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Avi Kehat, Founder of The Chesed Fund, Announces New Technology Innovation: ShulPledge

Nothing beats the peace of mind that comes from dependable recurring income to your Shul or cause. But it’s normally much more difficult to collect recurring pledges from people as opposed to one time donations. ShulPledge, created by the founders of The Chesed Fund, aims to change that.

“I wanted a way to allow a Gabbai or caring member of a Shul to collect recurring pledges from the members,” explains Avi Kehat, founder and CTO of The Chesed Fund.
“Even a small donation from many people can add up to a lot of money every month.”

As an example, a Shul with 100 members that gets each member to contribute $18 a month, will be collecting an extra $1,800 a month, or $21,600 a year. “There’s a lot of things a Shul could do with an extra twenty grand a year,” laughs Kehat.

But the platform isn’t intended just for Shuls. Kehat envisions every non-profit, cause, or organization potentially using the platform. “Imagine knowing that you’ll have a certain amount of money in your bank account six months from now,” says Kehat. “That peace of mind is priceless.”

The logical progression off The Chesed Fund, the commission-free crowdfunding platform that has already raised over $10 million, ShulPledge still posed some unique challenges. “The technology for recurring donations is more complex, and you need systems in place for cancelling donations and projecting income over time,” Kehat points to his computer screen. “And all of this has to happen after my evening learning seder, sometimes coding until 3am.”

ShulPledge has already launched several successful campaigns as Beta tests, and is now open to new applicants at special introductory rates.

Kehat encourages all to check out the website and drop feedback.

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