PHOTOS: Harvey’s Devastation At The UOS Shul In Houston



Houston’s largest and oldest shul – United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston (commonly referred as UOS,) was hard-hit by Hurricane Harvey, taking on six to seven feet of water.

The Shul and it’s Mikvah were heavily damaged by the storm and have been closed until further notice. B”H all the sifrei torah were rescued.

UOS is led by Rabbi Barry Gelman. It was formed by a merge of three separate Shuls almost 50 years ago. The oldest of those Shuls dates back to 1905.

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Some of the damaged Seforim seen outside the Shul
Damage in the UOS weekday Shul
Damage in the main Shul
Damage inside Rabbi Gelman’s office
The UOS library

The following photos were taken immediately after the flooding by Robert Levy, and posted to Facebook:

(Nat Golden – YWN)