LIVE BLOG DAY 8: Operation Pillar Of Defense [UPDATED 11:15PM IL]


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UPDATE 11:15PM IL: People protesting in Sderot, Kiryat Malachi and other areas against the governments ceasefire agreement.

UPDATE 10:45PM IL: One rocket has landed in an open area in Be’er Tuvia.

UPDATE 10:37PM IL: Sirens are now sounding in Ashdod and neighboring areas – almost 2 hours after the “ceasefire” started.

UPDATE 10:23PM IL: In the hour after the ceasefire, 12 rockets were fired into Israel.

UPDATE 10:08PM IL: Rocket intercepted by Iron Dome over Ahsdod – 1 hour after ceasefire.

UPDATE 10:03PM IL: One of the IDF soldiers injured earlier today (Update 6:43PM IL) in a rocket attack in Eshkol is in critical condition.

UPDATE 10:01PM IL: Red alert in many southern communities now – 1 hour after the “ceasefire”. (Be’er Tuvia, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachei and others).

UPDATE 10:00PM IL: Arch terrorist Kahled Meshal in Cairo press conference praises Iran “for arming, financing Hamas despite differences over Syria”.

UPDATE 9:53PM IL: Despite the IDF bombing more than 1500 terror targets, and destroying much of the infrastructure in Gaza, Palestinians are celebrating “victory” in Gaza and the Yehuda & Shomrom.

UPDATE 9:43PM IL: Red alert now in Shar Hanegev Regional Council – 43 minutes after the “ceasefire”.

UPDATE 9:38PM IL: Hamas reportedly orders its terror group to stop firing at Israel.

UPDATE 9:35PM IL: Sirens sounding in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council area now – 35 minutes after the “ceasefire”.

UPDATE 9:18PM IL: “Red Alert” sirens now ringing in Sderot.

UPDATE 9:13PM IL: SHOMRON: Firebomb attacks at the border of Yishuv Eli and Yishuv Psagot. Baruch Hashem there are no reports of injuries.

UPDATE 9:10PM IL: Egypt reports it its security forces intercepted 109 Grad katyusha rockets heading from Libya to Gaza.

UPDATE 9:06PM IL: Three rockets land in open areas of Be’er Sheva. A fourth was intercepted by Iron Dome.

UPDATE 8:55PM IL: Two rockets intercepted by Iron Dome over Gan Yavneh.

UPDATE 8:54PM IL: Rocket lands between two homes in Tel Sheva. No word on injuries.

UPDATE 8:53PM IL: Sirens now sounding in S’dot Negev Regional Council.

UPDATE 8:50PM IL: Arab media reports an Arab protester hit in the eye by tear-gas canister in Hebron; injured critically.

UPDATE 8:46PM IL: Sirens now sounding in Ashdod and surrounding areas.

UPDATE 8:44PM IL: The IDF has released a statement of clarification (regarding update 8:14PM) stating a mortar shell did not land in Metula. The statement explains the explosions were in southern Lebanon and may have been misinterpreted as an attack in the north along the border.

UPDATE 8:38PM IL: One person injured in Netivot as the result of a direct hit to a building. The victim’s injuries described as light.

UPDATE 8:33PM IL: At least one rocket fired from Sinai landed near a community along the Egyptian border. There is no reports of injuries.

UPDATE 8:31PM IL: The south is being bombarded from the Eshkol Regional council to Ashdod and Ashkelon. Sirens continue to wail and the Iron Dome continues firing at incoming rockets. Explosions reported in many municipalities and EMS crews are doing their best to respond to the increasing influx of emergency calls. More to follow.

UPDATE 8:29PM IL: Channel 2 TV News reports the IAF continues Gaza as the ceasefire is scheduled to take effect in 30 minutes.

UPDATE 8:27PM IL: Sirens now going off in Ashdod and surrounding areas.

UPDATE 8:24PM IL: Direct hit to a home in Ashdod. EMS responding to the area. More to follow.

UPDATE 8:23PM IL: GAZA: Reports at least one fatality in ongoing IAF bombing raids over Dir el-Balah.

UPDATE 8:22PM IL: At least two rockets heading towards Beersheva were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

UPDATE 8:20PM IL: A number of people treated for hysteria in the Bedouin community of Tel Sheva

UPDATE 8:19PM IL: Two rockets heading to Ashdod intercepted by the Iron Dome.

