Vandals Target Office Of ‘HaEida’ Newspaper


Vandals targeted the office of the weekly HaEida newspaper located in Meah Shearim. It appears the break in occurred during the night, Monday-to-Tuesday, 3-to-4 Cheshvan.

“Until when the wicked Eida” and “Eida’ graffiti was painted on walls and furniture. In Meah Shearim, it is believed the vandalism attack is related to the article that appeared last week on Avraham Hirschman, regarded as a senior member of the sikrikim.

The sikrikim are regarded by most as thugs, community residents who wear the same clothing as others, but have turned to a lifestyle of gangsters, using threats and force to achieve their objectives as well as running protection rackets and believed linked to illegal activities.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)