FINALLY! Rabbi Berland Departs To Uman After Being Granted Parole

Rabbi Berland on the flight to Uman

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As YWN has been reporting, there has been an ongoing saga whether Shuvu Banim community leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland will be granted parole from his house arrest in order to spend Rosh Hashana at R’ Nachman’s Kever in Uman, Ukraine.

Israel’s Supreme Court finally approved the parole late Tuesday night, and Rabbi Berland immediately departed to Uman.

The Prison Services parole board originally granted Rabbi Berland parole early Monday afternoon, after posting 740,000 shekels in bail. Then, on Monday night an appeals court blocked Rabbi Berland from leaving the country, citing the parole board’s failure to invite testimony from the Rabbi’s accusers before granted his release. The court granted the accusers until midnight (Tuesday to Wednesday) to appeal.

That appeal was heard and rejected by Supreme Court Justice Uzi Fogelman, thus finally allowing Rabbi Berland to depart to Uman.

Below is footage of Rabbi
Berland enroute to Uman

See the following document which is an approval by the Ukrainian Police for the arrival of Rabbi Berland:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. No guesses whether he will return to Israel. Money is nothing to his followers. They will just panhandle a bit more to raise the forfeited bail deposits. Any pictures of Berland with his eye shades or is he immune to the Breslov minhogim on this?