UPDATE 8:18PM IL: Explosions heard in Ashkelon. No sirens were heard.

UPDATE 8:17PM IL: Rocket fire from Gaza lands in the southern Bedouin community of Tel Sheva. No injuries being reported.

UPDATE 8:14PM IL: A mortar round fired from S. Lebanon on Wednesday evening landed in northern Israel in an open area near Metula. No injuries reported.

UPDATE 8:12PM IL: Gunfire directed at a bus traveling in Gush Etzion a short time ago. No injuries being reported. The IDF is on the scene.

UPDATE 8:06PM IL: Rocket explodes in Chof Ashkelon. No reported damage.

UPDATE 8:03PM IL: Sirens now sounding in Chof Ashkelon Regional Council.

UPDATE 8:02PM IL: Heavy damage reported in last wave of rockets into Beersheva. there are no immediate reports of injuries.

UPDATE 7:53PM IL: Sirens now sounding in Be’er Sheva.

UPDATE 7:34PM IL: PM Netanyahu spoke with President Obama, and accepted his recommendation to give a chance to the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire.

UPDATE 7:29PM IL: Egyptian Foreign Minister says truce starts at 9:00PM IL:

UPDATE 7:26PM IL: Loud explosions rock Gaza City.

UPDATE 7:21PM IL: Sirens now sounding in Nachal Oz (Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council).

UPDATE 7:18PM IL: Hillary Clinton to make announcement from Cairo at 8:00PM IL regarding ceasefire.

UPDATE 7:12PM IL: According to multiple reports, Israel has agreed to a truce in the Gaza Strip, but will not lift its blockade. The reports quote “Israeli sources”, and declined to give further details of any deal.

UPDATE 7:04PM IL: Israel and Hamas agreed on Wednesday to a ceasefire deal, said a Palestinian official with knowledge of Egyptian mediation between the two sides (Reuters).

UPDATE 7:00PM IL: Talks of a ceasefire to be implemented later this evening. Details shortly.

UPDATE 6:53PM IL: Two rockets have landed in open areas in Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

UPDATE 6:43PM IL: The IDF has lifted the gag-order, allowing us to report that at least 4 of the wounded from the earlier attack in Eshkol (5:38PM IL) were IDF Soldiers.

UPDATE 6:28PM IL: Sirens now sounding in Zikim.

UPDATE 6:00PM IL: Forum of Nine Ministers have concluded their meeting. No statement has been given to the media as of this time.

UPDATE 5:57PM IL: More than 80 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel today (Wednesday).

UPDATE 5:49PM IL: An Arab in Hebron was arrested by Border Police after he approached police and made them suspicious. He was searched and a large knife was found in his possession.

UPDATE 5:38PM IL: At least seven people were wounded by a rocket in the Eshkol Regional Council. One is seriously injured Four of the wounded have been evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital, and others were transferred to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

UPDATE 5:37PM IL: Sirens sound again in Eshkol Regional Council.

UPDATE 5:36PM IL: Two rockets land in open areas in Eshkol Regional Council. No damage or injuries reported.

UPDATE 5:30PM IL: Kever Rachel has become a big target of violence. Channel 10 TV News reports that over 40 firebombs hurled at security forces and mispallalim at that location on Monday night alone.

UPDATE 5:23PM IL: Sirens now in Eshkol regional Council.

UPDATE 5:25PM IL: Arab violence and protests spreading rapidly throughout areas of Yehuda and Shomron, including rock-throwing, firebombs and an attempted stabbing attack in Hebron.

UPDATE: 5:06PM IL: Over 10 rockets fired at Eshkol and Ashkelon Coast Councils in the past hour and over 80 rockets fired into Israel today.

UPDATE: 5:02PM IL: Sirens sounded in Eshkol Council minutes ago. There are no immediate reports of injuries.

UPDATE: 4:58PM IL: Police have set up checkpoints in the Tel Aviv area in addition to Jerusalem. It appears this is related to the bus bomb attack earlier today.

UPDATE: 4:40PM IL: Another round of rocket fire to Eshkol Regional Council region. No injuries being reported.

UPDATE: 4:37PM IL: Walla News quotes Yarkon District Police Chief Yoram Ochaiyon as saying there was never a manhunt for terrorists since police did not receive sufficient information or description of a terrorist for such an operation.

UPDATE: 4:30PM IL: Arab media reporting new IAF strikes in Gaza.

