Op-Ed: And You Want To Know Why They Hate Us?! [WATCH THIS VIDEO]


If anyone want’s to know why they hate Jews in Monsey / Ramapo, simply watch the video below.

The Spring Valley Fire Department responded to an emergency last night. When responding to the scene, they entered the one-way street the wrong way. When they finished the call, instead of backing out of the block, they simply continued on out – until the following occured.

A Frum person – who by the way released the video himself to the world – refused to move to the side or back out to allow the fire trucks to leave.

Whether they are right or wrong, there is something called RESPECT. Fire fighters put their lives in danger to save humans – all humans – no matter their race, religion etc.

Do you think in any other community or city in the United States anyone would have given the firefighters attitude like this? And a Jew with a Yarmulka has to do this? Does our community need more Chillul Hashem, like this one handed on a silver platter?

The haters and anti-Semites will hate Jews no matter what the story is. That is a fact of life that Jews have come to grips with over thousands of years. But the arrogance of this driver simply gives the haters more reason to hate.

When will we wake up and realize that this type of behavior is a powder keg that is near exploding?

We are our own worst enemy!

Please don’t tell me that he is just one bad apple. It’s true that he could be a bad apple, but he is a very bad apple that proudly sent his dash-cam video around social media, and the Spring Valley Fire Department is furious and insulted.

As usual, our self-appointed community leaders are asleep at the wheel, so I will do this for the masses.

The Spring Valley Fire Department – and all public servants need to know that the Orthodox Jewish Community appreciates their devotion and dedication to risking their lives to save others, and keeping us safe. We do not condone the arrogant behavior of this one individual, and condemn it in the strongest terms.

Moshe Grossfish – New Square

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. Moshe, Thanks for posting. Obviously someone who does not get “it”. If that was the a Hatzoloh ambulance I highly doubt the same would have happened.

    Now this issue can easily be rectified. So Mr Gestener if you are reading this get this individual to go to the fire dept (maybe bring a gift platter or something) and have him apologize. That’s it.

  2. Should this guy posted on social media? No! Should this guy pretend he is like a cop? No!
    Should the FD break the law? No!
    Two wrongs don’t make a right!

  3. Oh my we must how reach out to the fire department that we condem this behavior and we are with them. We have to show them appreciation. I think this guy should be forced to send a personal public apology to the people that are there to save our lives. I just don’t know who can make this happen.

  4. He should be punished. His Rav, if he has one, should definitely give him a mussur talk. He should also not be given Aliyos any more in shul. Maybe he should go along for a week or a month on calls with the fire department and see what they do. Thank You to the amazing fire department. You are great.

  5. This guy in the car is……
    Multiple choice
    A – a idiot
    B – a jerk
    C – a moron
    D- all the above
    The correct answer is D

  6. The fire trucks has a very hard time making a u-turn (maybe they should have had their lights on right away like the 2nd truck) so even more then respect it is very logical for them to continue down that road. Arrogance to that level IS only found with about 1 per 1000 in our community.

  7. Pardon my French, but the proud video cam guy is a real self-centered idiot. How does this arrogant guy know that they weren’t coming from HIS house? Be that as it may, if you watch the video & listen carefully, you will notice that the firetruck is actually driving to the right side of the street, as much as possible. He could of passed to his right very easily. It is ONLY after this thoughtless fool honks HIS horn, that the firetruck davka turns to the middle of the street, blocking any possibility of him passing. This driver is typical as one of the many bloggers bashing the entire Lakewood for their alleged Chillul Hashem. Talk about a hypocrite.

  8. This is truly disgusting behavior by someone who because of his mode of dress is representative of frum Jews (fair or not). Why inconvenience two massive vehicles to back up out of a narrow street because you can’t move a few feet?
    What could possibly possess someone to do this?
    All the more so, why do this to people who put their lives on the line to save others?
    Why do this to people who HE himself would need to rely on if he were in danger?
    I pray that the Fire Department realizes that this is just one loser on a power trip rather than someone who is representative of others. For if G-d forbid they were to pause even a moment to respond to a call because of this, it would be on this persons head.

  9. actually he is totally wrong. The trucks of the Fire Department were in their total right. They have to get back as quickly as possible to the their base. So, they can drive into one-way streets-jut as a police car can do it if necessary. This guy is a jerk. If-G-d forbid- his house is on fire ‘he’d be the first one to scream for the trucks to get there quickly.

    1. They are above the law in this situation.
    2. Once the firetruck operator goes into a one way street the wrong way for an emergency he is legally allowed to leave the emergency on the same one way street. So the fellow in the car is clearly in the wrong.

    How anyone is defending this fellow is beyond my comprehension. I just look at it as a stupid mistake by an individual. He should apologize brabim and that’s it. Let this be a learning experience for everyone and try to make a kiddush hashem!!!

