High Court Of Justice Decides Against Petition Of Netiv Avot Residents – Homes To Still Be Demolished


The Israeli High Court of Justice decided on Sunday that all of the buildings in the Gush Etzion outpost of Netiv Avot that are built, even partially, on privately owned land must be completely destroyed.

The decision comes as a harsh blow to the campaign of the residents whose homes are being threatened after a left wing NGO helped Palestinian private owners discover that some of the houses were built in part on land that was owned by them. While the strips of land take up mere meters of the houses, and the residents have attempted to purchase the land from the Palestinian owners, nothing seems to have come of the continued efforts to solve the situation.

According to the High Court’s decision, “This situation is different from other similar cases where it was found that a partial destruction of homes could be justified. In those cases the partial demolition was stated clearly. In the current situation, it cannot be stated that a partial destruction will be adequate, and therefore it would be in vain.”

Netiv Avot is an outpost of the town of Elazar, located in the center of Gush Etzion. Its residents responded to the decision of the High Court and said: “Once again the High Court of Justice chose to ignore the residents and has shown that it is not willing to examine the reality of the situation in the area. In spite of the absurdity of this situation, and the pain and anguish it will cause, the High Court has once again decided to show that it has the upper hand and that justice is does not light their path. They are forcing us, by all the power vested in them, to fight without any chance of compromise.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)