Photo Essay: Satmar Anti-Zionist Rally At Nassau Coliseum – Part 2 (Photos by JDN)



  1. So many tribes/groupings are out and about now. All energised/stimulated by both fear and self interest. (See Napoleon’s quote about fear and self interest. G-D is the master strategist nu.)

    Psalm 85:11 “Truth will spring up from the earth, and righteousness will look down from heaven” is actually a prophecy about the current Messianic Era. This dynamic has been unfolding for quite awhile. The process of truth pouring into the zeitgeist is accelerating now. Everyone is getting caught up in the dynamic. Many people can sense “something is up”.

    Moshiach will address all the tribes in due course.

    IPC2018 > COENCB2035 (Tent of Meeting in Jerusalem.)

    Stay Tuned…

  2. In part 3 can we have some more different angles of shots of a crowd in black hats and coats at this event?
    And i dont recall if yw had any shots of the israel day parade or its concert in the park where the focus was more of jews of all kinds, like the 4 different minimof lulav and esrog or of the bsamim that included different spices including chelbnah, a bad smelling one, representing unity of all jews that stand with their millions of brothers and sisters in the hostile region and in appreciation to hashem that nowadays we are free to live and visit in much of our holy land unlike just 90 years before

  3. What a shame that they wasted time and money for this.
    Just think of all the productivity that could have been bonei haolam that was not to be because of this event.

    Just think that when the Nazis were throwing jews in the gas chambers or death marches the Satmar would have been as equals to the “zionists” and the rest of klal yisroel.
    We need to start loving one another and helping each other to bring about Moshiach! not these hate filled events where bittul torah, bizbul zman and loshon hora are spoken and take place.

  4. Ben K: according to reports (from non-frum acquaintances who watched it on TV) the israel parade was a secular event featuring much pritzus, lots of live kol isha, enthusiastically belting out the latest prize-winning Eurovision filth by an Israeli singer of, how shall we put it, questionable gender. To name a few.
    Baruch Hashem, this frum website didn’t cover that cesspool.

  5. sammy if your do worried of bilbul Hazman and bittul tora then get off this site now. Apparently the raaved shlita and many rabbonim and poskim didn’t see this as bitil tora rather as bittulo zehu kiyumo

  6. american yerushalmi – a) how do YOU know what were the details of the Israel day parade
    b) most of the marchers were yeshiva boys and yeshiva girls and their parents! and then there were marching bands etc
    c) pictures could have been taken tastefully of these d) so I guess you would condemn the neturei karta segment that was “moser nefesh” to come to the parade to protest

  7. @mayer @putin
    I do not pretend to be a learning man. I am a worker who during free time wastes time on this site and many others (financial and other news sites).
    Do the people in the pictures (whether satmar, bovov, tzioni, chiloni or other) work? Do they contribute to the growth and enhancement and betterment of the world?
    The pictures above and the speeches given were 100% an attack on other JEWS. The same brothers of ours. The same people who are thought of with the big noses. Thats all of us. I am trying to do better for the world and hashem. What are you and the people in the pictures doing to enhance the world and the word of hashem.

  8. Ben K: I wrote in the first sentence of my previous comment how I knew the details, because I anticipated someone would raise that. So, we are disagreeing on the veracity of the information I received, and that apparently YWN also received. I actually agree with your final point about NK’s protest, because I don’t think we should be hanging out our dirty laundry in Times Square.