Minister Atias Promises an Additional 400 Housing Units in Betar Illit


Housing Minister (Shas) Ariel Atias was on hand to inaugurate a new street in Betar Illit, Rav Shach Street, accompanied by senior officials in his office. The visit, which took place on Monday, was to assess the situation regarding the street and the area topography, and to determine if a ramp is needed between the new street and Kedushas Levi Street above.

The experts are opposed to the ramp, simply because it is too costly, 2 million NIS and that it is an area designated for public development, a park and schools. Whatever the case will be, the minister himself must make such a decision, thereby compelling the visit to permit Atias to get a firsthand look at the area and consult with his team of experts on location.

During the visit Atias delivered a pleasant surprise, telling Mayor Meir Rubinstein that an additional 400 housing units are planned in addition to 300 units that have already been approved.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)