DOE Investigating Report That Students Threw Trash Into WTC Pools


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The Department of Education is investigating after a group of students trashed the September 11th Memorial during a field trip. Officials say some students from Junior High School 292 in East New York deliberately tossed garbage into the reflecting pools on Thursday.

The pools mark the footprints of the Twin Towers.

The kids were tossed out of the memorial after the incident.

Officials are taking the opportunity to remind people the site is a solemn place sacred to many who lost loved ones in the attacks and should be respected.

(Source: NY1)


  1. #1 ader:
    Stop the Obama bashing. I don’t agree with him but don’t apply your hate to him in everything. [also, he has two daughters, no sons]

  2. #2,when you were 14 years old and you went to either Yad Vshem or the Holocaust Memorial Museuem, would you have trashed it?

  3. agree with lazerc, plus another point. these kids are in junior high, so they are max 12-15 years old. that would make them roughly ages 2-5 at the time of 9/11. to them, this place is just something out of their history textbooks, that they are then taking a field trip to visit, much like a trip to the liberty bell or the like. they don’t take it as personally as adults because they were too young to experience 9/11 and comprehend the loss of life.

    and c’mon, you’ve never thrown a penny or the like down a fountain before? they probably didn’t think it was a big deal. i don’t think they ‘deliberately tossed garbage’ in order to ‘trash’ the fountain. they just threw trash in.

    and unfortunately my first thought when hearing about this on the radio was…’please don’t be Jewish…please don’t be Jewish’…..and relief to hear it was a public school. how’s that reflective of frum kids behavior on field trips to secular sites?…….

  4. Shlomo2 and Moose613, stop pretending you didn’t get Ader’s reference. And Moose, what racism are you talking about? Where did you see any racism? You are a shill for the 0bama campaign.