UPDATE: 4:29PM IL: High alert against terror attacks in and around Yerushalayim. Checkpoints have been set up, leading to major traffic delays.

Police remain on high alert acting on credible intelligence information of planned attacks.

UPDATE: 4:14PM IL: Forum of Nine Ministers convening to discuss ceasefire issues.

UPDATE: 4:12PM IL: A U.N. aid agency says some 10,000 Gazans have sought shelter in U.N.-run schools after the Israeli military dropped leaflets on the territory warning residents of certain areas to evacuate their homes. (AP)

UPDATE: 3:28PM IL: There are no immediate reports of injuries from the last wave of rocket fire.

UPDATE: 3:23PM IL: Sirens in Yad Mordechai, Zikim, Carmiya,and other neighboring communities

UPDATE: 3:20PM IL: Appears rockets landed in open area. No reports of injuries.

UPDATE: 3:15PM IL: Sirens in the S’dot Negev Council.

UPDATE: 3:13PM IL: Sirens sounding in Nachal Ohz.

UPDATE: 3:08PM IL: Arab League Secretary-General Nabil el-Araby said “The catastrophe in Gaza is beyond imagination.”

UPDATE 2:51PM IL: Eye-witnesses are reporting that the IAF has just bombed the “Al-Yarmouk” football (soccer) stadium in Gaza city, and many explosions were heard.

UPDATE 2:47PM IL: Iran claims to have sent military aid to Hamas in Gaza, Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani said.

“We are proud to defend the people of Palestine and Hamas … and that our assistance to them has been both financial and military,” he said without elaborating, in remarks reported by parliament’s website.

UPDATE 2:40PM IL: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Egypt on Wednesday, an airport official said, where she is to hold talks with Egypt‘s president about a possible truce. Clinton traveled from Israel where she had met PM Netanyahu.

UPDATE: 2:35PM IL: Powerful explosions can be seen in Gaza, possibly weapons/ ammunition storage facilities as there are numerous subsequent explosions as well.

Residents in the 7km range from the Gaza border are advised to remain in shelters at this time as the IDF anticipates retaliatory rocket fire in light of the heavy aerial bombardment.

UPDATE: 2:30PM IL: According to an eyewitness report from a female passenger on board the bus, a male got off the stop before the explosion. She was injured lightly in the blast and was able to provide police with information.

Police believe that man was the terrorist and he most likely left the bag containing the explosive device under a seat. There is no mention of a second person, reported to be a female earlier.

UPDATE: 2:15PM IL: YNET reports the al-Aqsa Brigade affiliated with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) Fatah organization is claiming responsibility for the terror attack in Tel Aviv earlier today.

UPDATE: 2:12PM IL: Tel Aviv police receiving many phone calls as the manhunt for the terrorists continues.

No terror organization has claimed responsibility for the bus bombing attack.

UPDATE: 2:08PM IL: The air force is reportedly pounding terrorist targets in the Khan Yunis area of southern Gaza. At least three members of rocket firing cell hit.

UPDATE: 2:06PM IL: Israel’s leftist media cannot control itself, with Channel 10 TV News explaining “Hamas was less than pleased with the rocket attack into Rishon L’Tzion on Tuesday evening by the Islamic Jihad as Hamas works hard towards achieving a ceasefire with Israel.”

UPDATE: 2:04PM IL: Over 40 rockets fired into Israel today. One person sustained light injuries in the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council.

UPDATE: 2:02PM IL: Heavy delays on Highway 443, the Jerusalem-Modi’in Highway due to police checkpoints. The checkpoints are part of the effort to apprehend the terrorists fleeing Tel Aviv who may be heading back to PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous areas.

UPDATE: 1:56PM IL: At least three rockets fired at Beersheva. It appears they landed in open areas. There are no immediate reports of injuries from the last wave of rocket fire.

UPDATE: 1:54PM IL: The levaya of the IDF soldiers killed by rocket fire on Tuesday, Corporal Yossi Fartuch HY”D is taking place in Har Menuchos at this time.

UPDATE: 1:51PM IL: Sirens at this time in Beersheva and the Kerem Shalom area

UPDATE: 1:49PM IL: Police from elite commando units are moving from door to door on Daphne Street, the location of the city’s prosecutor’s office in the search of the terrorists. A police chopper is seen still hovering above.

Channel 10 TV News reports the manhunt for the terrorists still believed to be in the area is quite extensive.

