Nachal Chareidi Soldiers Were Fed Non-Kosher During An Event At Latrun!


Members of the Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Chareidi) Battalion were R”L fed non-kosher during a recent educational event at Latrun, Kol Berama Radio reported.

The incident took place last week, during which the soldiers were taken to a local restaurant in which a local Rabbinate certificate of kashrus was displayed. The soldiers were served ‘pasta with chicken’, which contained cheese R”L. Soldiers noticed the combination as they were eating.

To begin with, the fact that they were taken to a restaurant with a regular and non-mehadrin certification is itself a violation of the terms of Nachal Chareidi operations. The kashrus supervision was that of Rabbanut Mate Yehuda. The IDF Rabbinate is probing the matter.

The Mate Yehuda Rabbinate explains, “The food arrived with stickers from the Tel Aviv Rabbinate marked ‘parve’. The Tel Aviv Rabbinate explains “The product left with ‘basari (meat)’ markings on it and the change must have occurred in the Latrun restaurant”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is unfortunate since these chayalim are entitled to meals with the highest level of hashgacha, chassideshe or otherwise. The only possible excuse is that the “cheese” might have been a parve soy cheese product but even then, many would not want such a product used with fleishigs because of some inyan of maris ayin…

  2. It sounds as though the hashgochoh of that restaurant is more to blame than the IDF. The IDF should have got them to a mehadrin place, but it was at least kosher, and the soldiers were probably aware that it was Rabanut. The hashgochoh on the other hand clearly completely failed.

  3. when I worked in the IDF, I saw some places that were treif mamash, and other places that were mehedrian. It depended on who was in charge of the kitchen.

    There was one place in Tzrifen that the top cook had the only key. He was a shomer shabbos soldier and NO ONE got in if he was not there. Other places I saw them serving ‘kosher’ meat meals while some of the workers in the kitchen were cooking cheese omlets.

    I never ate in the army kitchen except for bread and techina.

  4. According to all leading Gedolim they should not have joined the Nachal Chareidi in the first place.
    This terrible experience is just another message and sign from Hahsem that one should refrain from joining the IDF at all costs.

  5. This is just another reason why NO ONE SHOULD SERVE!!!!

    Unfortunately TZAHAL cannot be trusted with anything!

    Not with Kashrus and not with Shabbos and of course not with dinei nefoshos. Their decision to send young kids in the most dangerous places where it’s almost certain that they will be harmed or killed, is based on political reasons. Instead of not risking these lives and bombing from the air they send them in, because they are afraid of what CNN, BBC and American liberals will say. (No one should have to serve in such a cruel army!)