Eichler & Ze’ev Lash Out at Latest Shtrasler Opinion Piece


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In his latest assault against Torah Jewry, Haaretz columnist Nechemia Shtrasler on Monday 2 Adar 5773 published his latest piece, “The Nasty Ways of the White Tribe” in which he rips into the chareidi tzibur in Eretz Yisrael.

“The latest derogatory term is ‘white tribe,’ which refers to an amorphous group comprising Jews of Ashkenazi origin who live in north Tel Aviv, who deeply despise the chareidim, in a primal, racist way, despite the innocence of ultra-Orthodox Jews. After all, the chareidim are good, moderate, tolerant and loving people, whose only desire is to live quietly near secular Jews without imposing anything on them. It’s the “white tribe” that comes and causes an unnecessary commotion, trying to exclude and humiliate the chareidim just because they are black.”

Shtrasler continues, lashing out at piskei Halacha from Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita, and how a secular university student must pay 10,000 NIS annually while a married kollel students receives 6,000 NIS monthly.

Read the entire opinion piece:

Two chareidi MKs responded; Yahadut Hatorah’s Yisrael Eichler and Shas’ Nissim Ze’ev. Eichler led off saying “They take 60 billion NIS for the education system, of which the chareidim only receive 5 billion NIS despite making up a third of the students nationwide. The amount avreichim get – they are among the poorest sector in Israel. This is simply premeditated incitement.” He continues, pointing out how “billions are allocated for the poor” but somehow, the chareidi tzibur is forgotten.

“We must remember the state budget is 400 billion NIS which also includes taxes paid by chareidim. Despite this, our tzibur barely sees a few billion NIS in assistance for its mosdos.”

Shtrasler speaks in a lofty tone regarding housing perks while in reality; the facts tell a different story. The state has placed many stumbling blocks before chareidim wishing to establish a family. Young couple are compelled to live in storage rooms, attics, and wherever. You steal and you lie!”

“At the very least don’t say he is one of us, the same people — for the inciters as we knew in the past when they targeted the Jews in his fashion, but I prefer not to mention how and why. These words arouse anti-Semitism.”

MK Nissim Ze’ev had his say too, stating “To isolate and exclude the chareidi public and delegitimize them stems from fear of the natural growth of this tzibur.”

“First of all, regarding the workplace, the State of Israel is full of working chareidim in all levels and professions, paying tax in accordance to the law. They have rights too as do other citizens, at the very least no less than the Arab minority. It is interesting this very same inciter does not see the real danger facing the State of Israel. The demographic dangers of the culture of the enemies of Israel, growing terrorism, but opts to address other issues.”

“Throughout Jewish history before every pogrom there were words of slander and hatred against the Jews. The wolf increases his tone. I am not surprised that global anti-Semitism is increasing as it increases within us. We can provide a good service to the anti-Semitic leaders around the world. It would be sufficient to forward them the words of this very same commentator. The goyim will know how to put them to good use.”

Shtrasler responded directly to Ze’ev, “Take a good look between your eyes and check very well just who contributes more to Am Yisrael, the State of Israel and Jewish identity.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. 1. University students get fantastic benefits. Their dorm rooms are nice apartments, whereas many yeshiva students have living conditions similar to military barracks. University professors are upper middle class professionals, while yeshiva teachers, who are equally well educated, live poverty-line existences.

    2. The hilonim hate us. The whole idea of zionism was to free the Jewish people from Torah. Our continued existence is an affront to them. And like the Arabs, they will never agree to live under anyone’s rule but their own – meaning that as Orthodox Jews (Hareidim plus other Shome Shabbos) become a majority, expect them to play a lot nastier (an unlike like frum fanatics, they throw things a lot more explosive than rolled up diapers).

  2. I totally totally do not understand why don’t the chareidim say they won’t even except the Yaalon plan onless they get in return equal share in budget and broadcast time etc.

  3. akuperma, I lived and worked in Israel, I can tell you that the charedim unfortunately hate the seculars more. the seculars do not want to be suckers anymore. they also unfortunately want the country to be like america with a jewish heart.

  4. #3
    I also worked and lived in Israel.
    You are either a fraud, in denial, or just 100% deceitful.

    (This applies to most of your previous comments as well)

  5. To No. 6

    If you’ve “never met a chareidi who hates secular jews” than tell us who are those crazies we see screaming at seculars who drive on shabbos, walk near their neighborhoods with clothes they deem to violate their standards of tzinius and even assault their own women and children who might not accept their most extreme requirements. We regularly read here on YWN of some new demonstrations by the Charedim where violence and abusive behavior are unfortunately all too prevalent. So, if you’ve never met a Chareidi who hates secular yidden, then who are all these guys in chareidi lvush participating in these demonstrations.

  6. #5 about time. it is about time you start saying the truth. it is a serious allegation to call someone a liar. I am insulted. an aplology is in order. I guess you arent’t charedi ;-). I work for a chicago based company with Israeli employees. I managed the Israli staff. Now that we got past that insult. I have never seen the non frum throw dirty diapers, call people terrible terms etc. the sinah from the charedim is terrible. they dont have to assimilate with the non frum. they can work with them. I mean work litterally. many companies will accomdate. just like in america. many companies accomodate when requested. in any event an apology is in order.