UPDATE: 1:47PM IL: Zaka reporting that a rocket fired earlier today by Gaza terrorists to the Matte Yehuda Regional Council near Beit Shemesh has been located.

UPDATE: 1:45PM IL: Police are not ruling out the terrorists placed the explosive under a seat in advance of when it blew up, changing from the theory they entered with a bag, placed it and ran.

The bus driver was evacuated with the wounded in line with standard protocol in such instances. Baruch Hashem he is fine, speaking with the media, slightly injured from some glass fragments from the bus windshield.

UPDATE: 1:38PM IL: Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai announces the situation is under control, urging residents not to come to the attack area as police are still operating.

UPDATE: 1:33PM IL: Baruch Hashem police report that it appears the bomb used in the Tel Aviv attack was a homemade inferior quality explosive, not a weapons grade which would have been significantly more deadly.

Nonetheless, as pointed out by Ichilov Hospital Director Prof. Pini Halperin, the bomb did contain nuts and bolts, metallic pieces intended to maximize the carnage of the explosion.

UPDATE: 1:31PM IL: Children in schools in the area of the Tel Aviv bus blast are being released to go home at this time.

UPDATE: 1:30PM IL: The Ichud Hatzalah dispatcher handling the Tel Aviv bus bombing attack instructed responders to check all stores and lobbies in the area of the bomb blast, realizing from past experience at times, some of the wounded flee the scene in an initial hysterical reaction.

A number of females in a state of panic were found in stores on HaShomer Street and they were treated and put on board an ambulance for transport to the Hospital. EMT Moti Barzilai reports the two were quite shaken up and managed to get fairly far from the scene in their state of panic, but they were treated and transported for follow up treatment in Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak.

UPDATE: 1:26PM IL: Sirens sounding in Eshkol Council region.

UPDATE: 1:25PM IL: It is now reported the bus involved in the bomb attack was a Dan Company 142 line traveling from Ramat Gan to Bat Yam.

UPDATE: 1:23PM IL: Rockets landed in open areas in the Bnei Shimon Council region a short time ago.

UPDATE: 1:21PM IL: Authorities are not releasing school children attending schools in the Tel Aviv bus bombing area since they still fear terrorists are at large in that area.

UPDATE: 1:17PM IL: There was a bit of panic near Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv a short time ago as pedestrians were distanced due to a suspicious package, a possible bomb. Hearing of this after the bus bombing in Tel Aviv earlier, many believed the suspicious item to be a real bomb.

Police bomb demolition technicians arrived and blew up the item in a controlled blast. There are no reports of injuries.

UPDATE: 1:19PM IL: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council area.

UPDATE: 1:12PM IL: Dr. Pini Halperin, director of Ichilov Hospital reports none of the wounded from the bus bombing attack are in life-threatening condition.

“The nuts and bolts used in the bomb were not as large as seen in the past and it appears the explosive was not too large,” he adds.

UPDATE: 1:07PM IL: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol region.

UPDATE: 1:03PM IL: Police on the ground assisted by a chopper are searching to two terrorists believed to still be at large in Tel Aviv. One of them is a female. While the original suspect at the Diamond Bursa is still in custody, it is becoming increasingly clear this male is not the terrorist.

UPDATE: 12:59PM IL: In Gaza, upon hearing of the bomb attack on board a Tel Aviv bus, residents began dancing and celebrating and terrorists fired their weapons in the air in an act of joy.

UPDATE: 12:55PM IL: Ichilov Hospital reports a total of 16 victims: two serious but not life-threatening/ three moderate/ and the remainder listed as light.

As usual, it is expected additional ‘walking wounded’ will arrive, usually people requiring treatment for hysteria.

UPDATE: 12:47PM IL: Sirens sounding in Ofakim.

UPDATE: 12:45PM IL: Preliminary information paints the following picture. The bus driver stopped to pick up passengers. The terrorist threw the bag containing a bomb and ran. The explosion went off, apparently a small bomb.

It is unclear if the explosive only detonated partially or if there is a second bomb. Police bomb demolition technicians on the scene.

UPDATE: 12:43PM IL: Police in Ramat Gan by the diamond bursa dealing with a male who they believe is the terrorist. At the blast site, police addressing what they fear is a second bomb that did not detonate.

MDA reports all of the wounded have been transported from the scene, apparently all taken to nearby Ichilov Hospital. The hotline information number is 12-55-133.

