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Hiddush Seeks Probe Alleging Election Bribery by Satmar Rebbe Shlita

The Hiddush organization on Thursday, December 13, 2012 filed with the chairman of the Central Election Committee Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein against the Satmar Rebbe Shlita. Hiddush points out that Satmar gives funding to a number of schools in Israel and while it is the prerogative of the chassidus to boycott the elections in Israel, offering payments to others is unacceptable and Hiddush calls on the election committee to inform Satmar that local law applies to the chassidus as well.

Hiddush points out that Satmar is openly anti-Zionist and the organization which provides funding for mosdos in Israel makes receiving money contingent on rejecting Zionist funding and taking part in elections. The organization’s leaders point out that of late, Satmar advertised that any yeshiva that encourages avreichim not to take part in the general elections will receive a donation from Satmar to the tune of 100,000 NIS.

Last week, the daily Maariv reported that the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg Rav Zalman Leib Teitlebaum Shlita announced any school in Israel not taking part in elections would be rewarded with a 100,000 NIS gift from Satmar. Unconfirmed reports signal the rebbe is planning to be in Eretz Yisrael on Election Day to distribute funds to mosdos not taking part in elections. The rebbe is expected to distribute over $1 million.

Hiddush leader Rabbi Uri Regev sent a letter to Justice Rubinstein, in which he states that he feels Satmar is breaking state law with its actions, citing paragraphs 122 and 123 of the nation’s Election Law. Regev points out those sections of the law state one may not give a bribe to a voter to influencing his/her vote or not to vote and this is exactly what Satmar is doing.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The English expression for this, which can only be paraphrased since this is YWN, refers to the droppings left by male bovines.

    The government is making it a crime for an organization to support non-zionist organizations. This is persecution. Satmar has the right to limit its support to anti-zionists, just as the zionist organization are under no requirement to fund Satmar.

    Note this occurs in conjunction with a projected move to close down most non-zionist yeshivos and conscript the students – which will lead to anti-zionists, such as Satmar hasidim, engaging in civil disobedience and appealing to international human rights groups.

    It is also a reasonable hypothesis that the recent prosecution of a member of the Satmar community on outrageous charges with virtually no evidence is probably connected.

    Events are moving towards a crisis when the zionist dream that many religious Jews will be tested – and they are nervous that in the final analysis it will turn out that R. Yoel was right, and people like Ben Gurion or R. Kook, were wrong.

  2. Rabbi Uri Regev, DON’T READ RABBI BY READ ROSHA. He is the head of the reform movement in Eretz Yisrael and hates and repeats hates anybody who Yiddishkeit is right of his. His Yiddishkeit is gornish, and he wants all Eretz Yisrael to follow him.

  3. WOW !!this “Raabi” Uri Regev is nebach so consumed by his Zionism, which has totaly warped his cerebral facilities..

    SATMAR is bribing ?!?! SATMAR is assisting mosdos who follow the ruling of 90% of the pre-medina gedolim, Reb Shia Leib diskin ZTL ,Reb Shmuel Salant ZTL Reb Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld ZTL etc, who prohibited the Yerushalayim mosdos from taking monetery assistance from the rosha Chaim Weitzman YM’S (in a period where children hungered)

    The Satmar Rebbe ZTL brilliantly elaborated this shitta in his magnum opus the V’yoel Moshe.

    In the late 1970’s when Menachim Begin YM’S became premier, in order TO BRIBE the orthodox political parties to join his coalition, he offered to substationaly increase the funding to chareidi mosdos & bnei yeshiva, so this uri regev should focus on the current situation , where the charedi mosdos receive money from the government as part of the coalition agreement, in fact the ONLY thing the chareid politions can show as an accomplishment by sitting with reshuim in the government is MONEY !! that is ALL….

    in 1978 the holy Satmar Rebbe ZTL, sensed the danger this subsidizing of mosdos posed, as it will put all mosdos in a very difficult “nisoyon” & as it would be very difficult to decline money handed to them by the government, therefore he founded the holy organization known as KEREN HATZOLA, whose mission is to send monetary assistance annualy to all the mosdos in EY that don’t accept the unholy money from the Tzionim…..The current Satmar Rebbe is continuing in his footsteps, by planning to distribute millions of dollars to those holy mosdos that are struggling because they adhere to the psak of their gedolim not to take funding from the government..

    IS this a bribe ??? NO !!! its a continuation of a holy mission

  4. Of course he’s a RASHA. It’s not a hiddush. No one in any country considered it “bribery” to support those who oppose a government and for moral reasons refuse to accept government money.

    The hiddush is that he is a part of the establishment, and the zionist establishment feels it can move in for the kill. Much of the “hareidi” community has become addicted to zionist money. They can pull the money and start conscripting yeshiva boys. They now need a way to surpress the anti-zionist hareidim.

    Remember that the goal of zionism is to make Eretz Yisrael a land free of Torah. They can only accomplish their goal by getting rid of the groups such as Satmar.

  5. “that local law applies to the chassidus as well”

    Hmmmmm, hmmmmm.. That is a tough one, local laws of a country apply to residents, tourists and visitors.. Hard to get that point across unless it is part of the 613 and interpretated as such by the ‘so-called’ guilty kehilla.

  6. Regardless of how right Satmar is for doing this, they should be more careful in their methods, so as not to give opportunity to those wishing to destroy them. Any decent lawer with a half hour could have re-worded their advertisement in a way that made it “legal”. Openly flaunting the laws will only make the opposition all the more motivated to disband Satmar once and for all.

  7. In the late 1970′s when Menachim Begin YM’S became premier,

    How dare you mogold use such appellation for Menachem Begin ZT’L. Menachem Begin O’H was the most religious prime minister that we ever had, and was a Tzadik Gomur. This Tzadik refused a state Kevuro on Har Herzl & requested a religious expedited Kevuro on Har haZeisim.

    I am so truly proud that my oldest son, carries his name “Menachem”.

  8. It is indeed a bribe if it goes against the laws mentioned above. It is not forbidden to support anything by anybody, but to give money on condition that perticular school will not vote presents a problem.

  9. tuvia.k

    This entire business that to recive support from the Satmar Rebbe hinges on not voting is FALSE!!!
    It hinges on not accepting funding from the Israeli government.
    It so happens to be that 99% of people who send their children to the mosdos that decline funding, also hold from the shitta that its prohibited to vote in the Israel elections.

    This whole Bribe issue is factually a libel & untrue..

  10. 147 writes “Menachem Begin O’H was the most religious prime minister that we ever had, and was a Tzadik Gomur”.

    Basiclly what you are saying is, that a scale from 0 to 10 all the prime ministers were at 0, & menachem begin was at level 1 , he was a mechalel shabbos, neveila eating sheigetz,just as the rest of them.. oh I forgot, he was very religious as he ate gefilte fish at the White House with that Jew hater Carter


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