Incitement & Physical Violence Continues In Eretz Yisrael


This story took place on Monday, 7 Teves 5772, Chadrei Chareidim reports; on board a Jerusalem Number 4 non-mehadrin bus traveling from Katamon to city center. It involves a girl, a daughter of an Erlau chossid whose name is on file but not being publicized.

The young girl was traveling to her Beis Yaakov school located on Sorotzkin Street. When the bus got to Keren HaYesod Street a young non-religious appearing male approached her and began a verbal assault, which included “I am going to kill chareidim. I have a plan. This afternoon, when you go home together with your girlfriends, I will come with my friends and we are going to give you girls a beating”.

After the verbal tirade he spat at her and the hysterical girl ran to the driver and asked to get off the bus immediately. The driver, who appeared apathetic according to the girl, explained he simply cannot stop in between official bus stops. When the bus arrived at the next stop she did get off but the young male made sure to get in another frightening look to intimidate her.

The driver apparently realized it had gone too far, and he turned to the delinquent male and reprimanded him. The young man threatened to kill the driver.

When the girl arrived in school, she immediately telephoned home to explain what had transpired. Her father went to the Moriah Police Station that afternoon to file a complaint. Police appeared to take his report quite seriously, showing the girl a number of photos in the hope that she could identify her assailant. She did just that, and police promised the young man would be taken into custody.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Hashem for feeling yidden including the driver and Police Officers. Let’s continue offering our children shalom and shalva as they trek to school daily in Yerushalayim and in Bet Shemesh.

  2. What they can’t take a taste of their own medicine? Is it ok for them to do it? Ask me this guys a hero. What goes up must down and what goes around comes around. ( I guess we can expect of this 🙂
    Put them in their place.

  3. Now I want to see this guy arrested and charged. I don’t know what happened, but I want to see an arrest and a real trial. Why am I doubtfull this will ever happen?

  4. After hearing all of these stories, I realize that the media totally is one-sided. Shall I tell you the true story about what happened on the 49 bus last week (heard from a witness who saw it)? A woman soldier was riding the 49 mehadrin bus all day – back and forth – in order to find someone to provoke. She sat in the middle of the mens section. One Avreich asked her nicely to please go to the back. The soldier started screaming and screaming about chareidim and the fact that they don’t work….. and she refused to go to the back (which is fine). The man sitting next to the Avreich (the one who was put under arrest) said to the first Avreich “Let this Pritzah Be,leave her alone”. He was trying to stop the screaming from the soldire. This second avreich is a major talmid chacham and didn’t even talk to the soldier at all, all he told the guy next to him was to stop starting up. The bus driver then called police about the SOLDIER who was acting up, not the avreich. However, when police came, they for some reason arrested the avreich who was trying to stop the whole mess on the bus.
    Please understand that there is only a tiny tiny percent of chareidim who are doing the behavior that we don’t agree with (probably .01%) I have been riding ONLY mehadrin buses for 2.5 years, and NEVER did I experience any incidents.

    We should only have shalom with ALL of Klal Yisrael!!!!

  5. sbenayon…

    Have you lost your mind?
    Certainly what those pseudo-‘chareidim’ are doing to those innocent little girls in Beit Shemesh is a horrific chilul HaSh-m.
    BUT… to act the same way toward innocent chareidi little girls is JUST AS EVIL!
    IF nakama should be brought against anyone, it would ONLY be toward the menuvalim who are doing the cursing and the spitting and the rock throwing, NOT to some chareidi little girls who did NOTHING.

  6. Unfortunately,every time a crime is publicized, there are copycats. I think it is a great idea to install video cameras on buses with a live feed to the central bus stop. This would make it very easy to serve the cause of justice.