UPDATE: 12:39PM IL: Rockets landed in Eshkol Region. No injuries.

UPDATE: 12:37PM IL: Initial report from Ichilov Hospital: 5 moderate-2-serious/ 3 moderate/ 4 light/ many hysteria.

UPDATE: 12:34PM IL: Appears a person believed to be the terrorist in custody in the area of the Ramat Gan Diamond Building. This is however unconfirmed.

Ichilov Emergency Hotline Number: 12-55-133

UPDATE: 12:28PM IL: A police chopper is in the air as the manhunt for the terrorist is underway. Police did not find a body of a terrorist on the bus leading to the theory that he placed a bomb and fled, and as such, may still be in the area.

UPDATE: 12:23PM IL: Police are clearing the area. A second bomb which did not detonate has been discovered on the scene.

It appears it was a Dan Company number 67 bus. The terrorist seems to have placed a bomb on the bus and fled the scene, not a suicide bomber.

UPDATE: 12:20PM IL: Magen David Adom Chief Eli Bin reports that five of the wounded appear to be in moderate-to-serious condition based on the preliminary triage.

UPDATE: 12:17PM IL: Police are involved in a manhunt for terrorist believed involved in the attack still at large in the area.

MDA reporting 15 injured at this time.

UPDATE: 12:12PM IL: Channel 10 quoting senior police official. TERROR ATTACK on board a bus in Tel Aviv . Terrorist detonated a bomb.

Preliminary reports of over ten wounded, some in serious condition.

UPDATE: 12:10PM IL: Shaul HaMelech and Weizman Street is the location. Appears terror attack on a bus. Ichilov Hospital very close already on alert for many wounded.

UPDATE: 12:08PM IL: First reports from the scene in Tel Aviv speak of tens of wounded.

UPDATE: 12:03PM IL: PRELIMINARY: Reported explosion on board a bus in the area of Shaul HaMelech Street in Tel Aviv. MDA and other EMS organizations responding.

UPDATE: 11:59AM IL: Channel 10 News reports over 20 rockets fired at Israel this morning.

UPDATE: 11:54AM IL: IT is now being reported that two rockets landed earlier in an open area in the Matte Yehuda Regional Council adjacent to Beit Shemesh. There are no reports of injuries. Sirens were reportedly heard by some Beit Shemesh residents as well.

UPDATE: 11:27AM IL: CONFUSION: Reports of sirens in Matte Yehuda Region and the neighboring Beit Shemesh area. Authorities checking into it as many residents reporting they do not hear sirens but some do.

UPDATE: 11:25AM IL: The Marker reports cost of Operation Pillar of Defense to date is 3 billion NIS, of which 1 billion NIS relates to damage resulting from attacks.

UPDATE: 11:24AM IL: Thousands of children who reside in southern townships have been taken into schools and kindergartens in communities around the country.

UPDATE: 11:21AM IL: Iron Dome intercepts a number of rockets.

UPDATE: 11:19AM IL: Sirens in Ashkelon, Nir Banim, Kiryat Malachi, and more.

UPDATE: 11:04AM IL: Channel 10 News: Many parents in Rishon L’Tzion are keeping their children home from school today following the rocket attack in that city last night, preferring to have the children remain close to safe rooms.

UPDATE: 11:01AM IL: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Council area.

UPDATE: 10:58AM IL: Sirens sounding in Nachal Ohz.

UPDATE: 10:56AM IL: IDF spokesman Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai reports at least 30 terrorists eliminated in Gaza during the night, adding the IAF has made a significant impact on terrorist’s abilities to launch longer-range rockets, adding these rockets still exist, but the reality today is far better than days ago.

Mordechai adds that while talks are taking place in Egypt the IDF is instructed to continue the counterterrorism operation, to continue pounding rocket launching sites and infrastructure along with Hamas’ economic infrastructure in Gaza.

UPDATE: 10:51AM IL: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

UPDATE: 10:47AM IL: IDF Homefront Command officials report there is no change in the emergency status both pertaining to communities below the 40km mark from the Gaza border and other areas of the country. Despite the fact that a rocket struck an apartment building in Rishon L’Tzion on Tuesday evening, resulting in extensive damage, there are no emergency procedures in effect.

Residents of the country are however instructed to familiarize themselves with safe rooms and shelters in an area and realize the time permitted to run for safety in the event of a siren.

