PHOTOS: Border Police Arrest 26 PA Illegals On Charish Construction Site



Border police raided a construction site in the northern city of Charish, arrested 26 PA (Palestinian Authority) residents found working in the site, inside Green Line Israel illegally.

Working with Israel Police, border police gathered intelligence information regarding the place of employment of many illegals. In addition to the laborers, two employers were taken into custody as well for employing and housing the illegals.

Of the 26 taken into custody, 15 were kept for questioning and 11 sent back to PA areas. Regarding the 15, it was not the first time they were arrested for this and therefore, criminal indictments will be filed against them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Police spokesman unit)


  1. when we lived in RBS Gimmel, we called the police about all of the illegal arab workers sleeping in the buildings and were told that they did not want to dare enter into those buildings.