  11. hes a chutzpinyak deserves to be punished
    one yields to the fire department

    major chilul hashem
    they can be on a call in a split second

  12. Another one of our community jerks! An 18 year old, probably, who dropped out of school and is riding around all day like an idiot with nothing to do! Sad! The fire department, more than the police, in fact, a lot more than the police, put themselves in harms way every day for us! They are the best and deserve our utmost respect! Like someone stated above, “we are our own worst enemy!”

  13. Only an absolute fool wouldn’t realize that it’s not east to turn around or back up a fire truck. I can’t believe anyone is foolish enough to post a video of himself acting like that.

  14. And you wonder why the fire department is desperately trying to make sure that streets are wide enough in Ramapo? It’s all about respect. You see an emergency vehicle, anywhere, anytime with lights flashing just pull over as far as you can. Period, end of story. Moshe is a mensch for posting this.

  15. Why so many comments? The guy acted like a jerk (or, if you prefer, schmendrick). Happens every day. Defend him? Attack him? Who cares. Let the Fire Department get back to the Fire House as easily as they can and get ready for the next emergency.

  16. As for “Two wrongs don’t make a right”: Does anyone have a Torah or Talmud source for that statement.

    And a fire truck going the “wrong” way on a one-way street is probably not wrong.

  17. Since I once had a similar story with the FDNY about 15 years ago I will give this guy the benefit of doubt. Perhaps he was a new driver and since it was at night was scared to back up or any such story. My story was, there was a fire in a house on 49th st I was driving on 18 th ave with all my children in the back, and when a fire truck was coming in back of me I pulled into the on coming lane which was blocked already by an Hatzolah car. By the time the fire truck came he couldn’t go straight so he pulled about 10 feet in back of me and began honking away. I had no where to go so I got out of my car to show the fireman there is a car in front of me. He didn’t even listen, he pressed the gas a stopped an inch behind my car. I lost it at that point and if not for an alert Hatzolah member there would have been a fist fight. So firemen do have attitudes too. I filed a complaint against that fireman but no one got back to me.

  18. I will not condone this guy’s being a complete and utter male donkey but what i don’t understand is when did
    לא תלך רכיל בעמך become muttar.

  19. Az1234 you’re bringing up a valid point. However There are 2 types of hatred there’s hatred buried deep and there’s hatred on the forefront. It’s lehavdil like deep down everyone loves Hashem and his fellow Jew but not necessarily is it in the forefront. chazal are saying that it’s deep down not that everyone is walking around with sinuh. Our job is not to bring it out from the depth.

  20. El Rushbo July 12, 2017 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm

    This became “muttar” because it was a public act. In fact, it may even be required to open;y (publicly) distance ourselves from this behaviour for our own protection.

  21. MoneyMike July 13, 2017 12:19 am at 12:19 am

    Because if it is let to pass unchallenged it simply keeps on happening (maybe even growing) and we keep on blaming the country for our own misbehaviour.

  22. what I think may be what people are missing and what I got out of this story is our undeserved sense of entitlement. we are not entitled to do or act as we please just because we are Jews. in fact it’s quite the opposite and this is just another example of chinuch gone wrong which is something that keeps coming up wether it’s regards to people stealing, cheating or disrespecting other human beings….and I’m talking to myself as well.

    Was this fellow wrong? ABSOLUTELY!!! However, your choice to write an OP-ED on this incident, and especially under the heading, “This is Why They Hate Us” is grossly misplaced; almost tantamount to editorial malpractice. Let me explain why:

    The offender’s lack of respect for Law Enforcement or more accurately First Responders cannot be seen in any other way but in the context of modern society’s overall lack of respect and consideration for our civil servants. One need only look around all over the city, state and country to see “locals” behaving in the same unruly selfish manner. There was nothing innately Jewish about this moronic response. Had this happened in any other ethnic community there would be similar shouts of “idiot, moron” etc from everyone. A news commentator might have even interjected that may this idiot was just having a REAL bad day. But I will concede that YWN has no obligation to suggest any consideration on behalf of this offender.

    What this boils down to then, is a comment on today’s overall lack of respect, appreciation of, and cooperation with first responders.

    But you will no doubt argue that an Orthodox Jew, he, and indeed all of us should hold ourselves to a more elevated standard. On this, you are indeed correct! However, the OP-ED is all wrong. This is nothing to do with antisemitism, nothing to do with why they hate us. You should have used this opportunity to inform your readers of the general ills plaguing Orthodox Jewish society with respect to our attitudes and behavior both amongst ourselves and our Gentile neighbours.

  24. You guys or so stupid you jump to conclusions so fast this isn’t the real story it is a one-way street but there is space for two vehicles to go through!! and they were not on a emergency call!! And why is this on the news cuz one person acted a little bit unrespectful the FD maybe you should also post things when people are nice to them too but oh no that you can’t do!!? Guys first get the real story straight and then talk. #fakenews #thinkB4youtalk 🙂 have a good one!