Authorities admit they are concerned that too many people may become complacent today, now the eight day of Operation Pillar of Defense.

UPDATE: 10:43AM IL: Authorities are now reporting that after firefighters extinguished the blaze in the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council home struck by a rocket an elderly woman was found inside the safe room. While she was unharmed physically, she is being treated for psychological trauma. Officials report damage to that home is extensive.

UPDATE: 10:39AM IL: A rocket struck a home in Be’er Tuvia. Baruch Hashem there are no reports of injuries. A fire broke out as a result of the explosion.

UPDATE: 10:29AM IL: Iron Dome intercepted the other rockets fired at Kiryat Malachi and other townships.

UPDATE: 10:23AM IL: Rockets fired at the Eshkol Council landed in open areas. There are no reports of injuries.

UPDATE: 10:18AM IL: Sirens in Kiryat Malachi and the Eshkol Regional Council.

UPDATE: 10:11AM IL: Rockets fired at Ashkelon intercepted. No injuries.

UPDATE: 9:49AM IL: No immediate reports of injuries as a result of the last rocket attacks.

UPDATE: 9:44AM IL: Sirens sounding in Beersheva

UPDATE: 9:41AM IL: Sirens now sounding in the Ashkelon Regional Council and Shar HaNegev Council.

UPDATE: 9:23AM IL: Rockets land in an open area in the Eshkol region. No injuries being reported.

UPDATE: 9:18AM IL: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

UPDATE: 9:16AM IL: Gaza reports 137 dead since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense.

UPDATE: 9:14AM IL: No injuries or damage reported at this time in last wave of rocket attacks.

UPDATE: 9:09AM IL: Sirens in Be’er Tuvia, Gadera, Kiryat Malachi, Gan Yavne and adjoining areas.

UPDATE: 9:02AM IL: Twelve rockets fired into Israel this morning. There were no injuries.

UPDATE: 8:45AM IL: Five rockets were fired at Ashkelon. Three were intercepted by the Iron Dome. There are no immediate reports of injuries.

UPDATE: 8:39AM IL: The levaya of IDF Corporal Yosef Fartuch HY”D, who was killed by Hamas rocket fire in southern Israel on Tuesday, will take place today, Wednesday, 7 Kislev 5773 at 13:30 in Givat Shaul. Kvura will be in Har Menuchos.

UPDATE: 8:30AM IL: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon and the Ashkelon Coast Council.

UPDATE: 7:37AM IL: Rockets heading to Ashkelon intercepted by the Iron Dome.

UPDATE: 7:30AM IL: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon and the Ashkelon Coast Council.

UPDATE: 7:20AM IL: IDF SPOKESMAN: Overnight, we targeted the Ministry of Internal Security in Gaza, which served as one of the Hamas’ main command & control centers as well as a police compound, military hideout used as a senior operatives’ meeting place, communications center & rocket launching sites.

Overall, more than 100 terror sites were targeted, of which approximately 50 were underground launchers.

UPDATE 7:10AM IL: Multiple airstrikes currently hitting southern Gaza.

UPDATE: 7:05AM IL: SDEROT: Rocket appears to have landed in an open area. No injuries being reported.

UPDATE 6:57AM IL: Sirens now in Sderot.

UPDATE 5:12AM IL: Sirens sounding in Be’er Tuvia, Kiryat Malachi and surrounding areas.

UPDATE 5:02AM IL: Israeli warplanes bomb police station in Khan Younis.

UPDATE 2:35AM IL: The twitter account belonging to Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom has been hacked.

UPDATE 2:30AM IL: Hacker group Anonymous has hacked the Facebook page of Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom.

Shalom’s Facebook status updates now include: “People of the world are united against Oppression. You cannot silence our voice. Free Palestine.”

UPDATE 2:22AM IL: The al-Qassam Brigades says it fired five grad missiles at Ashdod. It appears these were the last rockets reported at 2:05AM. No damage reported.

UPDATE 2:05AM IL: “Red Alert” sounds in Ashdod and Ashkelon. Two rockets intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Make sure to check out the YWN Photo gallery, where we have been loading images of rocket attacks in Israel, as well as in Gaza.

UPDATE 2:04AM IL: Al Jazeera’s bureau in Gaza City has been damaged after an airstrike hit a nearby Hamas government building.

