VIDEO: Neturei Karta Spend Shabbos Chanukah At White House Protesting With Jew-Hating Palestinians Who Openly Call For Death To Jews


Video of the speech of Neturei Karta at the mass demonstration on Jerusalem, this Shabbos, Dec 16th, at the White House, in Washington DC.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. o, those losers again. Well, what do you want from these days “modern Kapo”? It’s their parnusah, as I am sure they get paid for all the activities from either Arab or probably European organization, possibly including some self hated Jews. What I want to see, is after those clown show their face on TV (on shabbos) Aguda Isroel and other prominent Orthodox organizations should come out with statements, that those idiots do not speak for Klal Isroel and it’s tiny majority of nut cases who belong in mental institution and no one should take them seriously

  2. This proves that it is not true, they have next to them the neture karte and they get along very well, if they want to kill Jews why don’t they kill them? I would respect more if you would write they want to kill Zionists but not Jews. In Israel there are allot on gentiles who are Zionists.

  3. These nutcases were once able to give the excuse that they suffered from mental illness, and therefore took their stands against other Jews. They no longer have that excuse. Not that they have somehow approached normalcy. But they have become so rabid haters of Klal Yisroel and Torah that they must be considered today as meshumadim. Give me 100 kids that are OTD rather than a single one of these meshumadim. They should be ostracized when it comes to shidduchim, and they should not be buried in a Jewish cemetery. These biological accidents need medication, but a major dose of teshuvah before i will consider any of them as a Jewish brother.

    I wish YWN would stop defiling its pages with their pictures or reports of them.

  4. alex, bec. aguda is so clean? They served on the transition committee of bill de blasio with toeiva people and other Jew haters like Sarsour who is de blasio friend.

  5. 1) I wish YWN would keep their news consistent with the proofs provided. I doubt that anyone at that rally openly shouted “death to Jews” being that is a Federal offense and they would be thrown in jail. (Not to say that that is not what they had in mind when they shouted, “Free Free Palestine”)

    2) Every time I see NK standing with these rashiyim I keep thinking what if G-d forbid Hashem removes his divine presence from us and leaves us in the hands of these murderous Arabs. I imagine seeing the shock on these sinful Jews’ faces when these murderous Arabs all of a sudden grab them, bend them to their knees and prepare to cut their heads off. “Et tu, Brute?”

  6. if they want to kill jews than why dont they kill neturei karta? It must be they want to kill THE PEOPLE (not specificly jews) who kicked out of their house and put them in refugee camps and starved them and killed their ancestors

  7. What dedication giving up Shabbos with minyonim and with their families to demonstrate against Israel. Why couldn’t they have their own demonstration when it wasn’t Shabbos? I don’t understand their priorities or their cause.