  25. Conflicting article:

    First it says; “If anyone want’s to know why they hate Jews in Monsey / Ramapo, simply watch the video below.”

    Then article continues; “The haters and anti-Semites will hate Jews no matter what the story is. That is a fact of life that Jews have come to grips with over thousands of years. But the arrogance of this driver simply gives the haters more reason to hate.”

    The arrogance of the driver is wrong based on what I see on the video. One can argue, haters will always hate and Aisav Soneh l’Yakov, but that does not give us the green light to disrespect anyone especially for Police, and FD or any elected officials, we also don’t have to be their friends. We’re told by our forefathers to pray for the government, of course to give them stuff to hate us more is definitely more than redundant, inappropriate, that can also horribly backfire when another Jew in need of their help from scenarios like this.

    According to the law, Nobody is allowed to drive in the opposite of a 1 way street (wrong way) with an exception of a vehicle with a red and blue light responding to an emergency. Leaving the scene of an emergency is not called Responding To an Emergency.

    When it comes to This fire station, I’ve heard plenty ridiculous statement and Hateful stories from them. But a Jew most act at his/her best at all times regardless of being or not being right. Especially when it comes to Law Enforcement, or the Fire Department, etc Halachagly most give them respect and its the only 911 to call in case of emergency Ch”vs. It could be compared to when the orthodoxies are yelling Nazis at the Israeli police but when crisis rise they’re being dispatched.

  26. Law 20-157 states that you must yield to an EMERGENCY VEHICLE that is displaying proper light and audible signal when answering to an emergency call. By definition, the driver does not and should not yield to firefighters who choose to abuse their power by potentially endangering others in the process.
    Like every practice, procedure, policy and protocol in fire and EMS, lights and siren use must be safe and have a proven benefit to patient care. And the practice should be curtailed if it doesn’t. They work by showing the public that we are treating their emergency calls seriously. They work when public officials see that our public servants are meeting their response-time expectations and being accountable.
    We know that lights and sirens clear traffic and warn drivers, pedestrians and others that an ambulance is approaching in emergency mode. But in this instance, the firefighters were heading back to base after the call, switched on their emergency lights and sirens when there was clearly no emergency, and they insulted someone who was doing exactly what he was intended to do – make use of public roads by driving at speed limit while driving in the right direction.
    The real question is whether the firefighters ultimately served the larger purpose of “benefitting patients”by making use of an illegal/one way road, making use of their lights and sirens when they were not responding to a call, and by insulting the driver.
    Mr. Grossfish, you stated “The haters and anti-Semites will hate Jews no matter what the story is… the arrogance of this driver simply gives the haters more reason to hate.” You, Mr. Grossfish, have shared words of hatred, arrogance, and anti-Semitism in your article toward the driver and the entire Jewish community at large. I hope that you can find a mentor and/or further your education in order to support accurate, appropriate, and evidence-based reporting in your future work.

  27. The first fire truck should have had it’s lights on. The NYS Vehicular and Traffic law Section 1104 states:

    (a) The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, when involved in an emergency operation, may exercise the privileges set forth in this section, but subject to the conditions herein stated.

    4. Disregard regulations governing directions of movement or turning in specified directions.

    (c) Except for an authorized emergency vehicle operated as a police vehicle or bicycle, the exemptions herein granted to an authorized emergency vehicle shall apply only when audible signals are sounded from any said vehicle while in motion by bell, horn, siren, electronic device or exhaust whistle as may be reasonably necessary, and when the vehicle is equipped with at least one lighted lamp so that from any direction, under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of five hundred feet from such vehicle, at least one red light will be displayed and visible.


    Does “emergency operation” mean only going to or leaving from? In this case as a previous poster mentioned there was probably no place for the Fire Truck to make a u-turn. However, they should have had their lights on. Once the driver saw the fire truck he should have made a u-turn and let the fire trucks go. If he would have been stopped by a police officer he could have said that he was ordered by the fire department.

  28. I posted this in the morning but ywn didn’t post it so I cleaned it up a bit.
    I finally – out of utter outrage to this article – registered to TYWN.

    – you say its the opinion of the writer but your posting it gives it credence –

    This article is a load of Zevel and childish but the caption (And You Want To Know Why They Hate Us?) is true,

    the reason haters hate other races, sects and communities is because they “Generalize” when one person does something the overreact saying “the community”.

    Here is a guy who acted very wrongly, either because he is not too smart or for any other reason and then he even posted it on social media, this persons behavior was stupid, reckless, uncaring, rude (look up the thesaurus for the more nasty terms he deserves all)

    but for “the Yeshiva world” or this writer it is equally wrong and doubly as obnoxious.

    1 chaya behaves like a chaya and because he wears a blue shirt you now call all blue shirts are chayois????? Dear writer you are disgusting, your mind is warped, break your pen stop writing, and even though you who wrote this article is from the monsey area (I am too) please don’t pool me with your crooked pen, to say “people from monsey write Dumb articles”

    Next time please think before you write.