Olmert Returning Home – Expected to Meet with Livni & Others


Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is scheduled to return to Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday 29 Cheshvan 5773. Persons close to the former prime minister report that while he has not stated so in plain words, he has been signaling a return to the political arena. Olmert is expected to meet with Tzipi Livni shortly following his return, as the two may be running together in the hope of bringing other prominent names to their list to compete with the Likud/Yisrael Beitenu joint election list.

Kadima MKs who are close to Olmert confirm that they are under the impression Mr. Olmert will announce his return to politics in the coming days.

Olmert is also expected to meet with Shaul Mofaz, the current Kadima leader and former MK Chaim Ramon, who was among the senior defectors from the Labor Party moving to Kadima but he has since resigned from Knesset.

Yisrael HaYom reports that Olmert will tell Mofaz that he prefers to return to Kadima rather than running under another name, expecting Mofaz to acquiesce and hand over the party leadership to Olmert, who was compelled to resign as prime minister amid mounting charges of criminal activities.

Close associates to Livni however tell of different news, explaining she has already decided but refrained from publicizing her decision out of respect for Olmert. They explain that Livni has decided not to run for a spot in the next Knesset.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)