Divorce Dispute Results in Appeal to Dayanim in Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court


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A chareidi couple with three children was divorced at the behest of the wife, who was unwilling to continue living as a family after her husband left the chareidi fold and was living a dati leumi lifestyle. They reached an agreement by which the father agreed to undertake all educational costs for their children while the mother committed to continue educating their children to love both parents. They also agreed that dad would see the children twice weekly and they would remain with him every other shabbos and the yomim tovim were divided between mom and dad.

In actuality, the agreement was signed in good will, to the point the children are permitted to visit dad more often if they decide to do so. The agreement dictates the mother’s minimum requirements vis-à-vis the children’s time with their father.

According to attorney Miron, who represents the dad, shortly after the agreement was signed and approved by the Tel Aviv Beis Din mom decided her children will not see their father, fearing he will influence them away from their chareidi life. It became clear to the father the mother never intended to honor it, agreeing simply to obtain the get and rid herself of her husband, whose life style she finds objectionable.

After a period of time of not seeing his children the father turned to the beis din and asked they levy a sizable fine on his ex-wife to teach her she cannot unilaterally decide not to honor the agreement. Attorney Miron explains he is simply pained at not seeing the children and does not know what to do since his former wife is unwilling to cooperate, despite the agreement.

The woman told the dayanim that she will not change her mind, fearing his lifestyle will have a negative influence on their children. The dayanim are now debating if they will levy a fine of tens of thousands of NIS on the mother.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. since when is dati leumi lifestyle not acceptable? seems the mother has a few loose screws to force a divorce over this. on the other side, the father seems like a mentch for agreeing. To bad he ended up screwed by a ultra frum women.

    seems the charadi is wrong here, and the dati leumi b’seder.

  2. Amazing the father still believes in god and is shomer torah oh mitzvos. after this stunt by the woman, it only proves how unstable she is and she should not have custody of children. If I were the father I would go to court and get full custody of the childern and enroll them in a dati leumi school and make sure the mother never goes near them again

  3. without knowing all the details and dynamics of this case, I think B”D should not fine the mother but rather threaten her that she will lose custody of her children if she doesn’t cooperate. As is in most divorces, the children are korbonos, hashem yerachem.

  4. Aggrieved Gentlemen United for Nuptials (roshei teivos AGUN) is a support group for Jewish men who are entering or leaving the divorce process.

    The Hebrew word “agun” is the male form of the famous word agunah.

    We divorced men have a saying,
    “You gave a Get now get AGUN.” Hamaven Yaven.

    Some women believe that sometimes there is just no alternative to destroying your children in order to get back at your ex-husband. Sick.