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BRINK OF WAR: Israel Taking Steps To Mobilize Up To 75,000 Reservists [PHOTOS]


Friday 12:50PM EST: Defense Minister Ehud Barak sought government approval on Friday to mobilize up to 75,000 reserve troops for Israel’s Gaza campaign, political sources said, in a sign of preparations for a possible ground offensive.

The sources, speaking after Palestinian rockets were fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, said ministers were being polled by telephone by the cabinet secretary to approve the call-up.

According to the IDF, over 16,000 reservists have already been mobilized, out of the 30,000 previously approved by the Israeli government.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.


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  1. 75K Israels is per capita the equivalent of the USA calling up 3 million men (that’s equivalent to what the USA has on active duty now). That is very serious. That’s for a real war, meaning they think it might expand to other fronts and get very “messy.” It is also devasting economically. The fact that they can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is a very serious threat. Remember that the real cause of the 1967 war was Israel didn’t like have its cities in shelling distance of people who were threatening to shell them – shelling distance has increased.

    The reason Israel pulled out of Gaza and the West Bank is that it is prohibitively expensive to occupy a large heavily populated area. It’s no coindence that the Oslo agreement was followed by a period of tremendous economic growth.

  2. lemaan hashem put jewish lives first because no matter what you do, in the eyes of the goy we can do no right so dont waste jewich lives to placate the sonei yisroel

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