PLEASE USE CAUTION WITH MENORAH’S: Two Fires Destroy Homes In Lakewood & Monsey


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The homes belonging to two Frum families were destroyed by fires Thursday night – one in Lakewood, and one in Monsey.

The Lakewood fire broke out around 6:30PM in a home on Glen Avenue. It took firefighters more than two hours to bring the fire under control. Unfortunately, the home was completely destroyed. Boruch Hashem, the family made it out in time, and no injuries were reported. The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but sources tell YWN that a Menorah may have caught onto window curtains.

In the Wesley Hills area of Monsey, a fire destroyed a home on Judith Lane. The fire department was called around 1:00AM (Friday morning), reporting the blaze.

Sources tell YWN that the owner of the home was awakened by a smoke alarm, and was able to make it out in time. He was transported to the hospital along with a firefighter, and were both being evaluated. Tragically, a Sefer Torah may have been destroyed in the home, which was completely destroyed.

The cause of the fire was under investigation, but sources tell YWN that a Menorah may have been the cause in this fire as well.

YWN urges our readership to please exercise extreme caution with your Menorahs over the remaining days of Chanukah.

The following was posted on the first day of Chanukah:

Important Safety Messages For Chanukah

As Chanukah approaches, here are some important safety tips to ensure you have a happy and safe Chanukah:

When lighting the Menorah:

• Never leave Chanukah candles unattended and never go to sleep while Chanukah candles are burning
• Place the menorah on a sturdy heat resistant surface away from anything that can catch fire including walls, curtains, cabinets, wooden and plastic tables, tablecloths, etc
• Light candles out of children’s reach and where they cannot be knocked over!
• Keep surfaces and surrounding areas clear from burned matches, wick trimmings, oil residue, and other debris
• Never light “school project” menorahs made from flammable materials (wood, plastic, paper, etc.)

When cooking Latkes:

• Keep small children away from hot oil and cooking areas
• Keep pot handles turned inward and away from the edge of the stove
• Use extra caution when carrying hot food around children
• Designate ovens, stoves and heat containing appliances as NO GO ZONES for children
• Keep hands, hair and sleeves away from open flame
• Never put water on a grease fire, use a fire extinguisher and call the Fire Dept. emergency number
• Treat burns immediately by cooling with cool water (not cold) and call your local emergency response number

Always remember:
• Supervise children at all times, especially around lit candles, flames, and hot appliances
• Have working smoke detectors
• Have/ and practice a family fire emergency escape plan with a designated family meeting area outside of house
• Proper fire safety planning and prevention can help keep you and your family safe

(Dov Gordon – YWN / Photo by TLS)


  1. Please note that many of the packaged ready-to-go are made with plastic cups. This year I witnessed one of them melting. I then heard of a second such case.
    True, if handled exactly according to the way they are supposed to be handled they work fine, but when someone does something different they become very dangerous. Example: A wick didn’t catch properly so the wick was removed and a floating wick inserted; the cup melted.

    The one I saw was different, but also resulted from a user replacing a non-working wick and nearly resulted in a fire.

    A wise person when buying these prepackaged oil cups should look for glass cups only.