemen in their northern area village of Daburiya as well as taking their weapons. Arrests were made by the Shin Be about six weeks ago but the gag order on the operation was only lifted today, September 15th. Indictments were handed down already against three of the suspects in custody, all being residents of the Lower Galil.

In addition, the terror cell planned to attack a local police station in the Nazareth district, in the region they reside.

Cell members include Haifa University student Asalam Abdelqader Khalil Atrash (24), the cell commander; Shadi Ali Fouad Ibrahim (19), a student at the Israel Institute of Technology; Mahdi Khaled Saadi Maslaha (21); Ibrahim Suheel Mahmoud Aktilat (20) and Ismail Ibrahim Amin Aktilat.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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