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VIDEO: Detained On Har Habayis For Reciting Birkas Kohanim


Police on Wednesday, 4 Tammuz, detained a young religious male on Har Habayis for defying regulations that prohibit tefilla. He raised his hands to recite Birkas Kohanim and was taken into custody.

Gedolei Yisrael over the generations and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel prohibit visiting Har Habayis

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. Aside from being chayav kores (according to most gadolim) and putting all yidden in the area and the security forces at risk of bloodshed, why to these irresponsible zealots continue to engage in these actions. The courts need to impose some really harsh sentences to deter such actions. While I’m not a big Trump fan, he deserves some time to try and arrange some type of peace settlement or at least reduce tensions. There is already enough difficulty arising from differing views on settlement policies. Any change in the status quo on har habayis would be a real set back for the Administration’s peacemaking efforts.

  2. To Gadolhadorah.

    You make a lot of accusations against pious Jews and God. We just learned the parshah of meraglim. I suggest you review it once again. Also no one is chayev kores for going on har habayit. Please read Ramabam hilchot biyat hamikdash 3:4 which says even a dead person may be brought on har habayit. Perhaps, you should ponder how we are meant to build the MIkdash if we don’t go up there. There are over 200 mitzvot in the torah that can only be done on Har habayit. Why ridicule people who want to fulfill those mitzvot even though you prefer not to.

  3. Many gedolim say that there are places on Har HaBayis we know that one can go on w/o being chayav kares. Har HaBayis is ours and the galus mentality of being afraid of the goyim is so pathetic. What this has to do with Trump is beyond me. Israel is a sovereign nation and we don’t need the goyim telling us what to do.

  4. Chaim tovim
    Worse than pathetic. Arabs interpret such fears as weakness causing more terror. Every time we give in to the arabs we are asking for terror so we may give more. If one believes it’s mutar to go on har Habait it’s critical to go to save lives. Even saying we should be afraid of terror encourages it. They read it too and say terror works. If we do the opposite of what they want they may try a few more to see if our resolve is strong but then lose interest because they gain nothing.

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