UPDATE 1:48AM IL: Arab news agencies reporting numerous large explosions throughout Gaza City. There are reports of wide-spread power-outages as well.

UPDATE 1:42AM IL: The IDF says that they hit a “Hamas intelligence operations center on the 7th floor of a media building” in Gaza. That building houses the offices of the AFP news agency, and other international news agencies.

The Israeli military went on to issue a warning to journalists to “stay away from Hamas operatives & facilities”. The IDF went on to say that Hamas would “use [journalists] as human shields”.

UPDATE 1:22AM IL: Huge explosions rock Gaza City, as IAF pounds terror targets.

UPDATE 12:51AM IL: Israeli news site Ynet confirms that Israeli TV channels 2 and 10 were interrupted several times on Tuesday evening by Hamas broadcasts.

UPDATE 12:20AM IL: Hillary Clinton at press conference: “President Obama asked me to come to Israel with a very clear message: America’s commitment to Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering. That is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in Gaza.

The rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside Gaza on Israeli cities and towns must end and a broader calm restored.”

UPDATE: 12:00AM IL: With the clock striking midnight on Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning, Israel has now entered “Day 8 of Operation Pillar of Defense”. Stay with YWN as we continue our non-stop 24 hour news coverage – updated just seconds after an event occurs.








(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Is this being reported on the American news stations at all? My husband just told me that he’s listening to the radio at work and there’s no mention of sirens or rockets. I told him to check YWN. Someone should let the media know what’s really going on!

    @10 – They probably can’t read it anyway.

  2. Can someone please post the name to daven for? (and the others as well if possible)?? We are seeing reports about the soldier who is in critical condition in all the news reports but no one gives a name to daven for!! 🙁

  3. I wonder (wishful thinking) that the PM is waiting a few hours to show the world Cease fire Yeah???? We ceased but they didn’t; then they’ll go back to “work” then not let up. Hashem should just give them the D’aas to do the right thing Whatever it will be.

  4. Can someone answer a simple question: If the medina cannot finish off little Hamas in Gaza, how on Earth could they do any damage to either Hizbullah and Iran? And if little Hamas could strike a few missiles in Tel Aviv, what do they think would happen from missiles now from Hizbullah?!

  5. @Nicejew

    The medina CAN finish off Hamas, IF they stop worrying about world opinion and unleash the IDF. No war in history has ever been won without a ground assault.

  6. Hey, Rebyid40. Keep dreaming about woulda, coulda, shoulda. The medinah is finished. Almost TWO THOUSAND AERIAL ATTACKS against Hamas in EIGHT DAYS and they couldn’t finish them off? Give me a break and stop fantasizing. Even someone who is not anti-Zionist can see the 64 year experiment of the medina is coming to an end.

  7. WIY, with all due respect you are avoiding the question. Hamas is a mass movement. I wasn’t referring to the members, I was referring to their military hardware. The Medinah occupied Gaza for 40 years, and they know every square inch of that place. Do you mean to tell me that 1,500 aerial bombardments over 9 days couldn’t finish them off? Spare me the Zio-spin. What do you think will happen with rockets from Lebanon and Iran if this what little Hamas is capable of?
    You want to bet that Netanyahu will not talk about Iran anymore except to complain and demand Big Brother USA do his dirty work? Come on.

  8. Nicejew
    My answer is that to really do a thorough job requires a ground offensive. To see what Israel accomplished read this:

    The bottom line is that rockets can be launched from anywhere as well as underground and they have many 1000s of rockets. I think the biggest accomplishment was the 30 targeted killings, but thats just the beginning of what needs to be done.

  9. Nicejew:
    The only way to finish Hamas from the air would be to carpet-bomb Gaza. And while you and I and many others might think that would be an excellent move, the reality is that Israel will not do it.

    All of these rocket-launchers are mobile. They can be moved around quite easily. Hamas is not a formal army like the US, or Britain; it is a guerilla army and the rules are different. No way can the IDF finish them off without a ground assault unless, as I said before, they just carpet-bomb the entire place and blow it to oblivion.

    What Israel should do – but won’t – is to cut off power and water to Gaza EVERY TIME there’s a rocket and refuse to turn it back on without Hamas paying a fine. Beyond that, every rocket should be met with a swift response.

    But again, Israel won’t do it. Lev melachim v’sarim b’yad Hashem – only the Eibishter could cause normally intelligent people to make the same stupid mistake again and again and again.